Top Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With B

87 Indian Girl Names Starting With 'B' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Badai Wonder; Marvel 8 Girl
Badia Unprecedented; Admirable; Unique 8 Girl
Badiha Insight; Perceptive faculty 7 Girl
Badr Full Moon 7 Unisex
Badra Full Moon 8 Girl
Badrai Name of Fairy in a Famous Fairy Tale Saiful Malook O Badri Jamala Shaperal 8 Girl
Bahaa Beautiful; Magnificent; Shining 4 Girl
Bahar Spring; Blossom 3 Girl
Bahia Nice 3 Girl
Bahij Cheerful 3 Unisex
Bahija Glad; Happy; Joyful; Delight; Magnificent; Splendid 22 Girl
Bahira Dazzling; Brilliant; Noble lady 7 Girl
Bahiya Nice; Beautiful; Radiant 1 Girl
Bahja Happiness 4 Girl
Baiza White; Bright; Brilliant 3 Girl
Bajila Honored; Dignified; Highly 8 Girl
Bakht Luck; Fortune 6 Unisex
Bakura Coming early 9 Girl
Ban A kind of tree 8 Girl
Banan Finger tips 5 Girl
Banhi Fire 7 Girl
Bani Earth; Goddess Saraswati; Maiden 8 Girl
Banou Lady 8 Girl
Banu Lady 11 Girl
Baraa Excelling 5 Girl
Baraah Innocence 22 Girl
Baraha Glowing skin 22 Girl
Baraim Blossom; Bud 8 Girl
Barat Innocence; Guiltlessness 6 Girl
Bareea Innocent; Blameless; Excelling; Originator 5 Girl
Baria Innocent; Blameless; Excelling; Originator 22 Girl
Bariah Excelling 3 Girl
Basila Brave; Fearless; Intrepid 8 Girl
Basili Courageous 7 Girl
Basima Smiling 9 Girl
Basira Sagacious 5 Girl
Basma Smile 9 Girl
Basoos Noble; Royal 8 Girl
Batina Hidden; Inner 2 Girl
Batool Ascetic virgin, A true devotee woman of Allah; Immaculate 2 Girl
Batul Ascetic virgin, A true devotee woman of Allah; Immaculate 11 Girl
Bayan Another name of holy Quran 7 Unisex
Bazala A generous woman; Honored; Venerated 7 Girl
Baziriya One who sows seeds 1 Girl
Bazla Reward; Generous 6 Girl
Begum The honorific title; Queen 3 Girl
Bela Sacred wood Apple tree; Time; Creeper; A vine; The Jasmine creeper 11 Girl
Belli Silver in Kannada and Tamil; Silver; A companion 22 Girl
Bhajat Splendor; Magnificence 6 Girl
Bhakti Devotion; Prayer 6 Girl
Bhanvi Sunrays 11 Girl
Bharavi Radiant Sun 7 Girl
Bhargvi Durav grass 4 Girl
Bharvi Holy Basil plant 6 Girl
Bhaumi Goddess Sita, Produced from the Earth, An epithet of Seeta 9 Girl
Bhavana Affection; Feeling; Imagination; Direct knowledge; Sentiment; Emotion; Reflection; Meditation; Contemplation; Mental perception; Proof 22 Girl
Bhavani Goddess Parvati, Consort of Bhava, i.e. Parvati, Name of a Goddess of Shakti cult; Name of a river; Name of the sword given to Shivaji by the Goddess Bhavani 3 Girl
Bhavanya Goddess Durga; Meditation; Concentration 11 Girl
Bhavati A Raagini 9 Girl
Bhavi Emotional 6 Girl
Bhavini Emotional; The beautiful woman eminent; Emotional; Caring; Noble; Beautiful 11 Girl
Bhavy Grand; Goddess Parvati; Splendid 22 Girl
Bhavya Grand; Splendid; Virtuous; Composed; Another name for Goddess Parvati; Beautiful; Brilliant 5 Unisex
Bhini Humid 6 Girl
Bhumi Earth; Base; Introduction 8 Girl
Bhumika Earth; Base 11 Girl
Bhupali Name of a raga; A Raagini in Indian music 6 Girl
Bhuvi Heaven 8 Girl
Bhuvika Heaven 11 Girl
Bibi Lady of rank; and honorific 22 Girl
Binal Musical instrument 2 Girl
Binesh Godly; Pious 3 Girl
Binish Vision; Sight; The faculty of seeing; Clever; Intelligent 7 Girl
Birajini Brilliant; Queen 9 Girl
Bisar Adolescent 22 Girl
Bita Unique 5 Girl
Brahmi Sacred; Holy; A kind of plant 6 Girl
Brija Seed 22 Girl
Brijal Varient of Vrijal; Derived from Braj 7 Girl
Brinda Tulsi (Basil) or Goddess Radha; Popular; Accompanied by many; The holy Tulsi plant 3 Girl
Brisha Beloved 3 Girl
Brishti Rain 4 Girl
Briti Strength 4 Girl
Budur Full Moon 3 Girl
Burum Bud; Blossom 3 Girl
Bushra Good omen 6 Girl
Busr Joy; Happiness; Unripe dates 6 Unisex