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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Muneeza (مونییزا) Clean; Pure 4 Girl-E
Maryam (مریم) Beautiful women; Flower; Beloved 8 Girl-E
Mallika () Jasmine; Garland; Queen; Daughter 5 Girl-E
Mehnaz (معہناز) Prouded like a Moon 4 Girl-E
Miral () Shining sea; Independent 8 Girl-E
Mehreen (میہرین) Loving nature 5 Girl-E
Minal () A precious gem; Stone 22 Girl-E
Maham (مہام) Full Moon 9 Girl-E
Maheera (ماہیرا) Highly skilled; Expert; Quick; Talented; Powerful 6 Girl-E
Masira (مسیرا) Doing good deeds 7 Girl-E
Minnat (میننت) Grace; Kindness; Favor; Gift 8 Girl-E
Mehjabeen (معحجابیں) Beautiful as the Moon; Beloved person 9 Girl-E
Mina () Precious blue stone; Fish; Jewel 1 Girl-E
Mahreen (مہرین) Bright and beautiful as the Sun 1 Girl-E
Meeza (مییزا) Quarter Moon 5 Girl-E
Mohsina (موحسینا) Righteous 7 Girl-E
Mubina (موبینا) One who makes something clear; Manifest; One who clarifies; Plain 6 Girl-E
Myreen (میرین) Bright and beautiful as the Sun 8 Girl-E
Mehrunisa (معحرونیسا) Pretty woman 9 Girl-E
Minha (مینہا) Gift 9 Girl-E
Marziya (مآرزییا) Accepted; Well-pleased; One 3 Girl-E
Maroofa (ماروفا) Famous; Known; Eminent 6 Girl-E
Mahwish (ماہویش) Beautiful like the Moon 9 Girl-E
Mehmuda (معحمودا) Beautiful garden in Medinah 11 Girl-E
Mansoora (منصورا) Assisted; Victorious 6 Girl-E
Mavisha (ماویشا) Blessing of life 1 Girl-E
Madiha (مادیہا) Praiseworthy 9 Girl-E
Maimoona (میموناہ) Auspicious; Blessed 9 Girl-E
Maliha (مالیہا) Strong; Beautiful; Salty or graceful or brownish color; Pleasant; Clever; Quick-witted 8 Girl-E
Mysha (میشا) Happy for the entire life 3 Girl-E
Mehrish (معہریش) Wonderful smell (Mehak) 8 Girl-E
Mufiah (موفیاہ) Obedient; Compliant 4 Girl-E
Mehrun Nisa (معہروں نیسا) Sun of the women 5 Girl-E
Mahnoor (مہنور) The glow of Moon; Light of the Moon 3 Girl-E
Maryum (مرییم) Mother of Isa AS 1 Girl-E
Mufida (موفیڈا) Useful; Helpful; Beneficial; Advantageous 9 Girl-E
Mahdiya (مہدییا) Rightly guided by Allah 7 Girl-E
Mahvish (ماہویش) Beautiful like the Moon 8 Girl-E
Mariha (مآریہا) Joyful; Cheerful 5 Girl-E
Mariyan () Purity 9 Girl-E
Masooma (ماسوما) Innocent 5 Girl-E
Muzna (موزنا) The cloud that carries the rain 3 Girl-E
Maab (ماعب) A place to which one returns 8 Girl-E
Mahrosh (مہروش) A piece of Moon; Pleasant 1 Girl-E
Mahrukh (ماہروخ) Face like a Moon; Beautiful 8 Girl-E
Mashia (ماشیا) Wish; Desire; Will of (Allah) 6 Girl-E
Maziyah (مازییاہ) Excellence; Merit; Virtue 11 Girl-E
Mehna (میہنا) Cloud 5 Girl-E
Muizza (مویززا) Elevated; Exalted; The empowered; The honored; The strengthener 6 Girl-E
Munize (مونیزع) One who brings good luck 7 Girl-E
Musfirah () Bright face 5 Girl-E
Maisa (مایسا) Walking with pride; Swinging gait; Pretty 7 Girl-E
Malaika (مالائکا) Angel; Amorous; Affectionate 3 Girl-E
Marjan (مآرجان) Coral 3 Girl-E
Maznah (مازناہ) Glorious 9 Girl-E
Mishel (میشعل) A light 3 Girl-E
Mohideen () Reviver of the Faith 1 Girl-E
Mubashirah (موباشیراہ) Bringer of good news 1 Girl-E
Muneera (مونیرا) Illuminating; Shedding light; Bright and shining 5 Girl-E
Munira (مونیرا) Illuminating; Shedding light; Bright and shining 4 Girl-E
Mahveen (ماہوین) Light of the Sun 5 Girl-E
Mariam (مریام) Beautiful women; Flower; Beloved 1 Girl-E
Mah Jabin (مہ جبیں) Beautiful; Brow like the Moon 4 Girl-E
Mahala (مہالا) Brave 9 Girl-E
Mahnaz (مہناز) The glory of the Moon 9 Girl-E
Mahroz (مہروز) One who has a face like Moon 9 Girl-E
Majda (مجدا) Glory; Honor; Nobility 11 Girl-E
Maleeka (مالیکا) Daughter; Queen; Owner; A garland 3 Girl-E
Maqboola (مقبولا) Accepted; Admitted; Granted 4 Girl-E
Marya () Beloved; Beautiful; One of the wives of the prophet Muhammad (Pbuh); Purity 22 Girl-E
May (مئی) The fifth month of the english year; Old Arabic name; Illusion; Architect 3 Girl-E
Maymunah (میموناہ، میموناہ) Auspicious; Blessed 6 Girl-E
Mazida (مازیدا) Glorious; Praiseworthy 9 Girl-E
Meheroon (معہعروں) Charming 3 Girl-E
Muftiat (موفٹیاٹ) Helpful; Grace 9 Girl-E
Muniba (مونیبا) Beautiful; To consult with Allah; Diverted toward Allah 6 Girl-E
Mehak () Sweet odor; Sweet smell; Aura; Fragrance 2 Girl-E
Maida (مائیڈا) Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Maisarah (میساراہ) Ease; Comfort; Wealth; Richness 7 Girl-E
Maizah (میزاہ) Discerning 4 Girl-E
Mamoona (مامونا) Trustworthy; Honest 9 Girl-E
Manahil (ماناہیل) Spring of fresh water 4 Girl-E
Mariyah (مآرییاہ) Fair complexion 3 Girl-E
Marwa (ماروا) Fragrant plant; Al Marwa is one of the hills in city Mecca 2 Girl-E
Maysam (مایسام) Beautiful 9 Girl-E
Mazneen (مازنیان) Shining of gold 6 Girl-E
Memoona (معمونا) Gleefulness 4 Girl-E
Mirah (میراہ) Provisions; Supply 4 Girl-E
Mishall (میشالل) A light; Beautiful; Pretty 11 Girl-E
Mosiya (موثعییا) Increase the world 1 Girl-E
Muazzama (موعظما) Exalted; Respected 3 Girl-E
Murshidah (مورسہیداہ) Guide 11 Girl-E
Muzaynah (موزایناہ) Adornment 1 Girl-E
Myiesha (مییعشا) Lifes blessing 8 Girl-E
Mariya (مآرییا) Beloved; Beautiful; One of the wives of the prophet Muhammad (Pbuh); Purity 4 Girl-E
Mabrooka (مبروکا) Blessed; Prosperous 4 Girl-E
Mah Liqa (مہ لیقا) Moon-like face 7 Girl-E
Mah Naz (مہ ناز) The glory of the Moon 9 Girl-E
Mahbooba (محبوباہ) Beloved; Lover 3 Girl-E
Mahbubah (محبوباہ) Beloved 11 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 384
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