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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Haadee (ہادی) The guide; Director; Leader 6 Boy-E
Haady (حادی) Guiding to the right 3 Boy-E
Haafiz (حافیظ) Protector; One who has memorised the Quran 6 Boy-E
Haaiz () Getter 9 Boy-E
Haalah () Aureole 22 Boy-E
Haalim (حالیم) Mild; Gentle; Patient; Forbearing; Grown up 8 Boy-E
Haamid (حامید) Praising (God); Loving (God); Friend; Praiser; All-laudable 9 Boy-E
Haani (حانی) Happy; Delighted; Content; Pleasant 6 Boy-E
Haaris (ہاریس) Ploughman; Cultivator; Friend 11 Boy-E
Haatim (ہاتیم) Judge 7 Boy-E
Haaziq (حازیق) Intelligent; Skillful 8 Boy-E
Habab (ہابعب) Aim; Goal; End 5 Boy-E
Habash (حاباش) Guinea hen; Guinea fowl 3 Boy-E
Habbab (حببعب) Affable; Lovable 7 Boy-E
Habeel (ہابیل) Allah accepted the name of one of the sons of Sayyidina Aadam his sacrifice but that of Qabeel, his brother rejected 6 Boy-E
Habib (حبیب) Beloved 22 Boy-E
Habis (ہابیس) A narrator of Hadith 3 Boy-E
Hadad (حداد) Syrian God of fertility; Joy 9 Boy-E
Hadahid () Hoopoes 8 Boy-E
Hadal () Peaceful 8 Boy-E
Hadbar (ہادبار) Beautiful 7 Boy-E
Haddad (ہاددہد) Blacksmith 22 Boy-E
Haddaq (ہادداق) Wise 8 Boy-E
Hadee (ہادی) The guide; Director; Leader 5 Boy-E
Hadi (ہادی) The guide; Director; Leader 22 Boy-E
Hadid (حدید) The 57th Surah of holy Quran; Iron; Eloquent 8 Boy-E
Hadir () Good mannered 4 Boy-E
Hadis (حدیث) The narration of prophet Muhammad 5 Boy-E
Haelah () Exceptional 8 Boy-E
Hafi (ہافی) Generous 6 Boy-E
Hafid (حافید) The wise one 1 Boy-E
Hafiz (حافیظ) Protector; One who has memorised the Quran 5 Boy-E
Hafs (حفص) Lion; Young of a Lion 7 Boy-E
Haib () Greatness 2 Boy-E
Haibaa () Gravity 22 Boy-E
Haibah () Majesty 11 Boy-E
Haidar (حیدر) Lion; Title of Ali 5 Boy-E
Haider (حیدر) Lion 9 Boy-E
Haikal (ہایکال) Tale 6 Boy-E
Hairum (ہیروم) Pious 7 Boy-E
Haji (حاجی) Pilgrim 1 Boy-E
Hajib (ہاجیب) Doorman; Janitor; Bailiff 3 Boy-E
Hajid () One who sleeps 5 Boy-E
Hajir () Another name of God; Present; Ready 1 Boy-E
Hajjaj (حاججاج) Orbit; Eye socket; Argument 4 Boy-E
Hakam (حاكم) Arbitrator; Judge 7 Boy-E
Hakan (ہاکن) Politics; Leader 8 Boy-E
Hakeem (حکیم) Wise; Ruler; Governor; Brother 7 Boy-E
Hakem (ہاکعم) Wise; Ruler; Governor; Brother 2 Boy-E
Hakim (حکیم) Wise; Ruler; Governor; Brother 6 Boy-E
Haleef (ہالیف) Ally; Confederate 1 Boy-E
Haleem (حالیم) Mild; Gentle; Patient; Forbearing; Grown up 8 Boy-E
Halif (ہالیف) Ally; Confederate 9 Boy-E
Halil () Clear 6 Boy-E
Halim (حالیم) Mild; Gentle; Patient; Forbearing; Grown up 7 Boy-E
Hallaj (ہاللاج) Cotton ginner 8 Boy-E
Halul () Heavy 9 Boy-E
Hamal (ہمال) Lamb 8 Boy-E
Hamd (حمد) Praise; Lauding 8 Boy-E
Hamdhy (ہمدہی) Sympathy; Blessing 5 Boy-E
Hamdi (حمدی) Of praise 8 Boy-E
Hamed (حامعد) Praising (God); Loving (God); Friend; Praiser; All-laudable 22 Boy-E
Hameed (حمید) Praising (God); Loving (God); Friend; Praiser; All-laudable 9 Boy-E
Hameem (ہمیم) Friend; Close friend 9 Boy-E
Hami (ہامی) Protector; Patron; Supporter; Defender 22 Boy-E
Hamid (حمید) Praising (God); Loving (God); Friend; Praiser; All-laudable 8 Boy-E
Hamim (ہامیم) Friend; Close friend 8 Boy-E
Hamiz (ہامیز) Intelligent; Brilliant 3 Boy-E
Hammad (حمماد) One who praises God 22 Boy-E
Hammam (حممام) A great man; A chief; A hero 22 Boy-E
Hamood (ہامود) One who praises Allah 11 Boy-E
Hamraz (ہمراز) Who has the secret; Confidant 4 Boy-E
Hamza (حمزا) Lion 22 Boy-E
Hamzad (ہمزاڈ) Comrade; Companion 8 Boy-E
Hamzah (حمزاہ) Lion; Name of the uncle of the prophet 3 Boy-E
Hanafi (حنافی) True believer 3 Boy-E
Hanai (ہانای) Of happiness 6 Boy-E
Hanash (ہاناش) A man with the same name narrated a Hadith 6 Boy-E
Hanbal (حنبال) Purity 2 Boy-E
Haneef (حنیف) An upright; True; True believer 3 Boy-E
Hanfi (ہنفی) School follower 11 Boy-E
Hani () Happy; Delighted; Content; Pleasant 5 Boy-E
Hanif (حنیف) An upright; True; True believer 11 Boy-E
Hannad (حنناڈ) Old Arabic name 6 Boy-E
Hanzal (حنظل) Gift from God 8 Boy-E
Haq (حق) True; Truth; Real; Right 8 Boy-E
Haqqi (ہققی) A person who upholds the Truth, Just 7 Boy-E
Haraz (ہراز) Make fun; Comedy 9 Boy-E
Hareef (حریف) Pungent; Acrid 7 Boy-E
Haris (حاریث) Ploughman; Cultivator; Friend 1 Boy-E
Hariz (ہآریز) The horizon; Strong; Secure; Guarded 8 Boy-E
Haroon (حارون) Lofty or exalted; A prophet's name (Aaron) 8 Boy-E
Harshit () Beautiful; Friend; Colleague 11 Boy-E
Harut () One of the two angels sent to Babel 5 Boy-E
Haseeb (حسیب) Reckoned; Another name of prophet Muhammad 22 Boy-E
Hasham (هاشم) Servant 5 Boy-E
Hashan () Laughter; Chandra (Moon); Beautiful; Handsome; Grandson of prophet Mohammed 6 Boy-E
Hasher (حشعر) Collector 5 Boy-E
Hashib () The Rain 11 Boy-E
Hashid (ہاشیڈ) One who rallies people 4 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 184
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