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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Nourin (نوورین) Light 1 Girl-E
Naushin (نآوسہین) Happy; Sweet 5 Girl-E
Nameera (نامیرا) Delicious water; Pious woman 3 Girl-E
Niha (نیہا) Dew drop; Admired for a look; Love; Rain; Bright one; Naughty one 5 Girl-E
Nusrath (نوسرآٹھ) Help; Support; Victory 11 Girl-E
Namirah (نامیراہ) Princess 1 Girl-E
Nazia (نازییا) Optimistic and full of hope; Princess; Queen 6 Girl-E
Nehla (نیہلا) Present; Gift 22 Girl-E
Nousheen () Happy; Sweet 11 Girl-E
Neelam () Sapphire; Bluestone; Precious stone 5 Girl-E
Nihla (نیہلا) Present; Gift 8 Girl-E
Najiya (ناجییا) Safe 6 Girl-E
Nurjahan (نورجہان) Light of the world 6 Girl-E
Nausheen (نوشین) Happy; Sweet 6 Girl-E
Nimrah (نیمراہ) Pure; Clean 9 Girl-E
Nargis (نرگیس) Daffodil; Narcissus flower; Eye 5 Girl-E
Naseera (ناسیرا) Helper of God; One who helps; Glowing star 9 Girl-E
Nasila (ناسیلا) Honey that flows from the comb 2 Girl-E
Nazish (نازیش) Bred up like princess; Fragrance; Proud 5 Girl-E
Noreen (نورین) Light; Honor; Bright 8 Girl-E
Nasma (ناسما) Ripple 3 Girl-E
Nasifa (نسیفا) Just; Equitable 5 Girl-E
Nusaiba (نوسایبا) Noble bloodline 22 Girl-E
Naushaba (ناوشابا) Elixir; Water of life 22 Girl-E
Nakiya () Clear; Pure; Clean 7 Girl-E
Nashika () Indestructible 9 Girl-E
Nazah (نازہ) Success; Purity; Righteousness; Honesty 5 Girl-E
Naheeda (ناہیدا) Beautiful 11 Girl-E
Nainza (ناینزا) Two eyes 11 Girl-E
Nazeena (نازینا) Gift of God; Love 3 Girl-E
Noorien (نورین) Light; Honor 9 Girl-E
Nida (نیداء) Sleep; Night 1 Girl-E
Najma (نجما) A star; In the middle of a group of stars 3 Girl-E
Nimra (نیمرا) Soft; Lion 1 Girl-E
Naazneen (نازنین) Beautiful 8 Girl-E
Nasima (نسیما) Leader; Fem of Nasim; Zephyr; Gentle 3 Girl-E
Naveda (ناویدا) Glad things 2 Girl-E
Nafeesa (نفیساہ، نفیسا) A precious thing; Gem; Princess; Refined; Pure; Exquisite 1 Girl-E
Nahiya (ناہییا) One who advises, Adviser 4 Girl-E
Nahida (ناہیدا) Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Nigar (نیگار) Beautiful 4 Girl-E
Nilofer (نیلوفر) Lotus; Water lily 7 Girl-E
Nazan (نازان) Proud; Vain; Haughty 2 Girl-E
Noorie (نوریع) Light 4 Girl-E
Nazneen (نازنیین) Beautiful 7 Girl-E
Nazaha (نازاہا) Purity; Righteousness; Honesty; Chest 6 Girl-E
Noorjahan (نورجہاں) Light of the world 6 Girl-E
Nageen (ناگین) Precious stone; Ring; Jewelry 1 Girl-E
Nimerah (نیمعراہ) Tigress; Beauty; Strength; Modesty; Power 5 Girl-E
Narmeen (نآرمین) A flower; Delicate; Soft; Slender; Polite 7 Girl-E
Naziha (نازیہا) Pure; Honest; Successful; Prosperous 5 Girl-E
Nazmin (نازمین) Light 5 Girl-E
Naura () Light; Flower 1 Girl-E
Nabeeha (نابیحا) Intelligent; Honest 9 Girl-E
Nabra (نابرا) Pinnacle; Rare; Precious 9 Girl-E
Nagia () The saved 5 Girl-E
Naqiya (نقییا) Clear; Pure; Clean 4 Girl-E
Narmin (نآرمین) A flower; Delicate; Soft; Slender; Polite 6 Girl-E
Nasra (ناسرا) Helper 8 Girl-E
Nasrin (نسرین) Wild rose; Blue scented flower 3 Girl-E
Nagina () Jewel 1 Girl-E
Naifah (نایفاہ) This was the name of a well-known woman loved by the masses for her kindness and generosity, The people in different affairs sought her advice 3 Girl-E
Nasha (ناسہا) Scent; Perfume 7 Girl-E
Nashita (ناشیتا) Energetic and full of life 9 Girl-E
Neelofar (نیلوفر) Lotus; Water lily; A flower 4 Girl-E
Noya () One who is Beautifully Adorned 1 Girl-E
Nabeela (نابیلاہ) Noble 22 Girl-E
Nada (نادا) Dew; Generosity; Liberality 11 Girl-E
Nafesa (نافیسا) A precious thing; Gem; Princess; Refined; Pure; Exquisite 1 Girl-E
Najida (ناجیدا) Brave 3 Girl-E
Najiha (ناجیہا) Pure; Honest; Successful; Prosperous 7 Girl-E
Natiqa (ناٹیقا) One endowed with speech 8 Girl-E
Nazli (نازلی) Delicate; Feminine 8 Girl-E
Nudrat (نوڈرت) Unique 6 Girl-E
Nuzha (نوزہا) Pleasure trip; Excursion spot 7 Girl-E
Nafia (نافییا) Profitable; Beneficial 22 Girl-E
Naailah (ناایلاہ) Some thing special; Acquirer; Obtainer; One who succeeds 1 Girl-E
Naazira (ناازیرا) Like; Equal; Matching; Observer; Supervisor 7 Girl-E
Najla (ناجلا) Of wide eyes 11 Girl-E
Najwa (ناجوا) Confidential talk; Secret conversation 4 Girl-E
Nayila (ناییلا) Queen of river Nile 8 Girl-E
Nayyara (ناییارا) Luminous; Shining 4 Girl-E
Niyyat (نیییت) Intention; Determination 4 Girl-E
Noora (نوورا) Light; Illuminate 9 Girl-E
Nouf (نواف) The highest point on a mountain 2 Girl-E
Nazifa (نازیفا) Pure; Clean; Neat; Chaste 3 Girl-E
Naajidah (ناجیداہ) Courage; Successor; Help 3 Girl-E
Nafay (نافی) One who gets profit 2 Girl-E
Naflah (نافلاہ) Surplus; Overabundance 6 Girl-E
Nama (ناما) Gift; Present; Grace; Favor 11 Girl-E
Naqeebah (نقیباہ) Leader; Head; Chief 8 Girl-E
Narjis (نآرجیس) Narcissus flower 8 Girl-E
Naseeb () Fait; Noble; Relative 1 Girl-E
Nasmah (ناسماہ) Breeze 2 Girl-E
Naziah (نازیاہ) Companion; Friend 5 Girl-E
Nazo (نازو) Handsome; Whimsy 2 Girl-E
Nidaa (نیداا) Call 2 Girl-E
Nihad (نیہاد) Height; Uprising; Sound; Nature; Mind; Heart; Resolution 9 Girl-E
Norhan (نورحان) Light 7 Girl-E
Nosheen (نوشین) Sweet thing; Sweet; Pleasant; Dream 8 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 365
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