Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With B

135 Muslim Girl Names Starting With 'B' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Baasima (باسیم) Smiling 1 Girl-E
Badai (بادای) Wonder; Marvel 8 Girl-E
Badia (بادیا) Unprecedented; Admirable; Unique 8 Girl-E
Badiah (بادیاہ، بادیا) Unprecedented; Amazing; Admirable; Unique; Knowledgeable person 6 Girl-E
Badiha (بادیہا) Insight; Perceptive faculty 7 Girl-E
Badiyah (بادییاہ) Name of a Sahabiyyah; Desert 5 Girl-E
Badra (باڈرا) Full Moon 8 Girl-E
Badrai (بادراع) Name of Fairy in a Famous Fairy Tale Saiful Malook O Badri Jamala Shaperal 8 Girl-E
Badriya (بدرییا) Resembling full Moon 6 Girl-E
Badriyah (بدرییاہ، بدرییا) Resembling the full Moon 11 Girl-E
Badrun Nisa (بدرون نیسا) Full Moon of the women 4 Girl-E
Badyah (بادیاہ) Unprecedented; Amazing; Admirable; Unique; Knowledgeable person 5 Girl-E
Bahaa (بہاا) Beautiful; Magnificent; Shining 4 Girl-E
Bahar (بہار) Spring; Blossom 3 Girl-E
Bahar Bano (بہار بانو) Blooming princess 8 Girl-E
Baheera (باحیراہ) Dazzling; Brilliant; Noble lady 4 Girl-E
Bahia (باہیا) Nice 3 Girl-E
Bahija (باہیجا) Glad; Happy; Joyful; Delight; Magnificent; Splendid 22 Girl-E
Bahijah (باہیجاہ) Glad; Happy; Joyful; Delight; Magnificent; Splendid 3 Girl-E
Bahira (باحیرا، باحیرا) Dazzling; Brilliant; Noble lady 7 Girl-E
Bahiya (باہییا) Nice; Beautiful; Radiant 1 Girl-E
Bahiyaa (بہییا) Nice; Beautiful; Radiant 11 Girl-E
Bahiyah (باہییاہ، باہییاا) Beautiful; Radiant 11 Girl-E
Bahiyyah (باہیییاہ) Beautiful; Radiant 7 Girl-E
Bahja (باحجا) Happiness 4 Girl-E
Baiza (بیضا) White; Bright; Brilliant 3 Girl-E
Bajila (باجیلا) Honored; Dignified; Highly 8 Girl-E
Bakarah (باکآراہ) Virginity 6 Girl-E
Bakhita (باقہیتا) Lucky; Fortunate 7 Girl-E
Bakhtawara (بختاوارا) Lucky 5 Girl-E
Bakura (باکورا) Coming early 9 Girl-E
Balbala (بالبالا) Name of a bird, Bulbul 4 Girl-E
Baligha (بالیگا) Eloquent 4 Girl-E
Balqees (بالقیس) Distinguished woman of her times; The name of the queen of Sheba 7 Girl-E
Balqis (بالقیس) Distinguished woman of her times; The name of the queen of Sheba 6 Girl-E
Balquees (بلقیس) The influence of Balquees makes you confident, self-assertive, and independent 1 Girl-E
Balsam (بالسم) Balsam; Balm 3 Girl-E
Ban (بان) A kind of tree 8 Girl-E
Banafsaj (بنفسج) Violent flower 9 Girl-E
Banafsha (بنفشا) Banafsha is daughter of Abdullah al-Rumiyah who was a very pious and generous woman who gave much in charity 7 Girl-E
Banafsheh (بنفشعح) A violet flower 1 Girl-E
Banan (بانان) Finger tips 5 Girl-E
Banou (بانوو) Lady 8 Girl-E
Banu (بانو) Lady 11 Girl-E
Banujah (بانوجہ) Active mind 3 Girl-E
Baqilah (باقیلاہ) 5 Girl-E
Baraa (بآراا) Excelling 5 Girl-E
Baraah (بآراہ) Innocence 22 Girl-E
Baraha () Glowing skin 22 Girl-E
Baraim (بارایم) Blossom; Bud 8 Girl-E
Barakat (برکات) Blessing 9 Girl-E
Barat (برات) Innocence; Guiltlessness 6 Girl-E
Bareea (بآریا) Innocent; Blameless; Excelling; Originator 5 Girl-E
Bareerah (بریراہ) Kind; Faithful and devoted 4 Girl-E
Baria (بآریا) Innocent; Blameless; Excelling; Originator 22 Girl-E
Bariah (بآریاہ) Excelling 3 Girl-E
Barika (بآریکا) Bloom; Be successful; Persevering 6 Girl-E
Barirah (بآریراہ) Kind; Faithful and devoted 3 Girl-E
Barisha () The rainy season; Monsoon; Pure 4 Girl-E
Barlin (بارلین) Princesses 11 Girl-E
Barrah (بآرراہ) She was the aunt of the prophet 3 Girl-E
Barraqa (بآررقا) Bright; Brilliant; Shining 4 Girl-E
Barsa (بآرسا) Rain 5 Girl-E
Barsala (بآرسالا) Eyelashes 9 Girl-E
Barzah (بآرزاہ) A narrator of Hadith 11 Girl-E
Basaaria (بساریا) Beautiful; Prior 7 Girl-E
Basbas (باسباس) Blessing; Absolution 8 Girl-E
Baseema (باسیماہ، باسیما) Smiling 9 Girl-E
Bashair (باشئیر) Another name of holy Quran; Good news; Good omens 4 Girl-E
Basheera (باشیراہ، باشیرا) Bringer of good tidings 8 Girl-E
Bashirah (بشیراہ) Bringer of good tidings 3 Girl-E
Basila (باسیلا) Brave; Fearless; Intrepid 8 Girl-E
Basilah (باسیلاہ) Brave; Fearless 7 Girl-E
Basili () Courageous 7 Girl-E
Basima (باسیما) Smiling 9 Girl-E
Basimah (بسیماہ) Smiling 8 Girl-E
Basinah (باسیناہ) Kitty; Kitten 9 Girl-E
Basira (باسیرا) Sagacious 5 Girl-E
Basma (بسماہ) Smile 9 Girl-E
Basmah (بسماہ) Smile 8 Girl-E
Basoos (باسووس) Noble; Royal 8 Girl-E
Bassama (باساما) Smiling 11 Girl-E
Bassma () A smile 1 Girl-E
Batina (باٹینا) Hidden; Inner 2 Girl-E
Batinah (باٹیناہ) Hidden; Inner 1 Girl-E
Batool (بتول) Ascetic virgin, A true devotee woman of Allah; Immaculate 2 Girl-E
Batrisyia (بتریسییا) Intelligent 5 Girl-E
Batul (بتول) Ascetic virgin, A true devotee woman of Allah; Immaculate 11 Girl-E
Baysan (بایصن) To walk with pride 8 Girl-E
Bazala (بازالا) A generous woman; Honored; Venerated 7 Girl-E
Bazegha (بازیگا) Bright 5 Girl-E
Bazilah (بازیلاہ) Clever; Intelligent 5 Girl-E
Baziriya () One who sows seeds 1 Girl-E
Bazla (بازلا) Reward; Generous 6 Girl-E
Bazm-Ara (بزمعرا) Beauty of company 8 Girl-E
Bazriqa (بازریقا) Exalted; Great 11 Girl-E
Beenish (بینیش) Vision; Sight; The faculty of seeing; Clever; Intelligent 8 Girl-E
Begum (بعگوم) The honorific title; Queen 3 Girl-E
Behnaz (بعہناز) Best coquetry 11 Girl-E
Benazir (بے نظیر) Incomparable; Matchless; Peerless 3 Girl-E
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Popular Muslim Girl names beginning with B

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Muslim Girl names beginning with B will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Muslim names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.