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Daily wages; Pension; Reward Suggest meaning
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Similar names for Rozinah

Name Meaning Numerology
rasagnya Prefect 5
rasana Tongue 9
rasina Calm; Composed 8
rasna The tongue; Relishing; Taste 8
razaana Calm; Composure; Self-possess 8
razaanah One who is calm 7
razana Calm; Composure; Self-possess 7
razina Calm; Composed; Self-possess 6
risna Wise; Black; Dark; Name of Hindu God 7
rizeen Dignity; Heavy and precious 5
rizwana Angel; Guard of paradise; Bringer of good news 11
rosina One who gives light 4
rossini Light; Bright 4
rozinah Daily wages; Pension; Reward 1
ruzaynah Name of the freed slave-girl 6