Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Starting With E

14 Sanskrit Boy Names Starting With 'E' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Eashan Lord Shiva; Sovereign; A Rudra; Name of Sun 3 Boy-E
Easwar The Lord 22 Boy-E
Edhit Grown; Developed; Strengthened 1 Boy-E
Eeswar Powerful; The supreme God 8 Boy-E
Ekadanthan Lord ganapathy 7 Boy-E
Ekadyu Supreme sky; Sky; Best; A scholar in the Rig Veda 22 Boy-E
Ekaj The only child 9 Boy-E
Ekalavya Renowned for his devotion to his Guru 6 Boy-E
Ekaling Name of Lord Shiva 5 Boy-E
Ekesh Emperor; Brahman or the supreme spirit 3 Boy-E
Ekish The primal God; Brahman or the supreme spirit 7 Boy-E
Eshaan Lord Shiva; Lord Sun or north-east direction; Desiring and wishing; Impulse; Aim 3 Boy-E
Eshit Desired; Sought 7 Boy-E
Eshwar Lord Shiva; God; Supreme being; Personal God; Or individual self 11 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 14 of 14
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Popular Sanskrit Boy names beginning with E

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Sanskrit Boy names beginning with E will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Sanskrit names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.