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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Haadiya (ہادییا) Guide to righteousness; Gift 4 Girl-E
Haafiza () Protector 7 Girl-E
Haajar (ہاجر) Prophet Ismail's mother 3 Girl-E
Haala (حالا) Aureole; Halos around the Moon 5 Girl-E
Haamida () One who praises Allah 1 Girl-E
Hababah (ہاباباہ) A narrator of Hadith 5 Girl-E
Habeeba () Variant of Habiba: Beloved. Sweetheart. Darling 6 Girl-E
Habi (حبی) Picture 2 Girl-E
Habiba (حبیبہ) Beloved 5 Girl-E
Habibah (حبیباہ) Beloved; Sweetheart; Darling 4 Girl-E
Hablah (ہابلاہ) A woman who earns a lot 5 Girl-E
Haboos (حبوس) Kind and noble lady 6 Girl-E
Hadeel (ہادیل) The cooing of a Pigeon; Voice of a Dove 8 Girl-E
Hadeeqa (حدیقا) Gorgeous 5 Girl-E
Hadeeqah (حدیقاہ) Garden 4 Girl-E
Hadhirah (ہدہیراہ) Sweet smelling; Smart; Leader 3 Girl-E
Hadil (ہادیل) The cooing of a Pigeon; Voice of a Dove 7 Girl-E
Hadiqah (ہادیقاہ) Garden 3 Girl-E
Hadiya (حدییا) Guide to righteousness; Gift 3 Girl-E
Hadiyah (ہادییاہ) Guide to righteousness 11 Girl-E
Hadiyyah (ہدیییاہ) Gift 9 Girl-E
Haeda (ہایدا) A woman who repents a lot 1 Girl-E
Haemah (ہاعماہ) Crazy in Love 9 Girl-E
Hafa (حافا) Gentle rain 7 Girl-E
Hafeeza (ہافیزا) Protected 7 Girl-E
Hafeezah (حفیظاہ) Keeper of the sacred book; Successful 6 Girl-E
Haffafa (حففافا) Glittering; Shining; Thin 11 Girl-E
Hafiza (حفیزا) Protected 6 Girl-E
Hafizah (حافیزاہ) Keeper of the sacred book; Successful 5 Girl-E
Hafsa (حفصا) little lioness 8 Girl-E
Hafsah (حفصاہ) Wife of prophet Muhammad 7 Girl-E
Hafthah (ہفتہاہ) Preserved; Protected 7 Girl-E
Hafza (ہافزا) Brooding hen 6 Girl-E
Haida (ہایدا) Heart 5 Girl-E
Haifa (حیفا) Slender; Of beautiful body 7 Girl-E
Haiqa (ہایقا) Right; Truly; Obedient of God 9 Girl-E
Haiza (ہیزا) Royalty 9 Girl-E
Hajar (حجر) Prophet ismails mother 2 Girl-E
Hajeera (ہاجیرا) Joy Love beauty 3 Girl-E
Hajira (ہاجیرا) Joy; Love; Beauty; Intelligent; Wise 11 Girl-E
Hajjah (ہاججاہ) A narrator of Hadith 2 Girl-E
Hajna (ہاجن) Hungarian form of English Hannah, HAJNA means "favor, grace." 7 Girl-E
Hajra (ہاجرا) Bossy 2 Girl-E
Hajrah (ہاجراہ) The wife of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) 1 Girl-E
Hakeema (ہاکیما) Wise; Ruler; Queen 8 Girl-E
Hakima (حاکیما) Wise; Ruler; Queen 7 Girl-E
Hakimah (ہاکیماہ) Wise; Judicious 6 Girl-E
Hala (ہالا) Aureole; Halos around the Moon 4 Girl-E
Halah (ہالاہ) Aureole 3 Girl-E
Haleema (حلیما) Gentle; Patient 9 Girl-E
Haleh (ہالیہ) Halo 7 Girl-E
Halia (ہالیا) Aware; Knowing 22 Girl-E
Halima (ہالیما) Gentle; Patient 8 Girl-E
Halimah (حالیماہ) Gentle; Patient 7 Girl-E
Hamama (ہماما) Bearer 1 Girl-E
Hamamah (ہماماہ) This was the name of a female slave who suffered much punishment for the sake of Allah, but Sayyidina Abu Bakr (R.A) bought her and emancipated her 9 Girl-E
Hamda (ہمدا) Praise; Lauding 9 Girl-E
Hamdiyah (حمدیاہ) One who praises a lot 6 Girl-E
Hameeda (حمیدا) Praiseworthy; Praiser of Allah 1 Girl-E
Hamida (ہمیدا) Praiseworthy; Praiser of Allah 9 Girl-E
Hamidah (حمیداہ) Praiseworthy; Commendable; Friend 8 Girl-E
Hamima (ہامیما) Close friend 9 Girl-E
Hammada (ہممادا) Praising (God) 5 Girl-E
Hamna (ہامنا) Blessed Sparrow of heaven 1 Girl-E
Hamnah (ہامناہ) The narrator of Hadith; Daughter of Jahsh Al-asdiyah 9 Girl-E
Hamra (ہامرا) Red 5 Girl-E
Hana (ہنا) Happiness 6 Girl-E
Hanadi (ہانادی) Lovely smell; Beautiful face 1 Girl-E
Hanan (حنان) Mercy 2 Girl-E
Haneefa (حنیفا) A true believer; Pure Muslim 4 Girl-E
Haneefah (حنیفاہ) A true believer; Upright 3 Girl-E
Hanfa (ہنفا) Name of the an of Sayyidina Ismail 3 Girl-E
Hania (ہانیا) Happy; Delighted 6 Girl-E
Haniah (ہانیاہ) Pleasant; Agreeable 5 Girl-E
Hanifa (حنیفاہ) A true believer; Pure Muslim 3 Girl-E
Haniya (ہانییا) Pleased; Happy 4 Girl-E
Haniyah (ہنییاہ) Pleasant 3 Girl-E
Hanna (ہننا) Compassion; Sympathy; Pity 2 Girl-E
Hannah (ہنناہ) Affection 1 Girl-E
Hanoon (حنون) Compassionate; Merciful 4 Girl-E
Hanoona (ہانونا) Compassionate; Fem of Hanun 5 Girl-E
Hareer (ہریر) Silk; Silken cloth 1 Girl-E
Harisa (ہآریسا) Cultivator; Lioness; Happiness 11 Girl-E
Haroona (ہارون) Protector; Messenger 9 Girl-E
Hasana (ہسنا) Good deed; Kind act; Favor 8 Girl-E
Haseeba (حسیبا) Highborn; Respected; Noble 5 Girl-E
Haseen (حسین) Beautiful; Handsome 7 Girl-E
Haseena (حسینا) Pretty; Beautiful 8 Girl-E
Hashna (ہاسہنا) Pretty or beautiful or laughing 6 Girl-E
Hasiba (ہاسیبا) Highborn; Respected; Noble 22 Girl-E
Hasibah (حاسیباہ) Respected; Noble 3 Girl-E
Hasifa (ہاسیفا) Judicious; Wise; Prudent 8 Girl-E
Hasina () Pretty; Beautiful 7 Girl-E
Hasinah (حسیناہ) Pretty; Beautiful 6 Girl-E
Hasini (حسینی) Pleasant; Wonderful; Happy or full of laughter; An Apsara or celestial nymph 6 Girl-E
Hasna (حسنا) Pretty; Beautiful; Laughing 7 Girl-E
Hasnat (ہسنات) Virtues 9 Girl-E
Hassana (حسسنا) Most beautiful woman 9 Girl-E
Hatima (ہاٹیما) Generous 7 Girl-E
Hawadah (حواداہ) Pleasant 1 Girl-E
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