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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Naafi () Propitious 22 Girl
Naailah (ناایلاہ) Some thing special; Acquirer; Obtainer; One who succeeds 1 Girl
Naaji (نااجی) Saver; Safe 8 Unisex
Naajidah (ناجیداہ) Courage; Successor; Help 3 Girl
Naasima (ناسیما) Leader; Fem of Nasim; Zephyr; Gentle 22 Girl
Naaz (ناز) Pride; Elegance; Young; Gentle; Coquetry 6 Girl
Naazira (ناازیرا) Like; Equal; Matching; Observer; Supervisor 7 Girl
Naazneen (نازنین) Beautiful 8 Girl
Naba (نابا) Tune; Famous; Good; Pious 9 Girl
Nabaha (ناباہا) Fame; Nobility; Intelligence 9 Girl
Nabawiya (نبوییا) Prophetic 4 Girl
Nabeeha (نابیحا) Intelligent; Honest 9 Girl
Nabeela (نابیلاہ) Noble 22 Girl
Nabeelah (نبیلاہ) Noble; Magnanimous 3 Girl
Nabeesa () The Heavens; Always New 2 Girl
Nabiha (نابیہا) Intelligent; Honest 8 Girl
Nabihah (نابیہاہ) Intelligent; Noble; Eminent 7 Girl
Nabijah (نابیجاہ) Ambitious; Leader and brave 9 Girl
Nabila (نابیلا) Noble 3 Girl
Nabilah (نابیلاہ) Noble; Magnanimous 11 Girl
Nabra (نابرا) Pinnacle; Rare; Precious 9 Girl
Nada (نادا) Dew; Generosity; Liberality 11 Girl
Nadaa (ناداا) Dew; Generosity; Liberality 3 Girl
Nadeah () Full of dew 6 Girl
Nadeeda (نادیداہ، نادیدا) Rival; Equal 3 Girl
Nadesh (ناڈعش) God of river; Ocean; Hope 6 Girl
Nadheema (نادھیما) Intimate friend 6 Girl
Nadia (نادیاہ) The beginning; First; Black; Generous 2 Girl
Nadida (نادیدا) Rival; Equal 6 Girl
Nadima (ندیما) An intimate friend; Companion 6 Girl
Nadimah (نادیماہ) Friend 5 Girl
Nadira (نادیرا) Pinnacle 11 Girl
Nadirah (نادیراہ) Rare; Precious 1 Girl
Nadiya () The beginning; First; Black 9 Girl
Nadiyah (نادییاہ) Caller; Announcer 8 Girl
Nadiyya (نادیییا) Fem of Nadi; Dew; Generosity 7 Girl
Nadra (نادرا) Rare; Unique 2 Girl
Nadwa (ناڈواہ) Council; Generosity 4 Girl
Nadya (نادیا) The beginning; First; Black; Generous 9 Girl
Nadyne (نادینع) Flower 9 Girl
Naeema (نعیما) Blessing; Living an enjoyable life; Belonging to one 3 Girl
Nafasat (نفاست) Refinement 8 Unisex
Nafay (نافی) One who gets profit 2 Girl
Nafeesa (نفیساہ، نفیسا) A precious thing; Gem; Princess; Refined; Pure; Exquisite 1 Girl
Nafeesah (نفیساہ) Precious gem 5 Girl
Nafesa (نافیسا) A precious thing; Gem; Princess; Refined; Pure; Exquisite 1 Girl
Naffessa () Love 8 Girl
Nafia (نافییا) Profitable; Beneficial 22 Girl
Nafiah (نفیاہ) Profitable 3 Girl
Nafisa (نفیسا) A precious thing; Gem; Princess; Refined; Pure; Exquisite 5 Girl
Nafisah (نفیساہ) Precious gem 4 Girl
Naflah (نافلاہ) Surplus; Overabundance 6 Girl
Nafrin (نافرین) Negotiable 8 Girl
Nageen (ناگین) Precious stone; Ring; Jewelry 1 Girl
Nageenah (نگیناہ) Precious stone; Ring; Jewelry 1 Girl
Nagheen (ناگہین) Pearl 9 Girl
Naghma (نغما) Melody; Song 8 Girl
Nagia () The saved 5 Girl
Nagina () Jewel 1 Girl
Nagma (نگما) Nag devta; Song; Tune or a melody 9 Girl
Nahal (نہال) Small plant 9 Girl
Nahar () The day 6 Girl
Naheed (ناہيد) Honorable; Generosity 1 Girl
Naheeda (ناہیدا) Beautiful 11 Girl
Nahida (ناہیدا) Beautiful 1 Girl
Nahiya (ناہییا) One who advises, Adviser 4 Girl
Nahiza (ناہیزا) Elevated; Diligent 5 Girl
Nahla (ناہلاہ) A drink of water 9 Girl
Nahleejah (ناہلیجاه) Down to Earth; Cool 1 Girl
Naida (نایدا) A nymph 2 Girl
Naifah (نایفاہ) This was the name of a well-known woman loved by the masses for her kindness and generosity, The people in different affairs sought her advice 3 Girl
Nail (نایل) Acquirer; Earner; Blue; Winner; Gainer 9 Unisex
Naila (نائلا) Acquirer; Obtained 1 Girl
Nailah (نایلاہ، نائلا) Some thing particular; Acquirer; Obtainer; One who succeeds 1 Girl
Naima () Blessing; Living an enjoyable life; Belonging to one 2 Girl
Naimah (نیماہ نایما) Comfort; Amenity; Tranquility; Peace; Living a soft, enjoyable life 3 Girl
Nain (ناین) Eye 2 Girl
Nainza (ناینزا) Two eyes 11 Girl
Naira (نایرا) Shining; Glittering 7 Girl
Naja () Successful 8 Girl
Najaah (ناجاہ) Success; Purity; Righteousness; Honesty 8 Girl
Najaat (ناجاٹ) Rescue; Salvation; Safety 11 Unisex
Najaf (نجف) City in Iraq 5 Girl
Najah (نجاح) Success 7 Unisex
Najat (نجت) Rescue; Salvation; Safety 1 Girl
Najdah (ناجداہ) Courage; Bravery 2 Girl
Najee () Saver; Safe 8 Girl
Najeeba (ناجیباہ، ناجیبا) Noble; Excellent; Generous; Distinguished 11 Girl
Najia (ناجیا) Optimistic and full of hope; Princess; Queen 8 Girl
Najiba (ناجیبا) Noble; Excellent; Generous; Distinguished 1 Girl
Najibah (ناجیباہ) Noble birth; Distinguished 9 Girl
Najida (ناجیدا) Brave 3 Girl
Najidah (ناجیداہ) Courage; Successor; Help 11 Girl
Najiha (ناجیہا) Pure; Honest; Successful; Prosperous 7 Girl
Najihah (ناجیہاہ) Honest; Victory 6 Girl
Najiya (ناجییا) Safe 6 Girl
Najiyah (ناجیاہ) Safe 5 Girl
Najla (ناجلا) Of wide eyes 11 Girl
Najm (نجم) Star; Planet 11 Unisex
Najma (نجما) A star; In the middle of a group of stars 3 Girl
Showing 1 - 100 of 382
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Popular Muslim Girl names beginning with N

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