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195 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Moon'
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AadhiraLightning; Strong; The Moon 6Girl
AarupaWithout the limitations of form; Divine; Moon faced; Goddess Lakshmi 22Girl
AmbilyThe Moon 8Girl
AurimaSoft like Lotus & bright like Moon 9Girl
BadrFull Moon 7Unisex
BadraFull Moon 8Girl
BadriyaResembling full Moon 6Girl
BadriyahResembling the full Moon 11Girl
BimbaImage; Reflection; Also referred to as the disk of brightness surrounding the Sun; Moon 9Girl
BudurFull Moon 3Girl
ChairavaliFull Moon of Chaitra month 3Girl
ChakoriA bird enamored of the Moon 11Girl
ChandaThe Moon 22Girl
ChandaaMoon female 5Girl
ChandaniA river; Moonlight 9Girl
ChandasriMoon; Cool like the Moon; Goddess Lakshmi 5Girl
ChandhiniMoon light or a river; Star 7Girl
ChandhrakaThe Moon 6Girl
ChandiniMoon light or a river; Star 8Girl
ChandniA river; Moonlight 8Girl
ChandrabinduCrescent Moon 9Girl
ChandrajaDaughter of the Moon 6Girl
ChandrajyothiMoon light 1Girl
ChandrajyotiMoon light 11Girl
Chandrakali1/16th of the Moon 1Girl
ChandrakanthaThe Moon; Moon stone; Consort of the Moon 5Girl
ChandrakantiMoon light 5Girl
ChandralekhaRay of Moon 5Girl
ChandralekshaA Ray of the Moon 6Girl
ChandramaaThe Moon 1Girl
ChandramathiAs beautiful as the Moon 1Girl
ChandramukhiAs beautiful as the Moon 3Girl
ChandraniConsort of the Moon 9Girl
ChandraprabhaStar; Moon light 5Girl
ChandrapushpaStar; Moon light 4Girl
ChandrasahodariSister of the Moon 7Girl
ChandrataraThe Moon and the stars conjoined 8Girl
ChandravadanaMoon faced; Goddess Lakshmi 11Girl
ChandravathiLit by the Moon 1Girl
ChandravatiLit by the Moon 11Girl
ChandrimaThe Moon 8Girl
ChayanaThe Moon 8Girl
CherikaThe Moon 1Girl
ChndrajaDaughter of the Moon 5Girl
FaalguniThe day of the full Moon in the Hindu month of Phaalgun which falls between February and March 8Girl
FalguniThe day of the full Moon in the Hindu month of Phaalgun which falls between February and March; Born in Falgun 7Girl
GurrishmaGur is related to gurus, and Rishma is the first rays of the Moon 6Girl
HaalaAureole; Halos around the Moon 5Girl
HalaAureole; Halos around the Moon 4Girl
HimarashmiCold rayed Moon 9Girl
IndhuThe Moon; Nectar or Soma 11Unisex
IndhumathiFull Moon; The person with knowledge as the Moon 8Unisex
InduThe Moon; Nectar or Soma 3Girl
IndubalaLittle Moon 1Girl
IndudalaCrescent Moon 3Girl
IndukalaDigit of the Moon 1Girl
IndulalaMoonlight 11Girl
IndulekhaThe Moon 4Girl
IndulekshThe Moon 4Unisex
IndumaThe Moon 8Unisex
IndumathiFull Moon; The person with knowledge as the Moon 9Girl
IndumatiFull Moon; The person with knowledge as the Moon 1Girl
IndumauliMoon crested 5Girl
InduprabhaMoon rays 4Girl
IndusheetalaCool like the Moon 11Girl
IndusseetalaCool like the Moon 4Girl
JaahanviMoon light; Ganga river 3Girl
JahanviMoon light; Ganga river 11Girl
JotshnaRadiant like flames; Goddess Durga; Moon light 6Girl
JyostnaMoon light 5Girl
JyothsnaLight from the full Moon or Moon light 4Girl
JyotsanaGoddess Durga; Moon light; Lustre 6Girl
JyotsnaGoddess Durga; Moonlight; Lustre 5Girl
JyotsnikaThe Moon 7Girl
Kala DeviArt; Phases of Moon 11Girl
KalaraniArt; Phases of Moon 4Girl
KaumudiMoonlight; Full Moon 8Girl
KavinilavuPoet Moon 5Girl
KeerthyMoon 11Girl
KianaMoon Goddess; Divine; Heavenly 9Girl
KoumudiMoonlight; Full Moon 4Girl
LekhaWriting; Mark; Horizon the crescent Moon; Line; Record; Lightening 1Girl
LunaThe Moon 3Girl
MaahnoorThe glow of Moon; Light of the Moon 4Girl
MadhumathiDelight Moon; Full of honey 8Girl
MadhumatiDelight Moon; Full of honey 9Girl
MahThe Moon 4Girl
Mah JabinBeautiful; Brow like the Moon 4Girl
MahaLarge eyes; Moon-like 5Girl
MahamFull Moon 9Girl
MahineEarth; Greatest; Related to the Moon 5Girl
MahnazThe glory of the Moon 9Girl
MahnoorThe glow of Moon; Light of the Moon 3Girl
MahparahPiece of Moon 3Girl
MahroshA piece of Moon; Pleasant 1Girl
MahrozOne who has a face like Moon 9Girl
MahrukhFace like a Moon; Beautiful 8Girl
MahsaLike the Moon 6Girl
MahumMoon light 2Girl
MahvishBeautiful like the Moon 8Girl