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Cute Islamic/Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With N

58 Muslim Girl Names Starting With 'N' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Naafi () Propitious 22 Girl
Naaji (نااجی) Saver; Safe 8 Unisex
Naaz (ناز) Pride; Elegance; Young; Gentle; Coquetry 6 Girl
Naba (نابا) Tune; Famous; Good; Pious 9 Girl
Nada (نادا) Dew; Generosity; Liberality 11 Girl
Nadaa (ناداا) Dew; Generosity; Liberality 3 Girl
Nafiah (نفیاہ) Profitable 3 Girl
Nagma (نگما) Nag devta; Song; Tune or a melody 9 Girl
Naida (نایدا) A nymph 2 Girl
Nail (نایل) Acquirer; Earner; Blue; Winner; Gainer 9 Unisex
Naila (نائلا) Acquirer; Obtained 1 Girl
Naima () Blessing; Living an enjoyable life; Belonging to one 2 Girl
Nain (ناین) Eye 2 Girl
Nainza (ناینزا) Two eyes 11 Girl
Naira (نایرا) Shining; Glittering 7 Girl
Naja () Successful 8 Girl
Najee () Saver; Safe 8 Girl
Najm (نجم) Star; Planet 11 Unisex
Najwa (ناجوا) Confidential talk; Secret conversation 4 Girl
Najya (ناجیا) Optimistic and full of hope; Princess; Queen 6 Girl
Nama (ناما) Gift; Present; Grace; Favor 11 Girl
Namra (نامرا) Delicious water 2 Girl
Naqa (ناقا) Purity; Refinement; Clarity 6 Girl
Nasha (ناسہا) Scent; Perfume 7 Girl
Nasra (ناسرا) Helper 8 Girl
Nasya (ناسیا) Clear; Pure; Most beautiful one; Reformer; Advisor 6 Girl
Naura () Light; Flower 1 Girl
Nava (ناوا) Tune; Famous; Good; Pious 11 Girl
Nawfa (ناوفا) Excess; Surplus; High 9 Girl
Naziah (نازیاہ) Companion; Friend 5 Girl
Nazli (نازلی) Delicate; Feminine 8 Girl
Nazo (نازو) Handsome; Whimsy 2 Girl
Nazy (نازی) Safe; Cute 3 Girl
Neda (نعدا) Voice; Call 6 Girl
Neema () Born to wealthy parents, the mother of Kabir; To adjust; To measure; Younger; Smaller 2 Girl
Neeya (نییا) A desire for something; Purpose; Bright; 5 Unisex
Nida (نیداء) Sleep; Night 1 Girl
Nidaa (نیداا) Call 2 Girl
Nidda (نعیددا) Generous; With a treasure; Determined; Assiduous 5 Girl
Niga (نیگا) Sight; Vision 22 Girl
Niha (نیہا) Dew drop; Admired for a look; Love; Rain; Bright one; Naughty one 5 Girl
Nijhu (نیجھو) Night 8 Girl
Nimra (نیمرا) Soft; Lion 1 Girl
Nisa () Night; Women; Dream 7 Girl
Nissa (نیسسا) Ladylike 8 Girl
Nooni () Sharp 4 Girl
Noor (نور) Light; Angel 8 Girl
Noora (نوورا) Light; Illuminate 9 Girl
Noshi () Sweet 11 Girl
Nouf (نواف) The highest point on a mountain 2 Girl
Noya () One who is Beautifully Adorned 1 Girl
Nudra (نوڈرا) Rarity; Rareness 22 Girl
Nuha (نوہا) Intelligence; Mind 8 Girl
Nuhaa (نوہاا) Intelligence; Mind 9 Girl
Numa (نوما) Beautiful and pleasant 4 Girl
Nura (نورا) Light; Illuminate 9 Girl
Nuzha (نوزہا) Pleasure trip; Excursion spot 7 Girl
Nyla (نیلا) Winner; Achiever 7 Girl