Top Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With M

169 Indian Girl Names Starting With 'M' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Maab A place to which one returns 8 Girl-E
Maahi River; Great Earth; Heaven and Earth conjoined; The number one 5 Girl-E
Mada The utmost point; Degree 1 Girl-E
Madhavi A creeper with beautiful flowers; Springtime 4 Girl-E
Madhia Praiseworthy 9 Girl-E
Madhura Sugar; A bird 3 Girl-E
Madhuri Sweet girl 11 Girl-E
Madhurya She who has voice sweeter 1 Girl-E
Madia Praiseworthy 1 Girl-E
Madiha Praiseworthy 9 Girl-E
Madina Land of beauty 6 Girl-E
Mah The Moon 4 Girl-E
Maha Large eyes; Moon-like 5 Girl-E
Mahala Brave 9 Girl-E
Maham Full Moon 9 Girl-E
Mahati Name of Naradudu Veena; Great 7 Girl-E
Mahek Sweet odor; Sweet smell; Aura; Fragrance 2 Girl-E
Mahi River; Great Earth; Heaven and Earth conjoined; The number one 22 Girl-E
Mahima Greatness; Splendour; Majesty; Dignity; Power 9 Girl-E
Mahine Earth; Greatest; Related to the Moon 5 Girl-E
Mahisha Destroyer of Mahisha 5 Girl-E
Mahita Greatness; River; Respected; Excellent; Revered 7 Girl-E
Mahlaa Forbearing 9 Girl-E
Mahsa Like the Moon 6 Girl-E
Mahua An intoxicating flower 8 Girl-E
Mahum Moon light 2 Girl-E
Maida Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Maira Beloved; Favorable; Admirable; Marvellous 6 Girl-E
Mais Proud 6 Girl-E
Maisa Walking with pride; Swinging gait; Pretty 7 Girl-E
Maisaa Walking with pride; Swinging gait; Pretty 8 Girl-E
Maisha Walking with pride; Swinging gait; Pretty 6 Girl-E
Maitreyi A learned woman of the past; Friendly 1 Girl-E
Maitri Goodwill; Friendship; Kindness 7 Girl-E
Maitry Good will; Friendship; Kindness 5 Girl-E
Maizah Discerning 4 Girl-E
Majda Glory; Honor; Nobility 11 Girl-E
Majha Name of a sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr 6 Girl-E
Majida Glorious; Praiseworthy 2 Girl-E
Maladh Protection; Shelter 3 Girl-E
Malaha Beauty; Grace; Elegance 9 Girl-E
Malak Angel 11 Girl-E
Maliha Strong; Beautiful; Salty or graceful or brownish color; Pleasant; Clever; Quick-witted 8 Girl-E
Malika Daughter; Queen; Owner; A garland; Jasmine; Intoxicating drink 2 Girl-E
Malina Dark 5 Girl-E
Malini Fragrant; Jasmine; Gardener; Another name for Goddess Durga's and the Ganges; A garland maker; Wearing a garland 4 Girl-E
Mallika Jasmine; Garland; Queen; Daughter 5 Girl-E
Manaal Attainment; Achievement; A bird 6 Girl-E
Manaar Guiding light; Light house 3 Girl-E
Manab Deputyship; Share 4 Girl-E
Manali A bird 5 Girl-E
Manana Meditation 8 Girl-E
Manar Guiding light; Light house 2 Girl-E
Manara Fem of Manar: light-house 3 Girl-E
Manasa Conceived in the mind; Intellect; Mind; Heart; Born in the mind 4 Girl-E
Manasavi Good-minded; Intelligent 8 Girl-E
Manavi Girl with humanity; One who poses all the best qualities 6 Girl-E
Mandal Fragrant wood 9 Girl-E
Manha Gift of Allah 1 Girl-E
Manini Lady; Nobel; Women; Self-respected 6 Girl-E
Manvi Girl with humanity, One who possesses all the best qualities 5 Girl-E
Manvita Most respectable 8 Girl-E
Manya The quiet one; Worthy of honor; Respected; Honourable 9 Girl-E
Maraam Wish; Desire; Aspiration 2 Girl-E
Marab Wish; Desire; Purpose; Use 8 Girl-E
Marah Happiness; Joy 5 Girl-E
Margi Traveler 3 Girl-E
Margshi 3 Girl-E
Maria Beloved; Beautiful; One of the wives of the prophet Muhammad (Pbuh); Purity 6 Girl-E
Mariam Beautiful women; Flower; Beloved 1 Girl-E
Marib Wish 7 Girl-E
Mariha Joyful; Cheerful 5 Girl-E
Marisa Of the sea; Bitterness 7 Girl-E
Mariya Beloved; Beautiful; One of the wives of the prophet Muhammad (Pbuh); Purity 4 Girl-E
Marvi Beauty redefined 9 Girl-E
Marwa Fragrant plant; Al Marwa is one of the hills in city Mecca 2 Girl-E
Maryum Mother of Isa AS 1 Girl-E
Mas For Almas; Diamond 6 Girl-E
Mashel Light 22 Girl-E
Mashia Wish; Desire; Will of (Allah) 6 Girl-E
Masira Doing good deeds 7 Girl-E
Masoon Safeguarded; Well-protected 5 Girl-E
Matina Strong; Solid 22 Girl-E
Mauli Name of Lord Shiva; Crown of hair 2 Girl-E
Maulika The original; Love 5 Girl-E
Maulisha Very Talented 3 Girl-E
Mausam Season 5 Girl-E
Mawar Rose 2 Girl-E
Mawara Superior 3 Girl-E
May The fifth month of the english year; Old Arabic name; Illusion; Architect 3 Girl-E
Mayeda The fruits of heaven; The cloth on which you eat in heaven; The Surah Mayeda in the Quran 22 Girl-E
Mayil Full of grace; Like a peacock 6 Girl-E
Maysa Walking with pride; To walk with a swinging gait 5 Girl-E
Maysaa Walking with pride; To walk with a swinging gait 6 Girl-E
Mazida Glorious; Praiseworthy 9 Girl-E
Mazin Proper name; Cloud that carries rain 9 Girl-E
Medina A holy city of Saudi Arabia 1 Girl-E
Meem The Arabic letter M, Mim 9 Girl-E
Meenal A precious gem; Stone 5 Girl-E
Meera A devotee of Lord Krishna; Ocean; Boundary; Poetess 6 Girl-E