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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Rabhya (رابھیا) Worshipped 1 Girl-E
Radhwa (رادہوا) Name of a mountain in Medina; Contentment 1 Girl-E
Rafika () An intimate friend; Companion 1 Girl-E
Raghiba (راگہیبا) Desirous; Wishful; Willing 1 Girl-E
Raha (راہا) Peaceful 1 Girl-E
Raiha (رایہا) Smell; Fragrance 1 Girl-E
Raiqa (رایقا) Pure; Clear; Tranquil; Serene; Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Rajiya (راجییا) Delighted; Satisfied; Hope; Expectation; Wish; The Sun; Expert or skilled; Fire 1 Girl-E
Raqia (رقیا) Superior; High ranking 1 Girl-E
Raushan Jabin (روشن جبیں) Of radiant forehead 1 Girl-E
Raushani (روشنی) Brightness; Light; Brilliance; Law 1 Girl-E
Rawdha (راودہا) Garden 1 Girl-E
Rayann (رایانن) It's the door of heaven that opens in the month of Ramadhan 1 Girl-E
Raytah (رایطاہ) A narrator of Hadith 1 Girl-E
Razia (رضیا) Content; Satisfied; Hopeful; Hoping 1 Girl-E
Reeha () Destroyer of enemies; Star 1 Girl-E
Rehwa (ریہوا) An ancient name of river Narmada 1 Girl-E
Resham () Silk 1 Girl-E
Reshma (ریشما) Silken 1 Girl-E
Rifaat (ریفآٹ) Altitude; Height; High; Development 1 Girl-E
Riqbah (ریقباہ) Name of the Wife of Prophet Ishaq 1 Girl-E
Risvin () 1 Girl-E
Rozinah (روزیناہ) Daily wages; Pension; Reward 1 Girl-E
Rubadah (روباداہ) Ash-colored 1 Girl-E
Ruhiya (روہییا) Spiritual 1 Girl-E
Rumaisa (رومایسا) She was Umm Sulaym and a narrator of Hadith; Bunch of flowers 1 Girl-E
Ruwaa (روواا) Beautiful; Countenance; Comely; Prettiness; Grace; Beauty 1 Girl-E
Radwa (راڈوا) Name of a mountain in Medina; Contentment 2 Girl-E
Rafal (رافال) 2 Girl-E
Rajah () Hopeful 2 Girl-E
Raji () Thankful for anybody; Satisfied; Content; Pleased 2 Girl-E
Randa (رندا) Scented; Fragrant tree; Good 2 Girl-E
Rasha (راشا) Expressive; A young deer 2 Girl-E
Ruban () Bright 2 Girl-E
Rukan (روکن) Steady; Confident 2 Girl-E
Ruya (رویا) Seeing; Viewing; Looking; Dream; Vision 2 Girl-E
Raabiya () Spring; Springtime; Garden 3 Girl-E
Raameen (رامین) Obedient, Who rescues the people from hungry, and pain brings Joy into peoples life 3 Girl-E
Rabiha (رابیہا) Winner; Gainer 3 Girl-E
Radifa (رادیفا) One who is full of shame 3 Girl-E
Raeesah (راعیساہ) Princess; Noble lady 3 Girl-E
Rafida (رافیڈا) Gift 3 Girl-E
Raghad (راگحد) Pleasant 3 Girl-E
Rahilah (رہیلاہ) One who travels 3 Girl-E
Raitah (ریتاہ) A narrator of Hadith 3 Girl-E
Rajia (رجیا) Content; Satisfied; Hopeful; Hoping 3 Girl-E
Rakhshinda (راخشیندا) Resplendent; Bright 3 Girl-E
Rasa (راسا) Expressive; A young deer 3 Girl-E
Rasee (راسی) A life full of happiness 3 Girl-E
Rauhah (راوہاہ) Happy contented 3 Girl-E
Raushan Ara (روشن آرا) Adorning light female 3 Girl-E
Rawhiyah (روھییاہ) Spirituality 3 Girl-E
Reyah (رییاہ) Comfort 3 Girl-E
Rijja (ریججا) Heavens beauty 3 Girl-E
Riwana (ریوانا) The Moon light 3 Girl-E
Rizmi (ریزمی) Heart 3 Girl-E
Rizqin (ریزقین) Good fortune 3 Girl-E
Rona (رونا) Shining light 3 Girl-E
Roohamma () happiness 3 Girl-E
Roshani () Brightness; Light; Brilliance; Law 3 Girl-E
Roshina (روشینا) One who gives light 3 Girl-E
Rubaina (روبینا) Bright 3 Girl-E
Ruby () Red stone; Ruby; Red; Jewel; Precious 3 Girl-E
Ruhee (روہی) A music tune; Soul; A flower; Who touches the heart 3 Girl-E
Rukhsana (روخسانا) Beautiful; Bright; Brilliant; Shining 3 Girl-E
Rumeha (رومعحا) Beautiful stone 3 Girl-E
Rupsa (روپسا) Beautiful; River in Bangladesh; Alternatively; Impeccable beauty 3 Girl-E
Ruqa (روقا) Pretty; Beautiful 3 Girl-E
Ruwayda (روویدا) Walking gently 3 Girl-E
Ruyaa (رویاا) Seeing; Viewing; Looking; Dream; Vision 3 Girl-E
Ruza (روزع) Rose 3 Girl-E
Rabbiya (راببییا) The cool breeze of Spring season 4 Girl-E
Radhiyaa (رادہیاا) Pleasant; Satisfied; Content 4 Girl-E
Radiya (رادییا) Veiled; Covered 4 Girl-E
Raghada (راگحدا) Comfort opulence; Affluence 4 Girl-E
Rahila (راحیلا) One who travels 4 Girl-E
Rahimah (رہیماہ) Merciful; Companionate 4 Girl-E
Rahmah (راحماۃ) Compassion; Mercy 4 Girl-E
Raniyah (رانییاہ) Gazing 4 Girl-E
Rasikha (راسیکہا) Well-established; Well-found 4 Girl-E
Reshtina (ریشٹینا) Truthful 4 Girl-E
Ridah (ریداہ) Favored by God; Consent 4 Girl-E
Riham (ریہام) Little; Light rain; Drizzle; Mercy 4 Girl-E
Rizwi (ریضوی) Angel; Guard of paradise; Bringer of good news 4 Girl-E
Romeesa (رومیسا) Heavens beauty 4 Girl-E
Roshana (روشنا) Bright; Light; Illumination; Shining; Brilliance 4 Girl-E
Rua (روعا) Almost perfect; Invisible 4 Girl-E
Rubiya (روبییا) Spring season 4 Girl-E
Rudainah (رودایناہ) Old Arabic name 4 Girl-E
Rudina (رودینا) 4 Girl-E
Rufayda (روفایدا) She was a female companion who performed surgery on the injured in a tent setup in the Mosque 4 Girl-E
Ruqsar (روقسار) Brilliant 4 Girl-E
Rabeea (رابیا) Garden; Famous; Godly 5 Girl-E
Rabitah (رابیٹاہ) Bond; Tie 5 Girl-E
Radhia (رادہیا) Pleasant; Satisfied; Content 5 Girl-E
Raeleah (رایلیہ) Rays of sunshine 5 Girl-E
Rafraf (رافراف) Cushion; Eyeshade 5 Girl-E
Raheemah (رحیماہ) Merciful; Companionate 5 Girl-E
Rahima (رحیما) Merciful; Companionate; Kind 5 Girl-E
Rahma (راحما) Merciful; Companionate; To have mercy upon 5 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 286
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