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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Naailah (ناایلاہ) Some thing special; Acquirer; Obtainer; One who succeeds 1 Girl-E
Nadirah (نادیراہ) Rare; Precious 1 Girl-E
Nafeesa (نفیساہ، نفیسا) A precious thing; Gem; Princess; Refined; Pure; Exquisite 1 Girl-E
Nafesa (نافیسا) A precious thing; Gem; Princess; Refined; Pure; Exquisite 1 Girl-E
Nageen (ناگین) Precious stone; Ring; Jewelry 1 Girl-E
Nageenah (نگیناہ) Precious stone; Ring; Jewelry 1 Girl-E
Nagina () Jewel 1 Girl-E
Naheed (ناہيد) Honorable; Generosity 1 Girl-E
Nahida (ناہیدا) Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Nahleejah (ناہلیجاه) Down to Earth; Cool 1 Girl-E
Naila (نائلا) Acquirer; Obtained 1 Girl-E
Nailah (نایلاہ، نائلا) Some thing particular; Acquirer; Obtainer; One who succeeds 1 Girl-E
Najat (نجت) Rescue; Salvation; Safety 1 Girl-E
Najiba (ناجیبا) Noble; Excellent; Generous; Distinguished 1 Girl-E
Nakhat (ناخٹ) Fragrance 1 Girl-E
Namirah (نامیراہ) Princess 1 Girl-E
Narges () daffodil; narcissus flower 1 Girl-E
Naseeb () Fait; Noble; Relative 1 Girl-E
Nasheelah (نشیلاہ) Honey comb 1 Girl-E
Nasiba (نسیبا) Noble; Highborn 1 Girl-E
Naura () Light; Flower 1 Girl-E
Nawel (ناوعل) Gift 1 Girl-E
Nawfaa () Excess; Surplus; High 1 Girl-E
Nazihah (نازیہاہ، نازیحا) Honest; Victory 1 Girl-E
Nazima () Song; Poet 1 Girl-E
Nazma (نظماہ) A star; In the middle of a group of stars 1 Girl-E
Nevaeh (نیواعہ) Heaven; Peace; Angels 1 Girl-E
Nida (نیداء) Sleep; Night 1 Girl-E
Nimra (نیمرا) Soft; Lion 1 Girl-E
Niyaf (نییاف) Tall and pretty 1 Girl-E
Nojood (نوجود) Noble; Wise 1 Girl-E
Nourin (نوورین) Light 1 Girl-E
Noya () One who is Beautifully Adorned 1 Girl-E
Nuboogh (نوبوگہ) Distinction; Eminence; Excel 1 Girl-E
Nur Al Huda (نور ال ہودا) Light of the faith 1 Girl-E
Nusaybah (نوصایباہ) One with good lineage 1 Girl-E
Nuwwar (نووار) Blossoms; Flowers 1 Girl-E
Nuwwarrah (نوّرراہ) Blossom; Flower 1 Girl-E
Nabeesa () The Heavens; Always New 2 Girl-E
Nadia (نادیاہ) The beginning; First; Black; Generous 2 Girl-E
Nadra (نادرا) Rare; Unique 2 Girl-E
Nafay (نافی) One who gets profit 2 Girl-E
Naida (نایدا) A nymph 2 Girl-E
Naima () Blessing; Living an enjoyable life; Belonging to one 2 Girl-E
Nain (ناین) Eye 2 Girl-E
Najdah (ناجداہ) Courage; Bravery 2 Girl-E
Najmah (ناجمہ) Star; Beautiful 2 Girl-E
Namar (نمار) Name of a mountain 2 Girl-E
Namra (نامرا) Delicious water 2 Girl-E
Naseeba (نسیبا) Noble; Highborn 2 Girl-E
Naseeka (ناسیکا) Piece of gold 2 Girl-E
Nasila (ناسیلا) Honey that flows from the comb 2 Girl-E
Nasmah (ناسماہ) Breeze 2 Girl-E
Naveda (ناویدا) Glad things 2 Girl-E
Nawwal (نووال) Gift 2 Girl-E
Nazan (نازان) Proud; Vain; Haughty 2 Girl-E
Nazo (نازو) Handsome; Whimsy 2 Girl-E
Neema () Born to wealthy parents, the mother of Kabir; To adjust; To measure; Younger; Smaller 2 Girl-E
Nibal (نیبال) Arrows 2 Girl-E
Nidaa (نیداا) Call 2 Girl-E
Nouf (نواف) The highest point on a mountain 2 Girl-E
Nusayba (نوسیبا) Noble bloodline 2 Girl-E
Naajidah (ناجیداہ) Courage; Successor; Help 3 Girl-E
Nabeelah (نبیلاہ) Noble; Magnanimous 3 Girl-E
Nabila (نابیلا) Noble 3 Girl-E
Nadaa (ناداا) Dew; Generosity; Liberality 3 Girl-E
Nadeeda (نادیداہ، نادیدا) Rival; Equal 3 Girl-E
Naeema (نعیما) Blessing; Living an enjoyable life; Belonging to one 3 Girl-E
Nafiah (نفیاہ) Profitable 3 Girl-E
Naifah (نایفاہ) This was the name of a well-known woman loved by the masses for her kindness and generosity, The people in different affairs sought her advice 3 Girl-E
Naimah (نیماہ نایما) Comfort; Amenity; Tranquility; Peace; Living a soft, enjoyable life 3 Girl-E
Najida (ناجیدا) Brave 3 Girl-E
Najma (نجما) A star; In the middle of a group of stars 3 Girl-E
Nakeya () Pure 3 Girl-E
Nameera (نامیرا) Delicious water; Pious woman 3 Girl-E
Namyla (نامیلا) Quiet; Serious 3 Girl-E
Naseemah (نسیماہ) Breeze; Fresh air 3 Girl-E
Nashwa (نشوا) Elated; Exultant; Flushed 3 Girl-E
Nasima (نسیما) Leader; Fem of Nasim; Zephyr; Gentle 3 Girl-E
Nasma (ناسما) Ripple 3 Girl-E
Nasrin (نسرین) Wild rose; Blue scented flower 3 Girl-E
Natila (ناٹیلا) Relation; Way; Sake 3 Girl-E
Naushabah (ناوشاباہ) Elixir 3 Girl-E
Nawar (ناوار) One who guards her self; Flower 3 Girl-E
Nawfalah () Beautiful 3 Girl-E
Nawra (ناورا) Blossom; Flower 3 Girl-E
Nazeefah (نزیفاہ) Clean 3 Girl-E
Nazeena (نازینا) Gift of God; Love 3 Girl-E
Nazgol (نازگاول) Cute flower 3 Girl-E
Nazifa (نازیفا) Pure; Clean; Neat; Chaste 3 Girl-E
Nazy (نازی) Safe; Cute 3 Girl-E
Nibaal (نیبال) Arrows 3 Girl-E
Nihel (نیہعل) Presents; Gifts 3 Girl-E
Nilofar (نیلوفر) Lotus; Water lily; A flower 3 Girl-E
Nisreen (نعیسرین) Flower; Kind of aromatic plant 3 Girl-E
Nofal (نوفل) Blessing; Donation 3 Girl-E
Nooraniyah (نورانییاہ) Luminous; Brilliant 3 Girl-E
Nudhar (نودھر) Gold 3 Girl-E
Nujat (نوجآٹ) Safety 3 Girl-E
Nurayda (نورایدا) Intelligence 3 Girl-E
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