Sanskrit Baby Girl Names Starting With S

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Saadhaka Proficient; Magical; An aspirant; Seeker 1 Girl-E
Saadhana Long practice; Study; Fulfilment; Work; Achievement; Worship 22 Girl-E
Saadhika Goddess Durga; Achiever; Pious; Proficient 9 Girl-E
Saadhvi Religious women; Courteous; Polite; Simple; Loyal; Decent; Worthy; Chaste; Devout worthy 1 Girl-E
Saagarika Wave; Born in the ocean 5 Girl-E
Saagnika Fiery; Passionate; Married; With fire 9 Girl-E
Saaman Morning; Goddess of sound; Dawn; Early morning 4 Girl-E
Saamanta Equality; Bordering; Name of a raga 7 Girl-E
Saanjali Hand clasped in prayer 22 Girl-E
Saarangi Distinguished; Doe; Musical instrument; A musical Raagini 7 Girl-E
Saatvika Goddess Durga; Calm 3 Girl-E
Saavini About the month of Saavan; One who prepares Soma 3 Girl-E
Saavitri A ray of light; Hymn; A form of the Devi 9 Girl-E
Sachi Beloved; Grace; Truth; Following; Companion; Another name for Agni 22 Girl-E
Sadaa Always 8 Girl-E
Sadhaka Proficient; Magical; An aspirant; Seeker 9 Girl-E
Sadhana Long practice; Study; Fulfilment 3 Girl-E
Sadhvi Religious women; Courteous; Polite; Simple; Loyal; Decent; Worthy; Chaste; Devout worthy 9 Girl-E
Sadrishii Like that 6 Girl-E
Saesha With great desire and wish; Truth of life 8 Girl-E
Saguna Virtuous; Possessed of good qualities 9 Girl-E
Saha Tolerant; The Earth; An Apsara or celestial nymph 11 Girl-E
Sahaja Natural 4 Girl-E
Saharshitha Joyful 4 Girl-E
Sahasra A new beginning 22 Girl-E
Sahaswini Courageous 4 Girl-E
Sahuri War; Powerful; Victorious; The Earth 4 Girl-E
Sahya A name of a mountain in India 9 Girl-E
Saindhavi One who is born in the territory of the river Sindhu 6 Girl-E
Sajani Beloved; Loving; Well loved 9 Girl-E
Sajitha Depending; Sajja means covered; Dressed; Ornamented; Armed; Fortified 5 Girl-E
Sakhi Friend 3 Girl-E
Sakshi Witness; Evidence 22 Girl-E
Salila Water 9 Girl-E
Salini Bashful; Modest 1 Girl-E
Samaarasya Where all things become one in a unity of blissful realisation 9 Girl-E
Samanvi One who has all the best qualities 7 Girl-E
Samapriya Name of a Raga 4 Girl-E
Samasti Achieving; The Universe 1 Girl-E
Samatha Equality; Justice; Peace; Kindness 9 Girl-E
Sambhavna Esteem; Possibility; Togetherness; Honour; Esteem 9 Girl-E
Sambita Consciousness 2 Girl-E
Sameeksha Analysis 1 Girl-E
Samidha An offering for a sacred fire 1 Girl-E
Sammita Balanced 22 Girl-E
Sampada Wealthy; Perfection; Achievement; Destiny; Blessing 1 Girl-E
Samprada Heard of God; Name of God 1 Girl-E
Samprathiksha Expectation; Hope 9 Girl-E
Samprathy To trust in; Believe firmly 4 Girl-E
Sampreethi Real love and attachment; Attachment; Joyful 6 Girl-E
Sampriya Completely pleased; Satisfied 3 Girl-E
Samridha Wealthy; Happy 1 Girl-E
Samridhi Good luck; Perfection; Wealth; Accomplishment; Welfare 9 Girl-E
Samrudhi Goddess Lakshmi; Great prosperity or success; Exuberance; Happiness; Good fortune; Wealth; Power; Supremacy 3 Girl-E
Samudaya Prosperity 22 Girl-E
Samuditha Flourishing 6 Girl-E
Samudrapriya Name of a Raga 11 Girl-E
Samunnathi Prosperity 3 Girl-E
Samvritha Concealed 3 Girl-E
Samya Blessings; One who listens; Exalted; Noble; Much praised 5 Girl-E
Samyuktha Goddess Durga; Goddess Devi 11 Girl-E
Sanatani Goddess Durga, Name of the Goddess Lakshmi, Durga's and Sarasvati; Eternal; Ancient; Permanent 7 Girl-E
Sangeet Music; Swaras; Symphony 8 Girl-E
Sangeetha Musical; Music 8 Girl-E
Sanghavi Goddess Lakshmi; Assembly; Group 9 Girl-E
Sangrama Name of a Raga 11 Girl-E
Sanhitha Code 8 Girl-E
Sanjana Gentle; Creator 6 Girl-E
Sanjeetha Triumphant; Flute 11 Girl-E
Sanjeevani Immortality 1 Girl-E
Sanjitha Triumphant; Flute 1 Girl-E
Sanjiti Victory 1 Girl-E
Sanjukta Union 7 Girl-E
Sanjuktha Union 6 Girl-E
Sankari Goddess Parvati, Consort of Shankar 1 Girl-E
Sankila Fiery; Torch 22 Girl-E
Sankranthi Going together 7 Girl-E
Sankula Fiery; Torch 7 Girl-E
Sanoli The one possessed with self penance; Introspective 7 Girl-E
Sanrakta Red; Pleasant; Beautiful 22 Girl-E
Sanskrithi Culture 11 Girl-E
Santha Peaceful; Calm 9 Girl-E
Santhimathi Goddess Durga; Full of peace 5 Girl-E
Santhoshi Happiness 5 Girl-E
Santhushti Contentment; Complete satisfaction 4 Girl-E
Santoor Musical instrument 3 Girl-E
Santoshi Name of a Goddess; Contented; Satisfied; Pleased 6 Girl-E
Sanvi Goddess Parvati; Glowing; Attractive; Loveable; Goddess Lakshmi 2 Girl-E
Sanya Eminent; Distinguished; Born on Saturday 6 Girl-E
Sapna Dream 6 Girl-E
Sapthabhi Seven stringed lute 3 Girl-E
Sapushpa Flowering 11 Girl-E
Sarada Goddess Saraswati; Perennial; Name of Sarasvati; Name of Durga; A kind of musical instrument; Bearer of Neena or lute 8 Girl-E
Sarala Simple; Straightforward 7 Girl-E
Sarangi Distinguished; Doe; Musical instrument; A musical Raagini 6 Girl-E
Sarani The Earth; Protector; Guardian 8 Girl-E
Saranya Surrendered 7 Girl-E
Sarasa Swan 5 Girl-E
Sarasangi Name of a Raga 8 Girl-E
Sarasi Jolly; Happy 22 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 469
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Popular Sanskrit Girl names beginning with S

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Sanskrit Girl names beginning with S will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Sanskrit names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.