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17 Girl Names Found For Meaning Having 'Firm'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Dhridha Firm; Fortress; A Buddhist Goddess 7 Girl
Dhruvi Firm 1 Girl
Druvi Firm 11 Girl
Hazima Firm; Energetic; Judicious 4 Girl
Kaneezah Firm; Young girl 8 Girl
Kanizah Firm; Young girl 7 Girl
Kshona Firm; Immovable; The Earth 5 Girl
Kshoni Firm; Immovable; The Earth 4 Girl
Mandara Large; Firm; Slow; Heavenly 7 Girl
Mateenah Firm; Solid; Determined 4 Girl
Nihchal Immovable; Firm 1 Girl
Rakina Firm; Steady 9 Girl
Thabitah Firm 6 Girl
Urishita Firm 6 Girl
Urshita Firm 6 Girl
Zafeerah Firm; Victorious; Successful 7 Girl
Zafirah Firm; Victorious; Successful 4 Girl