Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Starting With V

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Vaaridhar Cloud 1 Boy-E
Vachaspati Lord of speech 1 Boy-E
Vaivaswatha Seventh Manu 1 Boy-E
Vakshu Refreshing; The Oxus river 1 Boy-E
Vamsi Flute of Lord Krishna 1 Boy-E
Vandin One who praise and honours; Bard; A class of poets and scholars who sing songs of praise in the royal courts 1 Boy-E
Vansh Cane; Bamboo; Backbone; Lineage; Coming generation of father 1 Boy-E
Vardhit Increased; Developed 1 Boy-E
Vasdev Father of Krishna 1 Boy-E
Vashin Authoritative; Lord; Independent; In control of own passions; Resident of the Vindhyas 1 Boy-E
Vedansh Part of Veda 1 Boy-E
Veeresh Brave Lord; The king of all warriors, King of all heroes 1 Boy-E
Venkat Lord Vishnu; Lord Krishna; Existing; Natural; Divine 1 Boy-E
Vibhav Friend, One who look after and take care of the whole universe, Another name of Lord Vishnu, Glorious; Power; Riches; Property; Omnipresence; Magnanimity 1 Boy-E
Vidhu Lord Vishnu; Intelligent 1 Boy-E
Vidit Lord Indra; A learned Man; Sage; Known; Agreed 1 Boy-E
Vidyuth A flash of lightening; Brilliant 1 Boy-E
Vihaan Morning; Dawn 1 Boy-E
Vikal Twilight; Evening; Close of the day 1 Boy-E
Vimb A ray of the Sun; Brilliant; Shining 1 Boy-E
Vinod Happy; Full of joy; Play; Fun; Joke; Humour 1 Boy-E
Visesh Particular 1 Boy-E
Visharad Lord Shiva; Learned; Wise; Skilful; Famous; Confident; Bold; Name of Shiva 1 Boy-E
Vishwahetu Lord Vishnu; Cause of the universe 1 Boy-E
Vivas Dawning; Exile; Bright; Motionless; Unrestrained; Independent 1 Boy-E
Vandan Salutation; Worship; Praise 2 Boy-E
Vapun God; Knnowledge; Formless 2 Boy-E
Vasuki A famous snake in Hindu mythology 2 Boy-E
Vasupal King 2 Boy-E
Viaan Full of life and energy; Alive or lively 2 Boy-E
Vidu Lord Vishnu; Intelligent 2 Boy-E
Vikam Free from attachment and desire 2 Boy-E
Viswa The world; A group of shells 2 Boy-E
Vittak Celebrated; Prosperous 2 Boy-E
Vaayun God; Lively; Moving; Active; Alive; Clear 3 Boy-E
Vaidat Knowledgable 3 Boy-E
Vaidyanathan Master of medicines; The king of medicine; Lord of physicians 3 Boy-E
Vaidyut Brilliant 3 Boy-E
Vanaj Lotus; Natural; Born of the forest; Born of the water 3 Boy-E
Vanas Loveliness; Handsome; Desire 3 Boy-E
Vanit Wished for; Loved; Desired 3 Boy-E
Varadraj Lord Vishnu; Varada - conferring a boon, Raj - king 3 Boy-E
Vasava Lord Indra; Belonging to Indra; Name of Indra; Accompanied by the Vasus; Related to Vasus; Name of Shiva 3 Boy-E
Vasul A God; Deity 3 Boy-E
Vedaanth The scriptures; Vedic method of self realisation; Knower of the Vedas; Theology; Absolute truth; Hindu philosophy or ultimate wisdom; King of all 3 Boy-E
Veerbhadra The ashwamedha horse 3 Boy-E
Vegin Swift; Wind; Rapid; Hawk; Falcon; Another name for Vaayu 3 Boy-E
Vimal Pure; White; Bright 3 Boy-E
Vipra A priest; Inspired; Wise; Sage; The Moon; A Brahmin 3 Boy-E
Viranch Heavenly; Divine; Another name for Brahma 3 Boy-E
Virok A ray of light; Shining 3 Boy-E
Virya Courage; Strength; Energy 3 Boy-E
Visheta Self control; Having complete control on all the senses 3 Boy-E
Vishnu Lord Vishnu; Root; To pervade; The preserver of the Hindu Holy Trinity; Has ten incarnations including Ram, Krishna and Buddha 3 Boy-E
Vishok Happy; Without grief; Free of sorrow 3 Boy-E
Vishrant Rested; Reposed; Calm; Camposed 3 Boy-E
Vishwaroopa One who displays the universal form 3 Boy-E
Visravas Dependence 3 Boy-E
Vittal Lord Vishnu; Fortune giver 3 Boy-E
Vitul Lively; Substantial; Loud 3 Boy-E
Vivid Knowledgeable; Various 3 Boy-E
Vivikt Profound; Distinguished; Pure; Deep 3 Boy-E
Vrishag Another name of Lord Shiva; Travelling on a bull 3 Boy-E
Vaibudh Belonging to the God; Divine 4 Boy-E
Vaidhav Another name for Mercury; Born of the Moon 4 Boy-E
Vairag Detached; Free from desire and attachment 4 Boy-E
Vajinath Lord Shiva; Lord of physicians; Epithet of Shiva; Epithet of Dhanvantari 4 Boy-E
Vanu Zealous; Eager; Friend 4 Boy-E
Vardhin Growing; Auspicious; Generous 4 Boy-E
Ved Sacred knowledge; Riches; Precious; Four philosophical scriptures underlying Hinduism 4 Boy-E
Venkataraman Lord venkateswara 4 Boy-E
Vihayas Sky 4 Boy-E
Vikranth Powerful; Warrior; Brave; Victorious 4 Boy-E
Vimuch Liberated; Sage; Freed 4 Boy-E
Vrind Troop or covery; Many; Numerous 4 Boy-E
Vyas A great sage, sage who wrote Mahabharata; Separation; Diffusion; Name of the compiler of the puranas 4 Boy-E
Vadanya Generous; Eloquent; Prosperous; Articulate 5 Boy-E
Vallaki Single string instrument; The Veena; Lute 5 Boy-E
Vallur A cluster of blossoms 5 Boy-E
Valmiki The author of the epic Ramayana 5 Boy-E
Vamadev Lord Shiva; Poet 5 Boy-E
Varenya Deemed highest; Desirable; Excellent; Best; Saffron 5 Boy-E
Varsh Strengthen; Year; Cloud; Rain; Strengthen 5 Boy-E
Varshneya One who born in the Vrushni family of Lord Krishna 5 Boy-E
Vash Beautiful; Authority; Will; Wish; Power; Divine 5 Boy-E
Vasudeva Goddess of wealth 5 Boy-E
Vasun The eight vasus 5 Boy-E
Vedbhushan One adorned with knowledge of the Vedas 5 Boy-E
Vedhas Related to Veda ancient original books of Hindu; Worthy, Courageous, Wise, Learned, Religious, Creator, Disposer 5 Boy-E
Veer Courageous; Warrior; Strong; Lightning; Thunder 5 Boy-E
Veeraprathap Name of a Raga 5 Boy-E
Veeryavan Very powerful 5 Boy-E
Ven Good fortune; Desirous; Affectionate 5 Boy-E
Veni Braided hair; Name of a river, stream; Bridge; The confluence of rivers 5 Boy-E
Venugopal One of the names of Krishna; The bearer of venu flute 5 Boy-E
Vilasin Shining; Beaming; Radiant; Active; Playful; The Moon; Another name for Krishna; Shiva and the Love God Kaama 5 Boy-E
Viloman Hairless; Opposite; Reverse 5 Boy-E
Vipat Shooting arrows; Melting; Killing 5 Boy-E
Virohin Sprouting; Budding 5 Boy-E
Virup Shapely; Diverse; Changed; Variegated 5 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 243
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Popular Sanskrit Boy names beginning with V

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