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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Laaibah (لایباہ) Laaibah is the prettiest women in all the Jannat's heavens, she will be in Jannat al Firdous 7 Girl
Laaiqah (لایقاہ) Worthy; Deserving; Capable; Suitable 4 Girl
Laal (لال) Pearl; Ruby; Name of a precious stone; Red; Heart; Child; Beloved 8 Girl
Labeebah (لبیباہ) Intelligent; Wise; Brilliant; Sensible 9 Girl
Labiba (لابیبا) Wise; Intelligent 9 Girl
Labibah (لابیباہ) Intelligent; Wise; Brilliant; Sensible 8 Girl
Ladan (لادن) A flower 5 Girl
Laela () Dark beauty; Night 4 Girl
Lafiza (لافیزا) As Deep as a sea 1 Girl
Lahifa (لہیفا) Helper 1 Girl
Laiba () Female of the Heaven 7 Girl
Laiha (لائحا) Glittering 22 Girl
Lail (لایل) Night 7 Girl
Laila (لیلٰ) Born at night; Dark beauty; Sweetheart 8 Girl
Lailuma (لایلوما) Bright Moon-night 6 Girl
Laiqa (لایقا) Intelligent; Smile 22 Girl
Laiqah (لایقاہ) Worthy; Deserving; Capable; Suitable 3 Girl
Lakhsha (لاخشا) Glittering 6 Girl
Lakhta (لاختا) Ear ring 8 Girl
Lala (لالا) Flower 8 Girl
Laleh (لالعہ) Tulip 2 Girl
Lalma (لالما) A piece of land that defends only on rain 3 Girl
Lalzari (لالزاری) Lal - ruby; Zar - golden 7 Girl
Lama (لاما) Darkness of lips 9 Girl
Lamah (لاماہ) Brilliancy 8 Girl
Lamba (لایئے) Flame 11 Girl
Lamees (لامیس) Soft to the touch; Pure silk; Tender woman 1 Girl
Lamia (لامیا) Dark lipped; Brilliant; Lustrous; Shining 9 Girl
Lamiah (لامیاہ) Shine 8 Girl
Lamis (لامیس) Soft to the touch; Pure silk; Tender woman 9 Girl
Lamisa (لامیسا) Soft to touch 1 Girl
Lamisah (لامیساہ) Soft to the touch 9 Girl
Lamiya (لامییا) Dark lipped 7 Girl
Lamya (لامیا) Dark lipped; Brilliant; Lustrous; Shining 7 Girl
Lana (لانا) Peaceful; Little rock; Latin; Wool; Greek; Hawaiian; Buoyant; To be gentle; Soft; Tender 1 Girl
Lanika (لانیکا) The best 3 Girl
Laraib (لاریب) Faultless; Pure; Intact 7 Unisex
Larifa (لآریفا) A beautiful and intelligent girl 11 Girl
Laseef (لاسیف) Glitter 3 Girl
Lashirah (لشیراح) Very intelligent 4 Girl
Lateefa (لاٹییفا) Gentle kind pleasant; Friendly 5 Girl
Latifa (لٹیفا) Gentle kind pleasant; Friendly 22 Girl
Latifah (لٹیفاہ) Gentle; Kind; Pleasant; Friendly 8 Girl
Latifi () Kind 3 Girl
Latimah (لٹیماہ) Scent 1 Girl
Lawaiza (لاوایزا) The girl who was born to Eve with Abel 1 Girl
Layaan (لایان) Gentleness; Softness; Tender 9 Girl
Layali (لایالی) Nights 6 Girl
Layan (لایان) Gentleness; Softness; Tender 8 Girl
Layia () Dark beauty; Night 3 Girl
Layina (لایینا) Tender; Supple; Resilient 8 Girl
Layla (لیلا) Born at night; Dark beauty; Sweetheart 6 Girl
Layyah (لییاہ) Twist; Flexure 9 Girl
Lazim (لازیم) Fitting; Compulsory; Needed 7 Unisex
Leem (لیم) Peace 8 Girl
Leen (لیان) Tender 9 Girl
Leila (لیلا) Born at night; Dark beauty; Sweetheart 3 Girl
Leilah (لیلاہ) Night 11 Girl
Letifa () Pat; Caress 8 Girl
Leyla (لعیلا) Night 1 Girl
Liba (لیبا) Most beautiful (Hoor in Jannah) 6 Girl
Liesha () Life; Woman 9 Girl
Lilah () Free will of God 6 Girl
Lina () A devoted one; Tender; Woman of Magdala; To be present in latent; United 9 Girl
Liyana () Art; Softness 8 Girl
Lu Luah (لو لواہ) Pearl; A narrator of Hadith 3 Girl
Lubaaba (لوبابا) The innermost essence; Core; Gist 4 Girl
Lubab (لوبعب) The best part 11 Girl
Lubaba (لوبابا) The innermost essence; Core; Gist 3 Girl
Lubabah (لوباباہ، لوبابا) The innermost essence 6 Girl
Lubaina (لوبینا) The innermost essence 6 Girl
Luban (لوبان) Pine tree; Denotes long neck 5 Girl
Lubana (لوبانا) Wish; Desire 6 Girl
Lubanah (لوباناہ) Wish; Desire 5 Girl
Lubena (لوبعنا) Purity 1 Girl
Lublubah (لوبلوباہ) Affectionate; Tender 7 Girl
Lubna (لوبنٰا) A tree which yields an Aroma 5 Girl
Luha () Measure 6 Girl
Luja (لوجا) Of great depth 8 Girl
Lujain (لوجاین) Silver 22 Girl
Lujaina (لوجاینا) Silver 5 Girl
Lujayn (لوجاین) Silver 2 Girl
Lulu (لولو) Pearls 3 Girl
Lulua (لولوا) Pearl 4 Girl
Luluah (لولواہ، لولوا) Pearl; A narrator of Hadith 9 Girl
Luma (لوما) Sunset 11 Girl
Luna (لونا) The Moon 3 Girl
Lunah (لوناہ) Date palm 2 Girl
Lutf (لوٹف) Bounty; Enjoyment 5 Unisex
Lutfana (لوٹفانا) Kind; Helper 3 Girl
Lutfiya (لوٹفییا) Delicate; Graceful 4 Girl
Lutfiyah (لوطفییاہ) Delicate; Graceful 3 Girl
Lutfun Nisa (لوتفوں نیسا) Grace of women 11 Girl
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Popular Muslim Girl names beginning with L

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Muslim Girl names beginning with L will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Muslim names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.