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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Raabiya () Spring; Springtime; Garden 3 Girl-E
Raabiyah () Princess, Queen 11 Girl-E
Raaida (راایدا) Explorer; Guide; Leader 7 Girl-E
Raaina (راینا) A beautiful princess; Night; Pure; Clean; Queen 8 Girl-E
Raameen (رامین) Obedient, Who rescues the people from hungry, and pain brings Joy into peoples life 3 Girl-E
Raana (رانا) Of elegant; Statue; Soft; Joy; Jewel; To gaze; Look 8 Girl-E
Raani (رانی) Queen 7 Girl-E
Raashida () Wise; Mature; Intelligent; Sober 7 Girl-E
Raawiya (راوییا) Story teller; Narrator; Reciter; Transmit 6 Girl-E
Rabab (رباب) White cloud; A musical instrument 6 Girl-E
Rabail (ربایل) Veil of flower 7 Girl-E
Rabbiya (راببییا) The cool breeze of Spring season 4 Girl-E
Rabeea (رابیا) Garden; Famous; Godly 5 Girl-E
Rabhya (رابھیا) Worshipped 1 Girl-E
Rabia (رابیعا) Garden; Famous; Godly 22 Girl-E
Rabiha (رابیہا) Winner; Gainer 3 Girl-E
Rabitah (رابیٹاہ) Bond; Tie 5 Girl-E
Rabiya (رابیيا) Spring; Springtime; Garden 11 Girl-E
Rabwa (رابوا) Hill 9 Girl-E
Radeyah (راڈعیاہ) Content; Satisfied 8 Girl-E
Radhia (رادہیا) Pleasant; Satisfied; Content 5 Girl-E
Radhiyaa (رادہیاا) Pleasant; Satisfied; Content 4 Girl-E
Radhwa (رادہوا) Name of a mountain in Medina; Contentment 1 Girl-E
Radia () Pleasant; Satisfied; Content 6 Girl-E
Radifa (رادیفا) One who is full of shame 3 Girl-E
Radiya (رادییا) Veiled; Covered 4 Girl-E
Radwa (راڈوا) Name of a mountain in Medina; Contentment 2 Girl-E
Raeesa (راعیسا) Leader; Chief; Princess; Flower 22 Girl-E
Raeesah (راعیساہ) Princess; Noble lady 3 Girl-E
Raeha (راعہا) Fragrance; Perfume; Scent 6 Girl-E
Raeleah (رایلیہ) Rays of sunshine 5 Girl-E
Raesha (راعیشا) Rose 7 Girl-E
Rafa (رفاہ) Happiness; Prosperity 8 Girl-E
Rafal (رافال) 2 Girl-E
Rafeeah (رافیاہ) High; Sublime; Exquisite 8 Girl-E
Rafeeqah (رفیقاہ) Friend; Soft hearted; Companion 7 Girl-E
Rafia (رافیعہ) High; Exalted; Sublime 8 Girl-E
Rafiah (رفیاہ) High; Sublime; Exquisite 7 Girl-E
Rafida (رافیڈا) Gift 3 Girl-E
Rafika () An intimate friend; Companion 1 Girl-E
Rafiqa (رفیقا) An intimate friend; Companion 7 Girl-E
Rafiqah (رفیقاہ) Friend; Soft hearted; Companion 6 Girl-E
Rafraf (رافراف) Cushion; Eyeshade 5 Girl-E
Raghad (راگحد) Pleasant 3 Girl-E
Raghada (راگحدا) Comfort opulence; Affluence 4 Girl-E
Raghd (راگہد) Pleasant 11 Girl-E
Raghiba (راگہیبا) Desirous; Wishful; Willing 1 Girl-E
Raghibah (رغیباه) Desiring; Desirous 9 Girl-E
Raha (راہا) Peaceful 1 Girl-E
Rahana (رہانا) Sweet Basil 7 Girl-E
Raheema (رہیما) Merciful; Companionate; Kind 6 Girl-E
Raheemah (رحیماہ) Merciful; Companionate 5 Girl-E
Rahela (راہیلا) One who shows the way 9 Girl-E
Rahifa (رہیفا) Sharp; Fem of Rahif 7 Girl-E
Rahila (راحیلا) One who travels 4 Girl-E
Rahilah (رہیلاہ) One who travels 3 Girl-E
Rahima (رحیما) Merciful; Companionate; Kind 5 Girl-E
Rahimah (رہیماہ) Merciful; Companionate 4 Girl-E
Rahiq (رہیق) Nectar 8 Girl-E
Rahla (راہلا) Happy; Mirth; Joyous 22 Girl-E
Rahma (راحما) Merciful; Companionate; To have mercy upon 5 Girl-E
Rahmaa (راہماا) Merciful; Companionate; To have mercy upon 6 Girl-E
Rahmah (راحماۃ) Compassion; Mercy 4 Girl-E
Raida (رایدا) Explorer; Guide; Leader 6 Girl-E
Raidah (رایداہ) Leader; Pioneer 5 Girl-E
Raiha (رایہا) Smell; Fragrance 1 Girl-E
Raihana (رایحانا) The fragrance of a rose 7 Girl-E
Raima (ریما) Pleasing 6 Girl-E
Raina () A beautiful princess; Night 7 Girl-E
Raiqa (رایقا) Pure; Clear; Tranquil; Serene; Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Raiqah (رایقاہ) Clear; Pure; Undisturbed 9 Girl-E
Raitah (ریتاہ) A narrator of Hadith 3 Girl-E
Raizel (ریزیل) Rose 8 Girl-E
Rajah () Hopeful 2 Girl-E
Rajeena (راجینا) Intelligent and beautiful 9 Girl-E
Raji () Thankful for anybody; Satisfied; Content; Pleased 2 Girl-E
Rajia (رجیا) Content; Satisfied; Hopeful; Hoping 3 Girl-E
Rajiha (راجیہا) Superior; Predominant 11 Girl-E
Rajini () Night 7 Girl-E
Rajiya (راجییا) Delighted; Satisfied; Hope; Expectation; Wish; The Sun; Expert or skilled; Fire 1 Girl-E
Rajiyah (راجییاہ) Hoping; Full of hope 9 Girl-E
Rajm () Name of a mountain in Madina; Hope 6 Girl-E
Rajwa (راجوا) Name of a mountain in Madina; Hope 8 Girl-E
Rakhas (راکحس) Soft and delicate; Supple 22 Girl-E
Rakheelah (راکھیلاہ) Name of a Sahabiyyat RA 6 Girl-E
Rakhima (راکہیما) Soft; Pleasant; Melodious 7 Girl-E
Rakhshi (راکہشی) Beautiful-faced; Charming 11 Girl-E
Rakhshinda (راخشیندا) Resplendent; Bright 3 Girl-E
Rakina (راکینا) Firm; Steady 9 Girl-E
Rameen (رامین) Obedient, Who rescues the people from hungry, and pain brings Joy into peoples life 11 Girl-E
Rameesah (رمیساہ) Wise 7 Girl-E
Rameesha (رمیشا) A bunch of roses 7 Girl-E
Ramia (رامیا) Beautiful; Delightful; Captivating; Lovely; Night 6 Girl-E
Ramidha (رامیدہا) White rose 9 Girl-E
Ramisa (رامیسا) White rose 7 Girl-E
Ramiza (رامیزا) Intelligent; Level headed 5 Girl-E
Ramsha (رامشا) Beautiful; Like Moon 6 Girl-E
Ramza (رامزا) Coquette 5 Girl-E
Ramzeela (رامزیلا) Flower in heaven 9 Girl-E
Ramzia (رامزیا) Gift 5 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 286
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