Sanskrit Baby Girl Names Starting With T

78 Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With 'T' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Taalika Palm; Calm; Nightingale; Key; A list 1 Girl-E
Taamasi Night; Rest; A river 1 Girl-E
Taanaya Daughter; Born of the body 9 Girl-E
Taara Star; The pupil of the eye; Meteor; Fragance 5 Girl-E
Taaraka Star; Meteor; Pupil of the eye 8 Girl-E
Taarini Saviour; She who frees; She who delivers from sin; Another name for Goddess Durga; Goddess Parvati 9 Girl-E
Taiunaya Absorbed in; Identical 11 Girl-E
Taluni Young 5 Girl-E
Tama Night 8 Girl-E
Tamasa A river; Darkness 1 Girl-E
Tamasi Night; Rest; A river 9 Girl-E
Tamsa Name of a river 9 Girl-E
Tanarupi Name of a Raga 1 Girl-E
Tanavi Attractive; Slender 22 Girl-E
Tanaya Daughter; Born of the body; Son 8 Girl-E
Tanirika Goddess of gold & Angel; A flower 11 Girl-E
Tanmayi Ecstasy in Sanskrit & Telugu 11 Girl-E
Tanushri Beautiful; Shapely; With a divine body 11 Girl-E
Tanvi Slender; Beautiful; Delicate 3 Girl-E
Tanya Of the family 7 Girl-E
Tapasya Meditation 2 Girl-E
Tapni The river Godavari 6 Girl-E
Tapti The Sun's daughter; A river; Heat; One who has undergone penance 3 Girl-E
Tara Star; The pupil of the eye; Meteor; Fragrance 4 Girl-E
Taraka Star; Meteor; Pupil of the eye; Palms 7 Girl-E
Tarangini A river 3 Girl-E
Tarani The Earth; Boat 9 Girl-E
Tarnija River Yamuna, Surya putri Yamuna 1 Girl-E
Tarpani Satisfying; Offering oblations 7 Girl-E
Tarpini Offering oblations; Satisfying 6 Girl-E
Tarshita Thirsty; Desirous 6 Girl-E
Tarulatha Creeper 3 Girl-E
Taruna A young girl; Young 3 Girl-E
Tarunii Young girl 11 Girl-E
Tarushi Courage; Victory 6 Girl-E
Taushini Goddess Durga; Satisfying; Appeasing; Pleasing; Name of Durga 11 Girl-E
Tavisha Heaven; Strong; Brave; Vigorous; Divine 8 Girl-E
Tejashree With divine power and grace; Radiant or bright 1 Girl-E
Tejasvini Lustrous or bright or radiant or intelligent; Brave; Powerful; Celebrated; Energetic; Noble; Brilliant 1 Girl-E
Tejaswi Lustrous; Energetic; Gifted; Brilliant 6 Girl-E
Tejaswini Lustrous or bright or radiant or intelligent; Brave; Powerful; Celebrated; Energetic; Noble; Brilliant 11 Girl-E
Tejini Brilliant; Energetic 4 Girl-E
Tejomaya Full of effulgence 9 Girl-E
Tejowathi Another name for Goddess Durga 3 Girl-E
Thanayaa Daughter 8 Girl-E
Thanmayi Concentration; Ecstasy 1 Girl-E
Thanuja A daughter 3 Girl-E
Thanushree Beauty 11 Girl-E
Tharini Enabling to crossover 7 Girl-E
Theertha Holy water; Pilgrimage centers 4 Girl-E
Thejorashi Effulgence 5 Girl-E
Thejovathy Goddess Durga, She who shines 8 Girl-E
Thrishna Thirst 7 Girl-E
Thulaja Indian Goddess of mercy; Kundalini Shakti and slayer of evil 1 Girl-E
Tilothama Name of an Apsara fairy 9 Girl-E
Timita Calm; Constant 9 Girl-E
Tishya Auspicious; A star; Lucky 1 Girl-E
Toya Water 7 Girl-E
Traimbika Goddess Durga; Consort of Triambaka 3 Girl-E
Triguna Maya; Illusion; Goddess Durga 9 Girl-E
Trinayana Goddess Durga, Consort of the three-eyed Lord 4 Girl-E
Trinetra Goddess Durga; Three eyed 6 Girl-E
Tripathagaa Ganga 3 Girl-E
Tripta Satisfied; Satisfaction; Another name for the river Ganges 3 Girl-E
Tripura Goddess Durga, Devi is called Tripura because she is older than the three persons viz. Brahma, Vishnu & Rudra, She who has three puras cities, i.e., Circles, Angles, Lines syllables etc. 4 Girl-E
Trisha Thirst 3 Girl-E
Trishala Trident 7 Girl-E
Trislum Thirst 4 Girl-E
Triveni The confluence of three sacred rivers 7 Girl-E
Trupti Stiltedness 5 Girl-E
Tulasi Sacred plant; A sacred plant (Basil); Unmatched; Unique; A sacred leaf thought to be the incarnation of Mahalakshmi 1 Girl-E
Tulya Equaled; Similar; Alike; Equivalent 7 Girl-E
Tungabhadra Name of a river 7 Girl-E
Tunil Fast; Clever; The mind 22 Girl-E
Turi Paint brush 5 Girl-E
Tushhyathi To be pleased 4 Girl-E
Tushitha Peace; Happiness; Satisfied 7 Girl-E
Tushti Satisfaction; Peace; Happiness 7 Girl-E
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Popular Sanskrit Girl names beginning with T

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Sanskrit Girl names beginning with T will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Sanskrit names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.