Sanskrit Baby Girl Names Starting With J

75 Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With 'J' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Jaagariti Is wakeful 4 Girl-E
Jaagravi Alert; Awake; Watchful; King 6 Girl-E
Jaagritha Alert 3 Girl-E
Jaamini Night; Flower 3 Girl-E
Jaanaki Goddess Sita, Daughter of king Janak 2 Girl-E
Jaanvhi The river Ganga 11 Girl-E
Jagadamba Mother of the Universe 22 Girl-E
Jagadambika Goddess Durga, Jagath - universe, Ambika - a mother; Sensitive; Loving; Good woman; Name of Parvati, The mother of the universe 6 Girl-E
Jagamata Goddess Durga, Mother of the universe 9 Girl-E
Jaganmayi Mother of the world; Goddess Lakshmi; Goddess Durga 9 Girl-E
Jaganmohini Goddess Durga; Charmer of the universe 11 Girl-E
Jagathi The Earth; Of the universe; People; Both heaven and hell 11 Girl-E
Jagmohini Goddess Durga; Charmer of the universe 5 Girl-E
Jahnavi River Ganga 11 Girl-E
Jahnvi River Ganga 1 Girl-E
Jaimuni Name of the sage 5 Girl-E
Jaladhi Treasure of water 9 Girl-E
Jaladhija Goddess Lakshmi; Water 11 Girl-E
Jalaja Lotus; Originating in the water; Another name for Lakshmi 8 Girl-E
Jambalini A river 8 Girl-E
Jambavathy Daughter of jambavan 4 Girl-E
Jamuna Holy river 6 Girl-E
Janani Mother; Tenderness 22 Girl-E
Janatha Gift from God; People 1 Girl-E
Janika Mother 1 Girl-E
Janma Is associated with Lord Murugan 3 Girl-E
Jasleena Abode of fame 22 Girl-E
Jasmit Famed; Celebrated; Famous 9 Girl-E
Jasweer Get victory; Hero of fame; Famous personality 9 Girl-E
Jaya Goddess Durga; Victory; Conquest; Name of Parvati who was the daughter of Daksh and the consort of Shiva; The 3rd, 8 th or 13th lunar days of either half-month; Name of Durga 1 Girl-E
Jayadurga Goddess Durga, Victorious Durga 7 Girl-E
Jayalakshmi Goddess of victory 11 Girl-E
Jayalalitha Victorious Goddess Durga 1 Girl-E
Jayamala Garland of victory 1 Girl-E
Jayamanohari Name of a Raga 8 Girl-E
Jayana Causing victory; Armour 7 Girl-E
Jayanarayani Name of a Raga 3 Girl-E
Jayani A shakti of Lord Ganesh; Auspicious; Causing victory 6 Girl-E
Jayanthasena Name of a Raga 11 Girl-E
Jayanthi Victory; Goddess Parvati 7 Girl-E
Jayaprabha Light of victory 11 Girl-E
Jayaprada Giver of victory 5 Girl-E
Jayasree Victorious or Goddess of victory 3 Girl-E
Jayasudha Nectar of victory 9 Girl-E
Jayati Victorious 3 Girl-E
Jayavanti Victorious 4 Girl-E
Jayavardhini Goddess who increases the victory 5 Girl-E
Jayit Victorious 2 Girl-E
Jebisha Prayerful 9 Girl-E
Jeeva Life; Immortal 7 Girl-E
Jeevaa Life; Immortal 8 Girl-E
Jeevanthini Name of a Raga 9 Girl-E
Jeevantika Name of a raga; One who gives blessings of long life 8 Girl-E
Jeevitha Life 8 Girl-E
Jesal poof 11 Girl-E
Jia Heart; Sweet heart 11 Girl-E
Jigisha Required victory; Superior; Ambitious; Wanting to win 9 Girl-E
Jigyasa Curiosity to know things 9 Girl-E
Jitha Having conquered 3 Girl-E
Jithi Victory; Victorious 11 Girl-E
Jithya Victorious 1 Girl-E
Jiti Victory; Victorious 3 Girl-E
Jivanthika One who gives life 6 Girl-E
Joshika A young maiden; Cluster of buds; Young 1 Girl-E
Josya Delightful 7 Girl-E
Jushti Love; Service 6 Girl-E
Jvala Flame 1 Girl-E
Jyosna Giving light to others; Moonlight, Moon's rays 3 Girl-E
Jyota Brilliant 8 Girl-E
Jyothika Light; A flame; Brilliant 9 Girl-E
Jyothishmati Luminous; Lustrous 4 Girl-E
Jyothsna Light from the full Moon or Moon light 4 Girl-E
Jyotsana Goddess Durga; Moon light; Lustre 6 Girl-E
Jyotsna Goddess Durga; Moonlight; Lustre 5 Girl-E
Jyotsni Moonlit night 4 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 75 of 75
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Popular Sanskrit Girl names beginning with J

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Sanskrit Girl names beginning with J will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Sanskrit names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.