Sanskrit Baby Girl Names Starting With V

171 Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With 'V' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Vyushti The first light of dawn; Elegance; Beauty; Praise; Wealth 7 Girl-E
Vyoma Who lives in the Sky; Bird 22 Girl-E
Vyasti Achievement; Success; Individuality 6 Girl-E
Vyaapti Achievement; Omnipresence; Permeation 4 Girl-E
Vurna Selected 22 Girl-E
Vrunda Basil; Goddess Radha; Holy; Many; All; A chorus of singers; Tulsi or sacred Basil 8 Girl-E
Vrishti Rain 6 Girl-E
Vrishabha Strong; Best; Excellent; Illustrious 7 Girl-E
Vrinda Basil; Goddess Radha; Holy; Many; All; A chorus of singers; Tulsi or sacred Basil 5 Girl-E
Vivita Polite; Modest; Educated; Beautiful 11 Girl-E
Viviktha Distinguished; Pure; Deep; Logically intelligent 3 Girl-E
Vivikta Distinguished; Pure; Deep; Logically intelligent 4 Girl-E
Viveka Proper knowledge; Discernment; Reaspm 7 Girl-E
Vittalapriya Goddess Lakshmi; Name of a raga 1 Girl-E
Vita Desire 7 Girl-E
Visoka Happy; Without grief; Free of sorrow 5 Girl-E
Vismitha Wonderment; Amazement; Wondering 11 Girl-E
Vismaya Amazing 9 Girl-E
Vishweshwari Goddess Durga, Goddess of the Universe 11 Girl-E
Vishwambhari Name of a Raga 7 Girl-E
Vishwambhara The Goddess who supports the universe 8 Girl-E
Vishwa A world; A group of shells 1 Girl-E
Vishvachi Universal; An Apsara or celestial 11 Girl-E
Vishuddhi Purity; Knowledge; Genuineness; Holiness 5 Girl-E
Vishruti Fame 9 Girl-E
Vishoka Happy; Without grief; Free of sorrow 4 Girl-E
Vishnupriya Goddess Lakshmi, The beloved of Vishnu 9 Girl-E
Vishnupatni Consort of Lord Vishnu 9 Girl-E
Vishnupadi The river Ganga 6 Girl-E
Vishika Lamp; Stars 7 Girl-E
Visharada Name of a Raga 11 Girl-E
Vishalakshi Large eyed 11 Girl-E
Vishala Wide; Spacious; Substantial; Important; An Apsara or celestial 9 Girl-E
Vishakha Star; With many branches; A Nakshatra or constellation 7 Girl-E
Visalakshi Goddess Durga, Epithet of Parvati, Name of a daughter of Shandilya; Large eyed; Name of the deity worshipped at Banaras 3 Girl-E
Virupa Shapely; Diverse; Changed 6 Girl-E
Viruja Healthy 9 Girl-E
Virochana Brilliant; Illuminating 1 Girl-E
Virikta Cleansed; Purified 9 Girl-E
Virala Priceless; Precious 9 Girl-E
Virajini Brilliant; Queen 11 Girl-E
Viraja Pure 7 Girl-E
Vira Brave; Heroic; Wise; Pahlavi 5 Girl-E
Vipula Plenty; Substantial; Plentiful 9 Girl-E
Vipsa Succession; Repetition 22 Girl-E
Vipasha A river; Limitless; A river now known as the Beas 4 Girl-E
Vipanchika Lute 4 Girl-E
Vipa Speech 3 Girl-E
Vinyasa A yogic posture 1 Girl-E
Vinodini Joyful girl 6 Girl-E
Viniti Modesty; Education; Manners 11 Girl-E
Vinisha Knowledge 1 Girl-E
Vineetha Humble; Unassuming; Obedience; Knowledge; Venus; Requester 3 Girl-E
Vindhya Knowledge 11 Girl-E
Vinayika Consort of Garuda 11 Girl-E
Vinaya Modest; Restrained; Decent 9 Girl-E
Vinathi Prayer; Request; Humility 11 Girl-E
Vimala Pure; Clean; Holy; White; Bright 22 Girl-E
Vilasini Playful or one who gives pleasure; Brilliant; Active; Playful; Pleasant; Beautiful; Another name for Lakshmi 5 Girl-E
Viksha Vision; Knowledge; Intelligence 7 Girl-E
Vikranti Bravery; Power; Ability 5 Girl-E
Vikashini Brilliant 3 Girl-E
Vijaynti Winning; Success 11 Girl-E
Vijayanthi Winning; Success 11 Girl-E
Vijaya Lakshmi Goddess of victory 6 Girl-E
Vijaya Victorious 5 Girl-E
Vidya Knowledge; Learning 7 Girl-E
Vidurya The cats-eye gem 1 Girl-E
Vidhya Knowledge; Learning 6 Girl-E
Vidhi Goddess of destiny 7 Girl-E
Videha Bodiless 4 Girl-E
Vibhavari Starry night 11 Girl-E
Vibhava Friend; Dignity 11 Girl-E
Vibha Night; The Moon; Beauty; Ray of light; Brilliance 6 Girl-E
Vena Desire; To move; Discern; To play on an instrument 6 Girl-E
Vegini Rapid; A river 3 Girl-E
Vegavahini Name of a Raga 8 Girl-E
Veenavadini Name of a Raga 7 Girl-E
Veenapani Goddess Saraswati; The one who bears the Veena 6 Girl-E
Veenadhari Goddess Saraswati; The one who bears the Veena 6 Girl-E
Veena Musical instrument; Lightning; Lute 2 Girl-E
Vedini Sensitive; Knowledgeable 9 Girl-E
Vedika Full of knowledge; Altar; A river in India; Consciousness; An Apsara or celestial 7 Girl-E
Vedhya Celebrated; Knowledge; What is to be known; Famous 11 Girl-E
Vedhika Full of knowledge; Altar; A river in India; Consciousness; An Apsara or celestial 6 Girl-E
Vedavedya Goddess Durga, She who can be understood by Vedas 8 Girl-E
Vedavathi Knowledge; Wisdom 11 Girl-E
Vedaswaroopi Name of a Raga 4 Girl-E
Vedanti Knower of the Vedas; Knowledgeable about the Vedas; Theologian 3 Girl-E
Vedanshi A part of Veda 1 Girl-E
Vayuna Agile; Living; Knowledge; Aim 3 Girl-E
Vaya Child; Branch; Energy; Power 4 Girl-E
Vatya Storm; Hurricane 6 Girl-E
Vatsha Son; Calf; Daughter; Breast; Girl; Child; Beloved 8 Girl-E
Vatsala Affectionate; Gentle 4 Girl-E
Vasvi The divine night 1 Girl-E
Vasushri Divine grace 9 Girl-E
Vasundhara The earth 1 Girl-E
Vasumathi Golden Moon; Apsara of unequalled splendor 6 Girl-E
Vasumatha Wealth 7 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 171
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Popular Sanskrit Girl names beginning with V

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Sanskrit Girl names beginning with V will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Sanskrit names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.