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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Juzla (جوزلا) To get joyousness; Gladness 7 Girl-E
Juwariyah (جووارییاہ) She was the wife of the Prophet SAW 8 Girl-E
Juwariah (جوواریاہ) A small girl 1 Girl-E
Juwan (جووان) Perfume 6 Girl-E
Juwairiyah (جووایرییاہ) Who gives happiness; Wife of the prophet; Little 8 Girl-E
Junnut (جوننوت) Heaven 1 Girl-E
Junna (جوننا) Shelter 6 Girl-E
Juni (جونی) Lovable 9 Girl-E
Junayna (جوناینا) Little garden 5 Girl-E
Junainah (جونیناہ) Garden of paradise 6 Girl-E
Junah (جوناہ) The Sun 9 Girl-E
Jun (جون) Inlet; Bay; Gulf 9 Girl-E
Jumaynah (جوماےناہ) Gem; Name of a female companion 3 Girl-E
Jumaymah (ضومایماہ) Name of a female companion 11 Girl-E
Jumana (جومانا) Pearl 6 Girl-E
Juman (جومان) Pearl 5 Girl-E
Jumaina (جومینا) Silver Pearl 6 Girl-E
Jumaana (جومانا) Silver Pearl 7 Girl-E
Juhi () A flower, Jasmine; Light 3 Girl-E
Juhaymah (جوہاےماہ) There is a suggestion that her name was Hujaymah; she was Umm Ad-darda, and a narrator of Hadith 6 Girl-E
Juhanah (جوحاناہ) Young girl 9 Girl-E
Juhainah (جوہیناہ) Name of an Arab tribe 9 Girl-E
Judi (جودی) Name of a mountain mentioned in the Quran 8 Girl-E
Judamah (جوداماہ) She was the daughter of Wahb; She was a companion and a narrator of Hadith 22 Girl-E
Judaala (جودالا) Distinct 5 Girl-E
Jud (جود) Generosity 8 Girl-E
Jubaila (جوبیلا) Mountain 2 Girl-E
Jubaida (جوبیدا) Pure; Beautiful 3 Girl-E
Joya () Life; Rejoicing 6 Girl-E
Joodi (جودی) Name of a mountain mentioned in the Quran 8 Girl-E
Joindah (جوینداہ) God's gift 7 Girl-E
Johra () Jewel 7 Girl-E
Johi () Jasmine 6 Girl-E
Johara (جوہآرا) Jewel 8 Girl-E
Jinsha (جینشا) Possessive 7 Girl-E
Jinan (جیناں) Garden of paradise 3 Girl-E
Jilan (جیلان) It is a city in Iran; Courtier 1 Girl-E
Jibla (جیبلا) Nature; Natural disposition 7 Girl-E
Jhazala () Gazelle 5 Girl-E
Jewana (جعوانا) Gift from God 9 Girl-E
Jevaria () Name of prophet Muhammad's wife 3 Girl-E
Jessenia (جعسسعنیا) Flower 1 Girl-E
Jesna (جیسنا) Victory 4 Girl-E
Jennah (جعنناہ) Paradise 7 Girl-E
Jenna (جعننا) Heaven; Paradise 8 Girl-E
Jemimah (جعمیماہ) Beautiful 5 Girl-E
Jemila () Beautiful; Elegant 5 Girl-E
Jehan (جعہاں) Creative mind; Beautiful flower 2 Girl-E
Jehaan (جیہآن) Creative mind; Beautiful flower 3 Girl-E
Jazmin () Jasmine flower 1 Girl-E
Jaziya (جازییا) Granting 9 Girl-E
Jazira (جزیرا) Island 11 Girl-E
Jazibiyya (جازیبییا) Attraction, Charm; Appeal 9 Girl-E
Jazeera (جزیرا) Island 3 Girl-E
Jawna (جاونا) The Sun 4 Girl-E
Jawl (جاول) To move freely 1 Girl-E
Jawharah (جوہراہ) Gem; Jewel 7 Girl-E
Jawhara (جوہآرا) Gem; Jewel 8 Girl-E
Jawedan (جاوعدان) Immortal; Lasting 22 Girl-E
Jawda (جاودا) Excellence; High; Quality 3 Girl-E
Jawa () Flower 8 Girl-E
Javeria (جویریا) Name of prophet Muhammad's wife 3 Girl-E
Javairea (جاوایرعا) Mysterious 4 Girl-E
Jasura () One of great courage; Boldness 7 Girl-E
Jassia (جاسسیا) One who sits 5 Girl-E
Jasrah (جاسراہ) A narrator of Hadith 3 Girl-E
Jasmina (جاسمینا) Flower 22 Girl-E
Jasmin () A flower; Praise of distinction 3 Girl-E
Jasiya (جاسییا) The 45th Surah; One who kneels 2 Girl-E
Jasia (جاسیا) God is gracious 4 Girl-E
Jaseena (جاسینا) Nice heart 1 Girl-E
Jasara () Boldness 5 Girl-E
Jariyah (جرییاہ) Queen 9 Girl-E
Jarita () Earthen water jug 5 Girl-E
Jareen () Made of gold 8 Girl-E
Jannatul Firdaus (جنّتول فیردوس) Garden of paradise 9 Girl-E
Jannath (جنناتح) Heaven; God is gracious 5 Girl-E
Jannat (جننت) Heaven; God is gracious 6 Girl-E
Jannah (جانناہ) Heaven; Paradise 3 Girl-E
Janna (جاننا) Garden; Paradise 4 Girl-E
Janaan (جنآن) Heart or soul; Paradise; Heaven 5 Girl-E
Jana () Born bravery 8 Girl-E
Jammana (جممانا) Silver Pearl 8 Girl-E
Jamilah (جمیلا، جمیلاہ) Beautiful; Graceful; Lovely 11 Girl-E
Jamila (جمیلا) Beautiful; Lovely 1 Girl-E
Jamia (جامیا) Beautiful 7 Girl-E
Jamena () Holy river; Intelligent; Intellectual; Progressive; Productive 8 Girl-E
Jameerah (جمیراہ) Beautiful one 7 Girl-E
Jameena (جمینا) Holy river; Intelligent; Intellectual; Progressive; Productive 22 Girl-E
Jameelah (جمیلاہ) Beautiful; Graceful; Lovely 1 Girl-E
Jameela (جمیلا) Beautiful; Lovely 2 Girl-E
Jamala (جمالا) Beautiful; Pretty; Moon-faced 11 Girl-E
Jamaima (جمایما) Lucky 3 Girl-E
Jalwa (جلوا) Sight; Show 11 Girl-E
Jalsaan (جالسآن) Garden; Gulshan 4 Girl-E
Jalsa (جلسا) Companion; Celebration 7 Girl-E
Jalilah (جالیلاہ) Dignified; Splendid 8 Girl-E
Jaleh (جالیہ) Dew 9 Girl-E
Jaleesah (جلیساہ) Companion; Celebration 7 Girl-E
Jaleelah (جالیلاہ) Dignified; Splendid 9 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 125
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