Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Starting With S

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Shivansh A portion of Lord Shiv 1 Boy-E
Saurabh Fragrance 7 Boy-E
Sanjeev Giving life; Re animating; Love 22 Boy-E
Swapnil Seen in a dream; Dreamy 4 Boy-E
Sumedh Wise; Clever; Sensible 7 Boy-E
Shivam Auspicious; Lord Shiva; Fortunate; Elegant 9 Boy-E
Saurav Divine; Celestial; Beautiful 1 Boy-E
Shivank Mark of Lord Shiva 3 Boy-E
Shivang A portion of Lord Shiv 8 Boy-E
Suresh The Sun 9 Boy-E
Shailesh God of the mountain, Himalaya 9 Boy-E
Shivin Name of Lord Shiva; The destroyer; One who maintains a balance between life & death 9 Boy-E
Sumant Wise or friendly 7 Boy-E
Sanjeet Who is always victorious; Winner from 4 directions; Perfectly victorious 2 Boy-E
Sudheer Symbol of smile; Resolute; Brave; Bright; Determined; Thoughtful; Wise 8 Boy-E
Sandip A lighted lamp; Brilliant; Ablaze 9 Boy-E
Samrat Emperor; Universal; Ruler 9 Boy-E
Sarvesh Master of all or God or King or Lord of all; Emperor; Lord Shiva 11 Boy-E
Satvik Virtuous; Lord Krishna; Worthy; Important; Pure; Good 1 Boy-E
Shirish A flower; Rain tree 9 Boy-E
Soham The presence of divinity of each soul, I am him, every soul has a presence of God in it; god is within 2 Boy-E
Samanyu Lord Shiva; Having the same splendor; Epithet of Shiva; Feeling the same energy or anger 22 Boy-E
Sharvil Lord Krishna; Derived from Sharv, Sharv meaning sacred to Shiva 8 Boy-E
Sharad Autumn 6 Boy-E
Sajan Beloved; Good man; Noble; Respectable; Guard; From a good family 9 Boy-E
Sarvin Victory; Best archer; God of Love 11 Boy-E
Saharsha Joyful 3 Boy-E
Sanket Signal; Goal; Stipulation; Agreement; Indication; Sign 7 Boy-E
Sajith Victorious superior; Lord Ganesh 22 Boy-E
Sriram Lord Rama; Pleasing; Rejoicing; Charming and beautiful 6 Boy-E
Somashekhar Lord Shiva; Sa + Uma - (with Uma); Moon crested; Epithet of Shiva 1 Boy-E
Sujan Honest; Intelligent; Virtuous; Respectable; Kind; Good 11 Boy-E
Shani Gift, Reward; A portion of the sky, Same pronunciation as Sunny (bright) 6 Boy-E
Shantanu Wholesome; A king from the epic Mahabharata 8 Boy-E
Suthiksh Brave 7 Boy-E
Shivram Lord Shiva; Lord Ram 9 Boy-E
Shambhu Abode of joy; Lord Shiva; Sa + Amba - with Amba 9 Boy-E
Shravan Name of a Hindu month; Name of a star; A character in Ramayana; A devoted son; Listening or hearing; Monsoon season 11 Boy-E
Sarath Autumn; Super boy; Complete or meaningful 22 Boy-E
Sidharth One who has accomplished goal; Successful; A name of Lord Buddha; Achieved all wishes 6 Boy-E
Sreerag Musical Raga from God 1 Boy-E
Sabari A tribal devotee of Lord Rama; One who lives in Sabari hill; Lord Ayyappa 5 Boy-E
Seshadri Shesha - the king of serpents and Adri - hill 11 Boy-E
Saathvik Calm; Virtuous and another name of Lord Shiva 1 Boy-E
Subodh Sound advice; Easily understood; Intelligent 6 Boy-E
Shubhang Lord Shiva; Handsome limbed; Beautifully formed; Elegant; Epithet of Vishnu and Shiva 8 Boy-E
Shivanand One who is happy in Lord Shiva's thoughts or Shiva's worship 11 Boy-E
Suchet Attentive; Alert; Intelligent; Sharp 22 Boy-E
Soumil Love to meet different persons; A friend 8 Boy-E
Shreyas Superior; Best; Handsome; Auspicious; Fortunate; Excellent 5 Boy-E
Shreesh Lord of wealth; Lord Vishnu 1 Boy-E
Sachidanand One with a good mind and who is happy 6 Boy-E
Sumukh Lord Shiva; A handsome face; Lovely; Pleasing; Epithet of Shiva & Ganesh; A learned man or teacher; Epithet of Vishnu 3 Boy-E
Shashidhar Lord Shiva, The one who bears the Moon 5 Boy-E
Sreeyan Lord Vishnu; Combination of first three letters of Sriman and last 3 of Narayan 6 Boy-E
Sarvendra Every where; God 3 Boy-E
Shreekanth An epithet of Lord Vishnu, God of wealth or Lord Vishnu or Consort of Goddess Lakshmi; Beautiful; Lord Shiva; Of glorious neck 1 Boy-E
Satish Lord of hundreds; Ruler of hundreds; Happiness 22 Boy-E
Sadanand Ever joyous 22 Boy-E
Suryadev Sun God 7 Boy-E
Satyendra Lord of truth (Satyam) 8 Boy-E
Shantam Quite 22 Boy-E
Sreenivas Lord Venkateshwara; Residence of Goddess of wealth; Abode of wealth 4 Boy-E
Sudarsh Pleasing to eyes; Apparent; Handsome 9 Boy-E
Smayan Smile 1 Boy-E
Samvid Knowledge 5 Boy-E
Sumer Born during the Summer; A divine mountain; A region in modern day Iraq that was the home of the Sumerians 22 Boy-E
Sidhanth Principle 11 Boy-E
Suket Having good intention; Kind; Well-meaning 4 Boy-E
Saanjya Unique; Incomparable 8 Boy-E
Sambath Prosperous 1 Boy-E
Surojit God's favorite disciple 4 Boy-E
Saumit From Sanskrit Samit: someone who has got everything; Easy to get 2 Boy-E
Shardool Lion; A Tiger 11 Boy-E
Sreekumar A wealthy person; Divine beauty 3 Boy-E
Shrinivas Lord Venkateshwara; Residence of Goddess of wealth; Abode of wealth 11 Boy-E
Somit From Sanskrit Samit: someone who has got everything; Easy to get 22 Boy-E
Sambit Consciousness 1 Boy-E
Soman The Moon 8 Boy-E
Susheel Good character man or well behaved; Good conduct 8 Boy-E
Surendra Lord Indra; Chief of Gods; Indra 1 Boy-E
Subal Good; Divine; Friend of Lord Krishna; Another name of Shiva; Powerful; Boy 1 Boy-E
Sourish Lord Vishnu; The Lord of the Suras or Devas, It can also mean the greatest of those who bestow good 1 Boy-E
Sarang A musical instrument; Distinguished; Brilliance; Light; Jewel; Gold light; The Earth; A musical Raag, Another name for the Love God Kaama and Shiva 6 Boy-E
Saraj Born in water; Lotus 4 Boy-E
Sreekar Causing prosperity; Lord Vishnu 5 Boy-E
Shiv Lord Shiva; Auspicious; Lucky; Always pure; All encompassing; Lovely; Welfare; Water; Saving; Beloved; Divine; Joy welfare; The third God of the Hindu Trinity 22 Boy-E
Sugandh Sweet smelling; Fragrance 11 Boy-E
Sriyan Lord Vishnu, Combination of first three letters of Sriman and last 3 of Narayan 5 Boy-E
Sanwariya Lord Krishna; Dark complexioned 3 Boy-E
Sarvad Lord Shiva; All giving; Epithet of Shiva 2 Boy-E
Sukeerthi Good fame 8 Boy-E
Swaraj Freedom 9 Boy-E
Savit The Sun; Sweet 8 Boy-E
Sheel Character; Custom; Nature; Worth 22 Boy-E
Sarvadev Lord Shiva; God of all; Epithet of Shiva 11 Boy-E
Satyaki Charioteer of Lord Krishna 5 Boy-E
Shatrughna Victorious 9 Boy-E
Shreeram Lord Rama; Pleasing; Rejoicing; Charming and beautiful 6 Boy-E
Shreerang Lord Vishnu; Holy color; Name of Vishnu; Name of Shiva; Name of a king who founded the city of Seringapatam; Name of a Vaishnava temple near Trichinopoly 5 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 562
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Popular Sanskrit Boy names beginning with S

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