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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Meesam (میثام) Smiling; Happy 2 Boy-E
Meezan (میزان) Balance; Scales 1 Boy-E
Mohamad Basith (موحمد باسیٹہ) Prophet; Humble; Merciful 6 Boy-E
Moiz (مویز) Respectful; One who gives protection 9 Boy-E
Maahir () Expert; Brave 5 Boy-E
Minhaz (مینہاز) Road; Path 8 Boy-E
Mahroof (ماہروف) Famous 4 Boy-E
Mikail (میکایل) Name of Allah's Angel; Name of an Angel Michael 1 Boy-E
Meerab (میرعب) Paradise flower 8 Boy-E
Munaf (موناف) Inconsistent with contradictory 1 Boy-E
Mehvish (میہویش) The prettiest face on the Moon; Bright star 3 Boy-E
Mohid (موہید) The one who believes in oneness of Allah almighty 4 Boy-E
Mustakim (موستکیم) Straight road 8 Boy-E
Miqdad (میقداد) Name of a sahabi 3 Boy-E
Mazhar (مظہر) Image 4 Boy-E
Muad (مواد) Protected; Name of a companion 3 Boy-E
Moulali (مولالی) Variant used for Mohammad; Founder of Islamic religion; Praiseworthy; Glorified 11 Boy-E
Mifzal (میفزال) The great and blessed person 4 Boy-E
Mustan (موسٹان) Brilliant 7 Boy-E
Mehtab (میہتاب) The Moon 22 Boy-E
Mansoor (منصور) Prism; Manifesto; Law; Defended or protected by God or liked or victorious 5 Boy-E
Mizanur Rahman (میزانور رحمان) The balance of the most merciful 4 Boy-E
Maaz (معاذ) A friend of prophet Muhammad 5 Boy-E
Mahad (محد) Great; Nice 9 Boy-E
Mazharul Haq (مظہرول حق) The manifestation of the truth 9 Boy-E
Misbahuddin (میسباھوددیں) The lamp of the religion (Islam) 5 Boy-E
Moosa (موسا) A prophet's name; 9 Boy-E
Mustafa (موصطفا) Prophet Muhammad; Chosen; Elected 9 Boy-E
Mirajul (میراجول) Patient 3 Boy-E
Madyan (مدیان) Name of a holy place in Saudi Arabia where the prophet (Pbuh) used to visit 22 Boy-E
Maruf (ماروف) Known; Accepted 5 Boy-E
Monir (مونیر) Shining 6 Boy-E
Mukhlis (موخلیص) Faithful; Sincere 3 Boy-E
Mohtasim () The Respect Dignity 8 Boy-E
Mumtaz (مومتاز) Excellent; Distinguished; Precious; Special 22 Boy-E
Mustaq (موشتاق) Ardent; Longing; Chosen 1 Boy-E
Muhib (موحیب) Noble; Respected 8 Boy-E
Moin (موعین) Fountain; Spring 6 Boy-E
Mahfuz (محفوظ) Preserved; Safe; The protected one 3 Boy-E
Mansur (منصور) Prism; Manifesto; Law; Defended or protected by God or liked or victorious 5 Boy-E
Mubassir (موباسصیر) Observer 3 Boy-E
Muhafiz (موحافیظ) One who protects 3 Boy-E
Muhammad (موحممد، موحممد) Praised; Praiseworthy; The name of the prophet 11 Boy-E
Muslim (موسلیم) Submitting himself to God 6 Boy-E
Mahtab (مہتاب) Moonlight; Adored; The Moon 9 Boy-E
Maqbool (مقبول) Accepted; Popular 3 Boy-E
Marwan (مروان) Solid 7 Boy-E
Maseeh (ماسیہ) One who is blessed with loyalty from the cradle to the grave; The Messiah Jesus; A prophet 6 Boy-E
Masoom (معصوم) Innocent; Sinless 22 Boy-E
Muin (موین) Supporter; Helper; One who helps 3 Boy-E
Miyaz (مییاز) Distinguished; Preferred 11 Boy-E
Mahfuzur Rahman (مہفوضور رحمان) Protected of the beneficent 7 Boy-E
Mehdi (میہدی) A flower 3 Boy-E
Mufeed (موفید) Useful; Helpful 9 Boy-E
Musharraf (موشارّف) One who is honored; Exalted 6 Boy-E
Mizan (میزان) Balance; Scales 9 Boy-E
Mafeed (مافید) None 7 Boy-E
Mahdi (مہدی) Guided to the right path; Rightly guided 8 Boy-E
Masoud (ماسود) Happy; Lucky 1 Boy-E
Mausoof (مآسوف) Worthy of description 9 Boy-E
Mikhail (میخائل) One of the chief angels of Allah 9 Boy-E
Miqdam (میقدام) In the forefront of the battle 3 Boy-E
Mizyal (میزیال) Intelligent 5 Boy-E
Mubashir (موباشیر) Spreader of good news 1 Boy-E
Muheet (موحیط) Embraces all round; Encompassing; Ocean 9 Boy-E
Mujaahid (موجاہید) Fighter in the way of Allah; A warrior 4 Boy-E
Munzir (مونزیر) Warner; Cautioner 11 Boy-E
Murad () Desire; Will 3 Boy-E
Mihran (میہران) Name of a companion of the prophet 9 Boy-E
Madih (مادیہ) Praised; Commendable 8 Boy-E
Mahdy (محدی) Guided to the right path; Rightly guided 6 Boy-E
Maisur (مایسور) Easy; Successful; Fortunate 9 Boy-E
Mamun (مامون) Secure; Fearless; Trustworthy; Trusted 8 Boy-E
Maqil (ماقیل) Intelligent 7 Boy-E
Maqsood (مقصود) Intended; Aimed at; Object; Proposed 3 Boy-E
Marzooq (مآرزوق) Blessed by (God); Fortunate 6 Boy-E
Minhajuddin (مینہاجوددیں) Way of religion 8 Boy-E
Minnatullah (مینّتوللہ) Gratitude owed to Allah 8 Boy-E
Muhibullah (موھیبوللہ) Friend of Allah 8 Boy-E
Mujtaba (موجتابا) Chosen 5 Boy-E
Muntazir (مونتظیر) The awaiting 5 Boy-E
Musa (موسا) A prophet's name; 9 Boy-E
Mustajab (موستجاب) One who is heard 6 Boy-E
Mutahhir (موتاہھیر) Purifies; Pure 8 Boy-E
Muzaffar (موزاففر) Victorious 11 Boy-E
Murtaza (مورتضاٰ) Another name of Ali; The generous; The giving 1 Boy-E
Manaf (ماناف) Abd manaaf 8 Boy-E
Muneer (مونیر) Brilliant; Shining; Moon's light; Lamp 4 Boy-E
Madiyan (مدییان) Name of a place in Saudi Arabia 4 Boy-E
Mahal () Forbearing 8 Boy-E
Mahbeer (مہبیر) Brave 7 Boy-E
Mahzuz (مہزوز) Fortunate 5 Boy-E
Majd (مجد) Glory 1 Boy-E
Mamoon (مامون) Secure; Fearless; Trustworthy; Trusted 8 Boy-E
Manhal (منہال) Fountains 22 Boy-E
Mehboob (میحبوب) Beloved 6 Boy-E
Milad (میلاد) Birth; Birthday 3 Boy-E
Misbaah (میسباہ) Lamp; Light 8 Boy-E
Mishaal (ميشال، میشال) Example; Copy; Torch; Light; Lightened; Sparkling; Shining 8 Boy-E
Muadh (مواڈہ) Protected; Name of a companion 2 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 413
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