Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Starting With T

82 Sanskrit Boy Names Starting With 'T' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Taalank Another name of Lord Shiva; Auspicious 6 Boy-E
Taalin Musical; Lord Shiva 3 Boy-E
Taalish Lord of the Earth; Mountain; Glittering; Bright 7 Boy-E
Taamas Darkness 1 Boy-E
Taantav Son; A woven cloth 7 Boy-E
Taarak Star; Pupil of an eye; Protector 7 Boy-E
Taaraksh Star eyed; Mountain 7 Boy-E
Taarik Method; Way; Mode; Manner; One who crosses the river of life; Morning star 6 Boy-E
Taayin Gaurdian 7 Boy-E
Takshin Wood cutter; Carpenter 1 Boy-E
Talav Flute; Musician 11 Boy-E
Tanas From the house of Tatius; Child 1 Boy-E
Tanay Son 7 Boy-E
Tanmay Engrossed 2 Boy-E
Tanshu Quite a nature; Attractive 2 Boy-E
Tanuj Son 3 Boy-E
Tapan The Sun; Summer; Brilliant; Fiery 7 Boy-E
Tapat Born of the Sun; Warming 4 Boy-E
Tapeshwar Lord Shiva; Lord of heat 3 Boy-E
Tapit Refined gold; Purified 3 Boy-E
Tarak Star; Pupil of an eye; Protector 6 Boy-E
Tarakeshwar Lord Shiva 8 Boy-E
Taraknath Lord Shiva 4 Boy-E
Tarant Thunder; Ocean 2 Boy-E
Tarish Raft; Boat; Competent person; The ocean 3 Boy-E
Tarshit Thirsty; Desirous 5 Boy-E
Tarun Connection; Young; Youth; Ageless; Gentle 2 Boy-E
Tathya Fact; Truth; Lord Shiva 3 Boy-E
Taulik Painter 2 Boy-E
Tavalin One with God in meditation; Religious; Meditative 7 Boy-E
Tavasya Strength 8 Boy-E
Tavish Heaven; Strong; Brave; Vigorous; Ocean; Gold ocean 7 Boy-E
Tej Light; Lustrous; Power; Brilliance; Glory; Security 8 Boy-E
Tejas Sharpness; Brightness; Tip of the flame; Light; Brilliance; Gold; Power; Might honour; Fire; Spirit brilliance 1 Boy-E
Tejasvin Lustrous or bright or radiant or intelligent; Brave; Powerful; Celebrated; Energetic; Noble; Brilliant 1 Boy-E
Tejendra The Lord The Sun 5 Boy-E
Tejit Whetted; Sharpened 1 Boy-E
Tejus Radiant energy; Brilliance 3 Boy-E
Thalesh God of land 1 Boy-E
Thathathan Lord Buddha 11 Boy-E
Thejus Radiant energy; Brilliance 2 Boy-E
Thilang Name of a Raga 8 Boy-E
Thirupati Sri Venkateswara; Mahavirat, the famous name and fame in the world; Suitable for boys 5 Boy-E
Thushara Ice; Snow 6 Boy-E
Tilak A spot of vermilion; Sandal wood paste on the forehead, auspicious ritualistic mark applied on the forehead; A flowering tree 8 Boy-E
Timit Calm; Tranquil; Stedy; Quiet; Constant 8 Boy-E
Titikshu Enduring patiently; Patience 9 Boy-E
Tosh Pleasure; Satisfaction 8 Boy-E
Toshin Satisfied 4 Boy-E
Toshit Pleasant; Satisfied 1 Boy-E
Toyaj Lotus stem 8 Boy-E
Traaman Protection 5 Boy-E
Traanan Guarding 6 Boy-E
Traimbak Lord Shiva; Name of Shiva uttering three Vedas; Name of one of the 11 Rudra; Name of a mountain 3 Boy-E
Triaksh Three eyed; Another name for Lord Shiva 5 Boy-E
Tribhuvan King of the three worlds 7 Boy-E
Trijna All-knowing; Divine; Sage; A Buddha 9 Boy-E
Trilochan One with three eyes; Lord Shiva 1 Boy-E
Trilochana Lord Shiva, The one with three eyes 11 Boy-E
Trilochanan Lord Shiva, One with three eyes 7 Boy-E
Trilokesh Lord Shiva, Lord of the three worlds 9 Boy-E
Triloknath Lord Shiva, The Lord having three eyes 11 Boy-E
Trimurthi Holy Trinity 1 Boy-E
Trinayan Lord Shiva, Three-eyed 3 Boy-E
Tripan Refreshing; Pleasant 6 Boy-E
Tript Contentment; Satisfied 11 Boy-E
Trishul Weapon of Lord Shiva 8 Boy-E
Trivikraman Lord Vishnu, One who makes three strides, An epithet of Vishnu who laid the three worlds in three steps in his Vaman Avatar 1 Boy-E
Tryaksh Three eyed; Another name for Lord Shiva 3 Boy-E
Tukaram A poet saint 22 Boy-E
Tulak Thinker 11 Boy-E
Tuliln Snow; Moonlight 7 Boy-E
Tulsidas A famous saint; Servant of Tulsi (Basil plant) 6 Boy-E
Tunganath Lord of the mountains 7 Boy-E
Tungesh The Moon 4 Boy-E
Turashat Another name for Lord Indra; Overpowering the mighty 9 Boy-E
Tushaar Ice; Snow; Fine drops of water; Cold 7 Boy-E
Tushar Ice; Snow; Fine drops of water; Cold 6 Boy-E
Tushya Satisfied; Lord Shiva 22 Boy-E
Tuviksh Powerful Lord Indra bow; Strong 11 Boy-E
Tuyam Water; Strong; Rapid 8 Boy-E
Tveshin Impetus; Impulsive 7 Boy-E
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Popular Sanskrit Boy names beginning with T

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Sanskrit Boy names beginning with T will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Sanskrit names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.