Top Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With E

44 Indian Boy Names Starting With 'E' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Eashan Lord Shiva; Sovereign; A Rudra; Name of Sun 3 Boy
Eashav Special; Gifted 2 Boy
Ebi Paternal 7 Boy
Edhas Happiness; Sacred Fuel 1 Boy
Edi A herb; Healer 9 Boy
Eeren Lovable 11 Boy
Eeshan Lord Shiva; The Sun; Vishnu; Agni and Surya; Ruler; Generous; Causing prosperity 7 Boy
Eha Lord Vishnu; In this place; Here; Now; At this time 5 Boy
Ehan Expected 1 Boy
Eihab To give freely; To endow someone with a gift 7 Boy
Eiham Fantasy 9 Boy
Eiiad The memory of the tribe 1 Boy
Eileen Champion; Lovable 5 Boy
Eilman Banner of the tribe 9 Boy
Eilqar Promise 8 Boy
Eilshan Ruler 5 Boy
Eimam Chief 5 Boy
Eithar To love another person 7 Boy
Ejaz Miracle; Wondrous nature 6 Boy
Ekagra Focused 7 Boy
Ekaksh One eyed; Lord Shiva 1 Boy
Ekaksha One-eyed; Lord Shiva 2 Boy
Ekakshara He of the single syllable; A name of Lord Ganesh 3 Boy
Ekalavya Renowned for his devotion to his Guru 6 Boy
Ekaling Name of Lord Shiva 5 Boy
Ekambar Sky 6 Boy
Ekana Lord Vishnu 5 Boy
Ekansh Whole; One; Complete 22 Boy
Ekant Solitary 6 Boy
Eliar A friend of the people 9 Boy
Elil Handsome 2 Boy
Emaan Faith; Creed; Honesty; Belief; Truth honesty 7 Boy
Emad Confidence 5 Boy
Emon Ill starred 2 Boy
Enam Fountain; Open place 6 Boy
Erish To cherish; To hold dear 5 Boy
Esh God; Lord Vishnu; Divine; Master of the universe; Ruler; Virile; Pious; Compelling virile; Fast; Avestan wish 5 Boy
Eshaan Lord Shiva; Lord Sun or north-east direction; Desiring and wishing; Impulse; Aim 3 Boy
Eshan Lord Shiva; Lord Sun or north-east direction; Desiring and wishing; Impulse; Aim 2 Boy
Eshar Blessed; Prosperous 6 Boy
Etash Brilliant; Luminous 8 Boy
Etibar Belief; Faith; Trust 1 Boy
Evaraj To shine as bright as the Sun 3 Boy
Evyavan Lord Vishnu; An epithet of Vishnu; Going quickly; Granting desire on one object 9 Boy