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130 Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With 'R' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Raaga Belongs to music terms; Melody; Bringing to life; Emotion; Beauty; Passionate; Desire; A form of Indian classical music 1 Girl-E
Rachana Creation; Construction; Arrangement 1 Girl-E
Ragavarshini One who showers Ragas 1 Girl-E
Rajakanya Kind of flower 1 Girl-E
Ranju Light of victory 1 Girl-E
Rashi The sign of the zodiac; Collection 1 Girl-E
Rasya With essence; Sentimental; Full of feelings; Juicy 1 Girl-E
Ratnalekha Splendor of jewels 1 Girl-E
Ratnaprabha Radiation from the diamonds; Lustrous Jewel 1 Girl-E
Reva River; A star; Agile; Quick; Another name for Kaali and the river Narmada 1 Girl-E
Risha Feather; Line; Saintly 1 Girl-E
Rohini A star; A cow; Ascending; Tall; Indian steel 1 Girl-E
Roop Goddess Durga; A kind of bird, commonly called Mainaa; A bow or stick used for playing any stringed instrument; Name of the Tutelary Goddess of Shaareetaka, same as Saarikaa 1 Girl-E
Royina Ascending; Growing 1 Girl-E
Rudraroopa Goddess Durga, Rudra - terrible, Roopa - appearance 1 Girl-E
Rukma Golden 1 Girl-E
Ranva Pleasant; Happy; Lovely 2 Girl-E
Rujula Who endows wealth; Goddess Lakshmi; Soft 2 Girl-E
Raadhana Speech 3 Girl-E
Rajkumari Princess 3 Girl-E
Ramakali Name of a Raga 3 Girl-E
Ramana Enchanting 3 Girl-E
Ramapriya Name of a Raga 3 Girl-E
Ranjini Delightful; One who entertains others; One who brings Joy to others; Fun; Pleasant and charming 3 Girl-E
Rati Consort of Cupid (Kamdev); Love; Pleasure; Desire; An Apsara or celestial 3 Girl-E
Ratnangi Jewel bodied 3 Girl-E
Raveena Sunny; Bright; Fair 3 Girl-E
Reeti Method; Wealth; Protection; Conduct; Auspiciousness; Memory; Well being 3 Girl-E
Rejani Night 3 Girl-E
Ridhi Good fortune; Prosperity; Wealth; Success; Superiority; Supernatural power 3 Girl-E
Rishabha Excellent 3 Girl-E
Rishika Silken; Saintly; Pious; Learned 3 Girl-E
Rita Pearl; Way of life; Empty; Precious; Honoured 3 Girl-E
Rohana Sandalwood 3 Girl-E
Romasha Consort of king Bhavayavya 3 Girl-E
Roopeshwari Goddess of beauty 3 Girl-E
Ruha Grown; Ascended 3 Girl-E
Ragajanani Goddess Durga; Musical related name and heart 4 Girl-E
Ragavardhini Name of a Raga 4 Girl-E
Ragini A melody; Music; Love; An Apsara or celestial nymph; A form of Indian classical music; Another name for Lakshmi 4 Girl-E
Raja Lakshmi Goddess Lakshmi, Radiant Lakshmi 4 Girl-E
Rajalakshmi Goddess Lakshmi, Radiant Lakshmi 4 Girl-E
Rajashree Royalty 4 Girl-E
Rajeshwari Goddess Parvati; Goddess of Kings; Princess 4 Girl-E
Rajnandini Princess 4 Girl-E
Ranvita Happy; Joyous 4 Girl-E
Rasluni Rope; Ray of light 4 Girl-E
Rishvi Female saint 4 Girl-E
Risluna Lustrous; Moonbeam 4 Girl-E
Raadhi Achievement; Perfection; Success 5 Girl-E
Radha Wealth; Success; Lightning; Lord Krishna's Love; Intellectual energy; Prosperity; Inspiration 5 Girl-E
Rajanandini Princess 5 Girl-E
Rajatha Silver 5 Girl-E
Rakshaa Protection 5 Girl-E
Rakshitha Who protect 5 Girl-E
Ranamita A friend in need 5 Girl-E
Ranjana Delightful; One who entertains others; One who brings Joy to others; Fun; Pleasant and charming 5 Girl-E
Rashmi Light; A ray of light 5 Girl-E
Rasika Protector of all Gods; Connoisseur; Discerning; Elegant; Beautiful; Passionate 5 Girl-E
Rigvedita One who possesses the knowledge of Rigveda; Knowledge of Gods 5 Girl-E
Ritu Season; Period 5 Girl-E
Ruchi Hobby; Luster; Beauty; Taste; Desire; Joy; Brilliance; An Apsara or celestial nymph 5 Girl-E
Rudrapriya Goddess Durga, Dear to Rudra, Goddess Parvati 5 Girl-E
Rukmini Goddess Laxmi; Consort of Lord Krishna 5 Girl-E
Raadha Wealth; Success; Lightning; Lord Krishna's Love; Intellectual energy; Prosperity; Inspiration 6 Girl-E
Ragavathi Passionate 6 Girl-E
Ragavinodini Name of a Raga 6 Girl-E
Rajasuya Lotus flower 6 Girl-E
Rakshika Protector 6 Girl-E
Rama Goddess Lakshmi; A wife; The Goddess of fortune; Good luck; Riches; Splendor; VermilLion; Red Earth; Name of An Apsara; Epithet of Mahalakshmi; A woman 6 Girl-E
Rani Queen 6 Girl-E
Ratika Satisfied; Love; Attachment or pleasure; Happy 6 Girl-E
Ratnajyothi Light from a Jewel; Lustrous Jewel 6 Girl-E
Ratnapriya Lover of Jewels; Adorned 6 Girl-E
Ratnavathi Earth 6 Girl-E
Reetika Joy; Of a truth; Generous; A small flowing river or stream; Truthful 6 Girl-E
Rishipriya Name of a Raga 6 Girl-E
Ritvi Right guidance; Happy; Scholar; Lady Indian priest who fullfill particularly completing the Vedic haven 6 Girl-E
Rochana Red Lotus; Bright; Goddess Parvati; Light; Brilliant; Attractive; Blossom 6 Girl-E
Ruchira Beautiful; Pleasant; Brilliant 6 Girl-E
Rushati Fair skinned 6 Girl-E
Radhika Goddess Radha; Successful; The beloved of Lord Krishna; Wealthy 7 Girl-E
Raghupriya Name of a Raga 7 Girl-E
Rajanigandha A flower 7 Girl-E
Rambha A celestial dancer; Lovable; Pleasing; Pleasant; Support; An Apsara 7 Girl-E
Rameshwari Goddess Parvati; The consort of Ram the God 7 Girl-E
Ramitha Pleasing; Loved; Happy 7 Girl-E
Rangati Lovable; Passionate; A musical raag 7 Girl-E
Rangita Happy; Charmed 7 Girl-E
Rekha Line 7 Girl-E
Renuka The mother of Parasurma; The sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu; Born of dust 7 Girl-E
Roonhi God's obligation; Gift 7 Girl-E
Rukhmambari Name of a Raga 7 Girl-E
Ragii Loving; Very much attached 8 Girl-E
Rakini Goddess Durga; Night; Name of a Tantra Goddess 8 Girl-E
Rasna The tongue; Relishing; Taste 8 Girl-E
Riya Rich or from Hadria; Gem; Goddess Lakshmi; Graceful; Singer 8 Girl-E
Rohati To grow 8 Girl-E
Roopavathi Beautiful 8 Girl-E
Ruchika Shining; Beautiful; Desirous; Brilliance; Attractive 8 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 130
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Popular Sanskrit Girl names beginning with R

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