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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Waafiyah () Faithful; Loyal 11 Girl
Waajidah (وااجیداہ) One who achieves her goals in life; Loved; Beloved 3 Girl
Waaliyah () Friend; Governor 8 Girl
Wabisa (وابیسا) Something bright 1 Girl
Wad () Love 1 Unisex
Wadaana (وادانا) Prosperous 9 Girl
Wadad (واداد) Love; Friendship 6 Girl
Waddia (واددیا) Amicable; Friendly 6 Girl
Wadha (وادہا) Bright 1 Girl
Wadi (وادی) Calm; Peaceful 1 Unisex
Wadida (وادیدا) Attached; Devoted; Friendly 6 Girl
Wafa (وآفا) Faithfulness; Loyal 4 Girl
Wafaa (وفا) The faithful; Loyal 5 Girl
Wafeeqa (وافیقا) Successful 4 Girl
Wafeeqah (وافیقاہ) Successful 3 Girl
Wafia (وافیا) Faithful; Loyal 22 Girl
Wafiqa (وافیقا) Successful 3 Girl
Wafiqah (وافیقاہ) Successful 11 Girl
Wafiya (وافییا) Faithfulness; Loyal 11 Girl
Wafiyah (وافییاہ) Faithful; Loyal 1 Girl
Wafiza (وافیزا) Fresh air 3 Girl
Wagma (واگما) Morning breeze; Dew 9 Girl
Wahabah (وہابہ) Name of a poetess 8 Girl
Waheebah (وہیباہ) One who gives; Giver; Donor 8 Girl
Waheeda (وحیدا) Unique; Singular; Exclusive 11 Girl
Wahiba (واہیبا) Giver 8 Girl
Wahibah (واہیباہ) One who gives; Giver; Donor 7 Girl
Wahida (واہیدا) Unique; Singular; Exclusive 1 Girl
Wahidah (واہیداہ) Unique; Singular; Exclusive 9 Girl
Wahuj (وہوج) First light of day, Dawn; New beginning 9 Girl
Wajahat (وجاہت) Commanding; Personality; Dignity 1 Unisex
Wajd (واجد) State of being single 11 Unisex
Wajee (واجی) Happy; Jolly; Pleasant 8 Girl
Wajeeda (واجیدا) One who is noble; Achiever; Excited; Finder 22 Girl
Wajeedah () Affectionate 3 Girl
Wajeeha (وجیحا) High; Eminent; Distinguished 8 Girl
Wajia (واجیا) Melody 8 Girl
Wajida (واجیدا) One who is noble; Achiever; Excited; Finder 3 Girl
Wajiha (واجیہا) High; Eminent; Distinguished 7 Girl
Wajihah (واجیہاہ) High; Eminent; Distinguished 6 Girl
Wajna (واجنا) Happy; Jolly; Pleasant 4 Girl
Wakalat (وکالت) Advocacy; Agency 6 Unisex
Wakeela (وکیلا) Agent 22 Girl
Wakeelah (وکیلاہ) Agent 3 Girl
Wakib () One who walks at a gentle pace 1 Girl
Walaa () Loyalty 11 Girl
Walad () Newborn 5 Girl
Walia (والیا) Friendly 1 Girl
Walidah (والیداہ) Newborn child 4 Girl
Walihah (والیہاہ) Name of a poetess 8 Girl
Waliyah (والییاہ) Friend; Governor 7 Girl
Wallada (واللادا) Prolific; Fertile; Fruitful 9 Girl
Wania (وانیا) Gift of Allah SWT; Pearl 3 Girl
Waniya (وانییا) Gift of Allah SWT; Pearl 1 Girl
Waqar (وقار) Self-respect; Majesty; Veneration 6 Unisex
Waqeea (وقیا) Respected 7 Girl
Waraqa (وآراقا) Rich; Paper-made 7 Girl
Wardah (وآرداہ) Rose 1 Girl
Wareesha (وآریشا) Happiness 8 Girl
Warisa (وآریسا) Heiress 8 Girl
Warizah (وآریزاہ) Happiness; Bubbly 5 Girl
Warqah (وآرقاہ) Petal of a flower 5 Girl
Warsan (وآرسان) True news; Wonderful news 22 Girl
Wasama (واساما) Beauty; Gracefulness; Cultured; A pretty face; Beautiful 4 Girl
Waseefah (واسیفاہ) A female servant of God; One who describes 5 Girl
Waseema (واسیما) Beautiful; Pretty; Charming; Graceful 22 Girl
Waseemah (واسیماہ) Comely; Graceful; Pretty 3 Girl
Wasfiyah (واسفییاہ) Depictive 11 Girl
Washida (واشیدا) Bloomed; Fresh 11 Girl
Washma (واسحما) Beauty; Gracefulness; Cultured; A pretty face; Beautiful 2 Girl
Wasia (واسیا) Full of qualities; Expansionist; Vast; Spacious; Man of qualities 8 Girl
Wasifa (واسیفا) Praiser 5 Girl
Wasifah (واسیفاہ) A female servant of God; One who describes 4 Girl
Wasifi (واسیفی) Praiseworthy 4 Girl
Wasila (واسیلا) Inseparable friend 2 Girl
Wasilah (وسیلاہ) Bin Al-Asqa RA had this name 1 Unisex
Wasima (واسیما) Beautiful; Pretty; Charming; Graceful 3 Girl
Wasimah (واسیماہ) Comely; Graceful; Pretty 11 Girl
Wasiqa (واسیقا) Confident; Sure; Certain 7 Girl
Wasma (واسما) Beauty; Gracefulness; Cultured; A pretty face; Beautiful 3 Girl
Wasna (واسنا) A narrator of Hadith 4 Girl
Wateeb (واٹییب) Heart 2 Girl
Watiaa (واٹیاا) Beautiful 1 Girl
Wawrina (واورینا) Snow white 8 Girl
Wazeera (وازیرا) Female minister 7 Girl
Wazeerah (وازیراہ) Female minister 6 Girl
Wazihah () High; Eminent; Distinguished 4 Girl
Widad (ویداد) Love; Friendship 5 Girl
Wifaq (ویفاق) Harmony; Consent 11 Girl
Wijdan (ویجدان) Ecstasy; Sentiment 7 Girl
Wisal (ویصال) Communion in Love 1 Girl
Wisam (ویسام) Badge; Logo; Like a coat of arms 2 Unisex
Wiyyam (ویییام) Truthful; Loving 6 Girl
Wranga (ورانگا) Ray of light 1 Girl
Wrashmin (وراشمین) Silken 6 Girl
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Popular Muslim Girl names beginning with W

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Muslim Girl names beginning with W will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Muslim names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.