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Top Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With J

226 Indian Boy Names Starting With 'J' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Jaabir Consoler; Comforter; The person who have religious 5 Boy
Jaafar Rivulet; River; Stream; Little creek 1 Boy
Jaah Respect; Rank 11 Boy
Jaamil Beautiful 1 Boy
Jabal Mountain; Ibn Yazid 8 Boy
Jaban Soft hearted; Tenderness of 1 Boy
Jabez God will increase your boundary 8 Boy
Jabir Consoler; Comforter 22 Boy
Jaboor Strong 7 Boy
Jabr Compulsion; Name of a companion 4 Boy
Jad Curly; Frizzled 6 Boy
Jadirah Nature 6 Boy
Jafar Rivulet; River; Stream; Little creek 9 Boy
Jafri Yellow flower 8 Boy
Jagan Universe; World 6 Boy
Jagesh Lord of the world 5 Boy
Jagrav Alert; Awake; Watchful; Sun, another name for Agni 5 Boy
Jagravi Alert; Awake; Watchful; King 5 Boy
Jah Respect; Rank 1 Boy
Jahaan The world 8 Boy
Jahan The world 7 Boy
Jaheer Bright; Shining; Sparkling; Luminous; Visible; Distinct 11 Boy
Jahi Bright; Shining; Dignified 1 Boy
Jahid Abstemious; Ascetic; Saintly; Diligent; Hardworking 5 Boy
Jahidah Abstinent; Helps the vulnerable 5 Boy
Jahiz Ogle eyed 9 Boy
Jahizah Ready 9 Boy
Jahm Sullen 5 Boy
Jahnav Hindu rishi who kept Ganga on his legs 2 Boy
Jahsh Companion of prophet Muhammad 1 Boy
Jai Conqueror; Victory; The Sun; Conquest; Victorious 11 Boy
Jaiden A variant of Jaydev (Lord of triumph 7 Boy
Jaidev God of victory 6 Boy
Jaikrish The victory of Lord Krishna 4 Boy
Jailesh Lord of water 1 Boy
Jaimesh Good Man 11 Boy
Jaimil Beloved girl 9 Boy
Jaimin Victory or ancient philosopher; One who has control over his heart and mind 11 Boy
Jaimini An ancient philosopher 11 Boy
Jaimol Beloved girl 6 Unisex
Jain Good character 7 Boy
Jainam Victorious 3 Boy
Jainand Joy of Victory 8 Boy
Jaineel Victorious God Swami Narayan; Victory of blue; Victory over gems 11 Boy
Jainesh Lord Ganesh; Name of God 3 Boy
Jainil Victorious God Swami Narayan; Victory of blue; Victory over gems 1 Boy
Jainish Lord of Jain 7 Boy
Jaipal King; Lord Vishnu; Lord Brahma 22 Boy
Jaisal Famous folk 7 Boy
Jaisan Variant of jason 9 Boy
Jaish Excellent; Of high quality 2 Boy
Jaisheel Victorious 6 Boy
Jaishna Clarity 8 Boy
Jaival Life giving; Full of life 1 Boy
Jaivant Victory; Victorious 5 Boy
Jaivik Pure & divine 8 Boy
Jaksh Lord Kuber 4 Boy
Jal Water 5 Boy
Jalaal The glory of the faith 1 Boy
Jalal Glory of the faith 9 Boy
Jalbir 7 Boy
Jaleb Attainer 3 Boy
Jaleed Powerful; Patient 1 Boy
Jalees A companion; Chum 7 Boy
Jalesh Lord of water 1 Boy
Jalil Great; Revered 8 Boy
Jalis A companion; Chum 6 Boy
Jalp Discussion 3 Boy
Jalpan To eat; Drink something 9 Boy
Jalut Goliath 1 Boy
Jamaal Beauty 11 Boy
Jamal Beauty 1 Boy
Jameel Name of Lord Murugan; Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Education); Purifying; Fire 1 Unisex
Jami Helper; Supporter; Beautiful 6 Unisex
Jamil Beautiful 9 Boy
Jamuh Defiant 8 Boy
Jan Beloved; Life; Sing 7 Boy
Janan Heart or soul; Paradise; Heaven 4 Unisex
Janav Defender of men; Protecting men 3 Boy
Janeesh Lord of men leader; Master of men 8 Boy
Janesh Lord of men leader; Master of men 3 Boy
Janis Lord of men leader; Master of men 8 Boy
Janith Born 8 Boy
Jankesh Lord of his subjects 5 Boy
Janmesh The king of his Kundli 7 Boy
Janmeya The New Born 6 Boy
Janu Soul; Life force; Birthplace 1 Boy
Janya Life; Born; Lovable; Father; Friend 6 Unisex
Jap To make melodic sounds; Chanting 9 Boy
Japan Chanting prayers; Recitation 6 Boy
Japesh Lord of chants, Lord Shiva 5 Boy
Japtesh 7 Boy
Jaraah Surgeon; Name of Tabaree 3 Boy
Jaram One in thousand 7 Boy
Jareed Hawk; Messenger; Herald 7 Boy
Jareem Praising 7 Boy
Jareer Corpulent; One who can pull; Name of a famous Arab poet 3 Boy
Jari Powerful; Brave 2 Boy
Jarir Corpulent; One who can pull; Name of a famous Arab poet 11 Boy
Jariya Beauty and light 1 Boy