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Top Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With H

202 Indian Girl Names Starting With 'H' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Haajar Prophet Ismail's mother 3 Girl
Haala Aureole; Halos around the Moon 5 Girl
Haan Sun 6 Unisex
Haarshini Cheerful; Happy 6 Girl
Haasita Happy or full of laughter; Always smiling; Delightful 5 Girl
Habi Picture 2 Girl
Habiba Beloved 5 Girl
Haboos Kind and noble lady 6 Girl
Hadaya Gifts; Presents; 22 Unisex
Hadeel The cooing of a Pigeon; Voice of a Dove 8 Girl
Hadil The cooing of a Pigeon; Voice of a Dove 7 Girl
Hadiya Guide to righteousness; Gift 3 Girl
Haeda A woman who repents a lot 1 Girl
Hafa Gentle rain 7 Girl
Hafiza Protected 6 Girl
Hafsa little lioness 8 Girl
Hafza Brooding hen 6 Girl
Haida Heart 5 Girl
Haifa Slender; Of beautiful body 7 Girl
Haima Goddess Parvati; Snow; Made of gold; Another name for the river Ganges; An Apsara or celestial nymph 5 Girl
Haimi Golden 4 Girl
Haiqa Right; Truly; Obedient of God 9 Girl
Haith Who wants good for every one; Lovable 1 Girl
Haiya Heart 8 Girl
Haiza Royalty 9 Girl
Hajar Prophet ismails mother 2 Girl
Hajira Joy; Love; Beauty; Intelligent; Wise 11 Girl
Hajna Hungarian form of English Hannah, HAJNA means "favor, grace." 7 Girl
Hajra Bossy 2 Girl
Hakima Wise; Ruler; Queen 7 Girl
Hala Aureole; Halos around the Moon 4 Girl
Halah Aureole 3 Girl
Haleh Halo 7 Girl
Halia Aware; Knowing 22 Girl
Halima Gentle; Patient 8 Girl
Hamama Bearer 1 Girl
Hamas Enthusiasm 6 Unisex
Hamida Praiseworthy; Praiser of Allah 9 Girl
Hamima Close friend 9 Girl
Hamna Blessed Sparrow of heaven 1 Girl
Hamra Red 5 Girl
Hamsa Swan 6 Girl
Hamsika Goddess Saraswati; The one who has a swan as her vehicle 8 Girl
Hana Happiness 6 Girl
Hanadi Lovely smell; Beautiful face 1 Girl
Hanan Mercy 2 Girl
Haneesha Beautiful night 7 Girl
Hanfa Name of the an of Sayyidina Ismail 3 Girl
Hania Happy; Delighted 6 Girl
Haniah Pleasant; Agreeable 5 Girl
Hanifa A true believer; Pure Muslim 3 Girl
Hanika Swan 8 Girl
Hanima A wave 1 Girl
Hanin Yearning; Desire 1 Unisex
Hanisha Beautiful night 6 Girl
Hanishi Swan 5 Girl
Haniya Pleased; Happy 4 Girl
Hanna Compassion; Sympathy; Pity 2 Girl
Hanoon Compassionate; Merciful 4 Girl
Hansini Swan 11 Girl
Hardini Near of heart 9 Girl
Hareem Respectable 5 Unisex
Hareer Silk; Silken cloth 1 Girl
Harini Deer; Goddess Lakshmi 5 Girl
Harir Silk, Silken cloth Ibn al-s 9 Unisex
Harisa Cultivator; Lioness; Happiness 11 Girl
Harisha Cultivator; Lioness; Happiness 1 Girl
Harita Green; Gold 3 Girl
Hariti Green; Name of a Goddess 11 Girl
Harleen Absorbed in God 9 Girl
Harmya Palace 3 Girl
Harshala Happiness; Delighted 5 Girl
Harshali Anand (Happiness) 4 Girl
Harshashri Happiness 1 Girl
Harshi Joyous 9 Girl
Harshni Joyful 5 Girl
Haruni A deer 8 Girl
Hasana Good deed; Kind act; Favor 8 Girl
Haseeba Highborn; Respected; Noble 5 Girl
Haseen Beautiful; Handsome 7 Girl
Hashini Pleasant; Wonderful; Happy or full of laughter; An Apsara or celestial nymph 5 Girl
Hashna Pretty or beautiful or laughing 6 Girl
Hasiba Highborn; Respected; Noble 22 Girl
Hasifa Judicious; Wise; Prudent 8 Girl
Hasmita Popularity 8 Girl
Hasna Pretty; Beautiful; Laughing 7 Girl
Hatima Generous 7 Girl
Havisa Goddess Lakshmi; Sanctuary; Safe harbor; God Lakshmi 6 Girl
Hawiya Dominant 4 Girl
Hawla Intelligent 9 Girl
Hawra Having eyes with a marked contrast of black and white 6 Girl
Hawwa Eve 2 Girl
Haya Modesty 8 Girl
Hayaam Deliriously in Love 22 Girl
Hayah Life 7 Girl
Hayam Deliriously in Love 3 Girl
Hayat Life 1 Girl
Hayed Movement; Motion 7 Girl
Hayud A mountain 5 Girl
Hazar Attention; Ready 9 Unisex