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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Hyder (حیدر) Name of the Hadrath Ali; the lion; The brave 6 Boy-E
Huzayl (ہوزایل) Bin Shurah Bil had this name 3 Boy-E
Huzayfah (حوذایفاہ) Curtailing; Shortening; Curtailed 6 Boy-E
Huzair () Laughter 11 Boy-E
Huzaifah (حوذایفاہ) Curtailing; Shortening; Curtailed 8 Boy-E
Huzaifa (ہوزیفا) An old Arabic name 9 Boy-E
Huthayfa (ہوتحایفا) Old Arabic name 9 Boy-E
Hussein (حوسین) Islamic thinker; Saint; Beautiful 5 Boy-E
Hussain (حوسسیں) Islamic thinker; Saint; Beautiful 1 Boy-E
Husayni (ہوساینی) Of Husain; Nisba relation 7 Boy-E
Husayn (حوساین) In protection; Security 7 Boy-E
Husamuddin (حوساموددیں) Sword of religion (Islam) 6 Boy-E
Husamuddawlah (حوسامودّوالاہ) Sword of the state 1 Boy-E
Husam Al Din (حوسام ال دین) Sword of the faith 3 Boy-E
Husam (ہوسام) Sword 8 Boy-E
Husain (حوسین) In protection; Security 9 Boy-E
Husaam (حوساام) Sword 9 Boy-E
Hurrah (ہورراہ) Liberal; Free 11 Boy-E
Hurayth (ہوریطہ) Small cultivator 11 Boy-E
Hurays (ہورایس) A small cultivator 11 Boy-E
Hurayra (ہورایرا) Kitten; Little Cat 11 Boy-E
Hurairah (ہورایراہ) The narrator of Hadith; A close companion to prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) 3 Boy-E
Hunayn (حونین) Islamic place 11 Boy-E
Hunain (حونعین) Islamic place 4 Boy-E
Hunaid (ہوناید) Happiness 3 Boy-E
Humza (ہومزا) The name Humza is one of the Arabic alphabets 6 Boy-E
Humraz (ہومراز) One who knows the Secret 6 Boy-E
Humd (ہومد) Praise of Allah 1 Boy-E
Humayun (ہومایون) Blessed 4 Boy-E
Humayl (ہومایل) A companion of the prophet 8 Boy-E
Humayd (حوميد) Diminutive of Ahmad; Praised 9 Boy-E
Humamuddin (ہوماموددیں) Brave person of the religion 9 Boy-E
Humam (حومام) Courageous and generous 2 Boy-E
Humair (ہومیر) Reddish 7 Boy-E
Humaid (ہومید) Diminutive of Ahmad; Praised 11 Boy-E
Hulayl (ہولایل) Old Arabic name 7 Boy-E
Hukmi () Commander; The one with authority (God) 8 Boy-E
Hukmee () Commander; The one with authority (God) 9 Boy-E
Hukam (حوکم) Wise 9 Boy-E
Hujjat (حوججت) The argument; Reasoning; Proof 7 Boy-E
Hujayyah (حوجایّاہ) The father of Ajlah bin Abdullah was so called 9 Boy-E
Hudhayfah (ہودھایفاہ) Old Arabic name 1 Boy-E
Hudhaifah (ہودھایفاہ، ہودھایفاہ) Old Arabic name 4 Boy-E
Hudhafah (ہودھفاہ) Old Arabic name 3 Boy-E
Hudad (ہوداد) Name of a pre Islamic Arabic king 2 Boy-E
Hud (ہود) Name of a prophet of Almighty; 6 Boy-E
Hubayl (ہوبایل) 6 Boy-E
Hubaish (ہوبیش) A well known bird 5 Boy-E
Hubaab (ہوباب) A bubble of water; Name of a Sahabi 8 Boy-E
Hub (حوب) Love 4 Boy-E
Hrehaan (ہریہآن) God have chosen one 1 Boy-E
Hozaifah (ہوذیفاہ) A companion of the prophet 11 Boy-E
Houda (ہودا) Guided 22 Boy-E
Houd (حوود) A prophet's name; 3 Boy-E
Hosni (حوسنی) Beauty; Excellence 11 Boy-E
Hosaam (ہوسام) Sword 3 Boy-E
Hooman (ہومان) A good soul; Good natured 3 Boy-E
Hood (ہوڈ) Name of a prophet of Almighty; 6 Boy-E
Hizrat (ہیزرت) Freshness 1 Boy-E
Hissan (ہیسسان) Generous 7 Boy-E
Hisham (ہیشام) Companion of prophet Muhammad; Generous 4 Boy-E
Hirz (ہیرز) Another name of God; Place of refuge 7 Boy-E
Hiras (ہیراس) Scratching; Scraping 1 Boy-E
Hirad (ہیراد) Appearing fresh and healthy 4 Boy-E
Himayat (حیمایت) Protection; Safeguarding 5 Boy-E
Hilmi (ہیلمی) Gentle; Calm 6 Boy-E
Hillah () Shower of rain 5 Boy-E
Hilali (ہیلالی) Crescent-like 6 Boy-E
Hilal / Hilel () The new Moon 7 Boy-E
Hilal (ہیلال، ہیلعل) The new Moon 7 Boy-E
Hifzur Rahman (حیفظور رحمان) Remembrance of the beneficent 8 Boy-E
Hidayatullah (ہیدایتوللہ) Guidance of Allah 5 Boy-E
Hidayat (ہیدایت) Instruction 5 Boy-E
Hibban (ہیببان) Fleshy; Angry 9 Boy-E
Hibbaan (حیببان) Fleshy; Angry 1 Boy-E
Hibah (ہیباہ) A gift from God 1 Boy-E
Heydar (حعدر) Lion 7 Boy-E
Hewad (ہعواد) Homeland 5 Boy-E
Hesam (ہعسام) Sharp sword 1 Boy-E
Hend () Group of Camels that number from 100 to 200 22 Boy-E
Helmi () pearl, bead; originally amber 11 Boy-E
Heerad (ہیراد) Appearing fresh and healthy 5 Boy-E
Heer () Powerful; Power; Diamond; Darkness 9 Boy-E
Hedayat (ہعدایت) Guide 1 Boy-E
Hazzar () One who laughs often 8 Boy-E
Hazrat (حضرت) Prophet; Jesus 11 Boy-E
Hazir (ہازیر) Another name of God; Present; Ready 8 Boy-E
Haziq (ہازیق) Intelligent; Skillful 7 Boy-E
Hazin (ہازین) Treasurer 4 Boy-E
Hazim (ہازیم) Firm; Resolute; Energetic 3 Boy-E
Hayyan (حییان) Lively; Energetic 11 Boy-E
Hayyam (حییام) Loving 1 Boy-E
Hayy (ہیے) Alive; Living 5 Boy-E
Haytham (حیطہام) Young hawk 4 Boy-E
Haysam (حیسام) Lion 22 Boy-E
Hayl () Heaped sand 1 Boy-E
Hayder (ہیدعر) Lion 7 Boy-E
Haydar (حعیدر) Lion; Title of Ali 3 Boy-E
Hayaat (ہیاٹ) Life 2 Boy-E
Hawshab (حوسحاب) A son of Lama Muslim had this name 8 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 246
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