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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Ma As-Sama (ما اسسما) A noble hearted, Generous lady had this name, She built a religious school 5 Girl-E
Maab (ماعب) A place to which one returns 8 Girl-E
Maahnoor (مہنور) The glow of Moon; Light of the Moon 4 Girl-E
Maanal () Bird 6 Girl-E
Maariya () Beloved; Beautiful; One of the wives of the prophet Muhammad (Pbuh); Purity 5 Girl-E
Mabrooka (مبروکا) Blessed; Prosperous 4 Girl-E
Mada (مادا) The utmost point; Degree 1 Girl-E
Madaniya (مدنییا) Civilised; Urbane; Polished 5 Girl-E
Madaniyah (مدنییاہ) Civilized; Cultured 4 Girl-E
Madeeha (مادیہا) Praiseworthy 1 Girl-E
Madhia (مادہیا) Praiseworthy 9 Girl-E
Madia (مادیا) Praiseworthy 1 Girl-E
Madiha (مادیہا) Praiseworthy 9 Girl-E
Madihah (مادیہاہ، مادیہا) Praiseworthy; Commendable 9 Girl-E
Madina (مدینا) Land of beauty 6 Girl-E
Magashin () 9 Girl-E
Mah (مہ) The Moon 4 Girl-E
Mah Jabin (مہ جبیں) Beautiful; Brow like the Moon 4 Girl-E
Mah Liqa (مہ لیقا) Moon-like face 7 Girl-E
Mah Naz (مہ ناز) The glory of the Moon 9 Girl-E
Mah Noor (مہ نور) The glow of Moon; Light of the Moon 3 Girl-E
Mah Rukh (مہ روخ) Face like a Moon; Beautiful 8 Girl-E
Maha (ماہا) Large eyes; Moon-like 5 Girl-E
Mahabbah (مہابباہ) Love; Affection 9 Girl-E
Mahala (مہالا) Brave 9 Girl-E
Mahalfa (مہالف) Opponent 6 Girl-E
Maham (مہام) Full Moon 9 Girl-E
Mahbasah (مہباساہ) A narrator of Hadith 8 Girl-E
Mahbooba (محبوباہ) Beloved; Lover 3 Girl-E
Mahbubah (محبوباہ) Beloved 11 Girl-E
Mahdiya (مہدییا) Rightly guided by Allah 7 Girl-E
Mahdiyah (مہدییاہ) Rightly guided 6 Girl-E
Maheera (ماہیرا) Highly skilled; Expert; Quick; Talented; Powerful 6 Girl-E
Mahfooza (مہفوضا) Safeguarded; Well-protected 4 Girl-E
Mahfuzah (مہفوزاہ) Protected 3 Girl-E
Mahibah (ماہیباہ) Noble; Respected 6 Girl-E
Mahine (مہینع) Earth; Greatest; Related to the Moon 5 Girl-E
Mahirah (مہیراہ) Adept; Expert 4 Girl-E
Mahjabeen (مہجبیں) Powerful 5 Girl-E
Mahjooba (محجوبا) Hidden; Covered; Screened 11 Girl-E
Mahlaa () Forbearing 9 Girl-E
Mahmooda (محمودا) Praised 7 Girl-E
Mahnaz (مہناز) The glory of the Moon 9 Girl-E
Mahneera (مہنیرا) First born of a pair 11 Girl-E
Mahneerah (مہنیراہ) First born of a pair 1 Girl-E
Mahnoor (مہنور) The glow of Moon; Light of the Moon 3 Girl-E
Mahparah (مہپاراہ) Piece of Moon 3 Girl-E
Mahreen (مہرین) Bright and beautiful as the Sun 1 Girl-E
Mahrosh (مہروش) A piece of Moon; Pleasant 1 Girl-E
Mahroz (مہروز) One who has a face like Moon 9 Girl-E
Mahrukh (ماہروخ) Face like a Moon; Beautiful 8 Girl-E
Mahsa (ماہسا) Like the Moon 6 Girl-E
Mahtalat (ماہطلعت) Moon-faced 22 Girl-E
Mahtob (ماہٹوب) Moonlight 5 Girl-E
Mahua (مہوعا) An intoxicating flower 8 Girl-E
Mahum (ماہوم) Moon light 2 Girl-E
Mahveen (ماہوین) Light of the Sun 5 Girl-E
Mahvish (ماہویش) Beautiful like the Moon 8 Girl-E
Mahwish (ماہویش) Beautiful like the Moon 9 Girl-E
Mahwush (ماہووش) As beautiful as the Moon 3 Girl-E
Mahzala (مہزالا) Brightness of Moon 8 Girl-E
Maida (مائیڈا) Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Mailiha (مایلیہا) Beautiful; The one with darker shade 8 Girl-E
Maimana (میمانا) Right; Right-hand side 7 Girl-E
Maimoona (میموناہ) Auspicious; Blessed 9 Girl-E
Maira (مایرا) Beloved; Favorable; Admirable; Marvellous 6 Girl-E
Mais (میس) Proud 6 Girl-E
Maisa (مایسا) Walking with pride; Swinging gait; Pretty 7 Girl-E
Maisaa (مایساا) Walking with pride; Swinging gait; Pretty 8 Girl-E
Maisarah (میساراہ) Ease; Comfort; Wealth; Richness 7 Girl-E
Maisha (مایشا) Walking with pride; Swinging gait; Pretty 6 Girl-E
Maisoora (میسورا) Ease; Successful; Fortunate 1 Girl-E
Maizah (میزاہ) Discerning 4 Girl-E
Majda (مجدا) Glory; Honor; Nobility 11 Girl-E
Majdiya (ماجدییا) Glorious 9 Girl-E
Majeeda (ماجیدا) Glorious; Praiseworthy 3 Girl-E
Majha (مجھا) Name of a sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr 6 Girl-E
Majida (مجیدا) Glorious; Praiseworthy 2 Girl-E
Majidah (ماجیداہ) Glorious; Noble; Respected 1 Girl-E
Makaarim (مکاریم) Of good and honorable character 4 Girl-E
Makarim (مکریم) Of good and honorable character 3 Girl-E
Makhtooma (مختوما) Name of a female singer of the past 7 Girl-E
Makhtoonah (مختوناہ) Singer 7 Girl-E
Makina () Capable one 22 Girl-E
Makkiyah (مککییاہ) From makkah 7 Girl-E
Maktoomah (مکتوماہ) Name of a female singer of the past 7 Girl-E
Maktoonah (مکتوناہ) Name of a singer and a beautiful lady of the past 8 Girl-E
Maladh (مالاڈہ) Protection; Shelter 3 Girl-E
Malaeka () Angel 8 Girl-E
Malaha (مالاہا) Beauty; Grace; Elegance 9 Girl-E
Malaika (مالائکا) Angel; Amorous; Affectionate 3 Girl-E
Malaikah (ملائکاہ) Angel 11 Girl-E
Malak (مالیک) Angel 11 Girl-E
Malakah (ملاکاہ) Talent 2 Girl-E
Malalai (ملالی) Sad; Melancholic 22 Girl-E
Malayeka (ملیکا) Angel 6 Girl-E
Maleeha (ملیحا) Strong; Beautiful; Salty or graceful or brownish color; Pleasant; Clever; Quick-witted 9 Girl-E
Maleehah (ملیحاہ) Salty; Graceful; Brownish color 8 Girl-E
Maleeka (مالیکا) Daughter; Queen; Owner; A garland 3 Girl-E
Malha () God name 8 Girl-E
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