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Similar names for Jawna

Name Meaning Numerology
geena Silvery 5
gehna Ornament 8
ghina Singing; Song 3
giana God is gracious 5
jaan Beloved; Life; Sing 8
jaanya Life; Born; Lovable; Father; Friend 7
jaina Victory; Good character 8
jaini Gift from God; Victorious 7
jaiyana Strength 7
jana Born bravery 8
janna Garden; Paradise 4
jannah Heaven; Paradise 3
jawna The Sun 4
jayana Causing victory; Armour 7
jayane Victorious 2
jayani A shakti of Lord Ganesh; Auspicious; Causing victory 6
jayna Victory; Good character 6
jayne Gift from God; Victorious 1
jeeyana Name of Moon; Reborn; God is Gracious 7
jeni Variation of Jenny which is a diminutive of jane and jennifer 2
jenna Heaven; Paradise 8
jennah Paradise 7
jenny White and smooth; Soft 5
jenu Well-born; Noble 5
jeny Variation of Jenny which is a diminutive of jane and jennifer 9
jenya Truth; Original; Noble 1
jenye 5
jewana Gift from God 9
jiaan Life; Strong 8
jian Life; Strong 7
jigna Intellectual curiosity 5
jini Variation of Jenny which is a diminutive of Jane and Jennifer 6
jiyana God is gracious; Strength 6
joane Joy 9
juana Gift from God 11
jun Inlet; Bay; Gulf 9
junah The Sun 9
juni Lovable 9
junna Shelter 6
juwan Perfume 6
jyena Princess 1

Variant names for name Jawna

Name Numerology
junah 9