Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Starting With B

144 Sanskrit Boy Names Starting With 'B' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Bhavesh Lord of sentiment; Lord of existence; Lord of the universe; Lord Shiva 11 Boy-E
Bhargav Lord Shiva, Attaining radiance, Coming from Bhrigu, An epithet of Shiva, The planet venus, An excellent archer 5 Boy-E
Bhavin Living; Existing; Winner; Man 11 Boy-E
Bhupendra King of the earth 8 Boy-E
Bhupesh King; King of Earth 7 Boy-E
Bhargava Lord Shiva; Attaining radiance; Coming from Bhrigu; An epithet of Shiva; The planet Venus; An excellent archer 6 Boy-E
Bhuvanesh The Lord of the world; Lord Vishnu 1 Boy-E
Bhaskar Brilliant; Illuminated; Creator; The Sun; Fire; Gold 6 Boy-E
Bharat Descended from Bharat; Universal monarch; Clever; Race; A demigod and brother of Lord Ram; Fire; One who fulfils all desires 5 Boy-E
Bhushan Ornament; Decoration 1 Boy-E
Brij Place of Lord Krishna; Strength; To twist; To leave 3 Boy-E
Balaram Brother of Lord Krishna 3 Boy-E
Brijesh God of the land of Brij 8 Boy-E
Banwari Lord Krishna; The one living in the groves of Vrindavan 5 Boy-E
Balachandran Moon crested Lord 7 Boy-E
Baidyanath Master of medicines; The king of medicine; Lord of physicians 4 Boy-E
Banshik King of the forest, Lion 1 Boy-E
Bodh Awakening; Perception; Knowledge; Intelligence; Enlightenment 2 Boy-E
Baldev God like in power, Another name of Balram 1 Boy-E
Bhimshankar Lord Shiva, the place near the origin of river Bhima, where Lord Shiva stayed permanently in the form of Jyoti is known as Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga 5 Boy-E
Bhaumik Lord of the Earth; Landowner; Attached to the Earth 11 Boy-E
Bandish Binding; Attach 3 Boy-E
Bhirav One of the forms of Shiva 6 Boy-E
Bhairav Formidable; Another name for Lord Shiva; One who vanquishes fear 7 Boy-E
Bhaavan Creator; Solicitous; Charming; Brilliant; Another name for Lord Krishna; Palace 22 Boy-E
Bhavisya Future 6 Boy-E
Brihat Compact; Massive; Widespread; Great; Large; Mighty; Powerful; Bright; Clear; Name of Lord Vishnu; Loud 4 Boy-E
Bhupen King 3 Boy-E
Bhaaskar Brilliant; Illuminated; Creater; The Sun; Fire; Gold 7 Boy-E
Bhuman Earth; All-encompassing 5 Boy-E
Brahma Creator of the universe 7 Boy-E
Bimal Pure; White; Bright 1 Boy-E
Bhibatsu Another name of Arjun; One who always fights wars in a fair manner 1 Boy-E
Brajendra Lord of Braj land 1 Boy-E
Birbal Braveheart; A powerful warrior 8 Boy-E
Balabhadra Another name of Balarama 5 Boy-E
Bhaarav Bowstring 8 Boy-E
Bhisma One who has taken a terrible vow; Son of Santanu by Ganga in Mahabharat 7 Boy-E
Bishakh Lord Kartikeya; Having spreading branches; Name of Kartikeya; A solicitor; Name of Shiva 4 Boy-E
Boudhayan The name of a sage 1 Boy-E
Bibek Judgment; Discernment; Knowledge; Reason; Conscience 2 Boy-E
Bhaarava Pleasant; The Tulsi plant; Adaptable 9 Boy-E
Brij Mohan Lord Krishna, Vraj - Vrindavan, Mohan - attractive 9 Boy-E
Bajinath Lord Shiva; Lord of physicians; Epithet of Shiva; Epithet of Dhanvantari 11 Boy-E
Balendu Young Moon 5 Boy-E
Bankimchandra Crescent Moon 9 Boy-E
Barhan Pointed; Sharp; Strong; Vigorous; Swift; Dazzling 8 Boy-E
Bhaakosh Treasure of light; Another name for the Sun 11 Boy-E
Bhaasvar Resplendent; Luminious; Bright; Brilliant; Shining 9 Boy-E
Bhajan Prayer; Devotional song 9 Boy-E
Bhakt Devotee; Disciple; Loyal 6 Boy-E
Bhavad Life giving; Real 2 Boy-E
Bilahari Name of a Raga 6 Boy-E
Bodhan Kindling 8 Boy-E
Bair Brave 3 Boy-E
Baku War horn; Lightning; Brilliant 8 Boy-E
Bandhul Pleasing; Charming 8 Boy-E
Bhaasin The Sun; Brilliant 9 Boy-E
Bhaasu The Sun 7 Boy-E
Bhaasvan Lustrous; Full of brightness; Brilliant; Another name for the Sun, God Surya 5 Boy-E
Bhadran Auspicious; Fortunate man 3 Boy-E
Bharu Gold; Leader; Responsible; Ocean 5 Boy-E
Bhumat Possessing the Earth; Ruler 2 Boy-E
Binnyker Fearful 8 Boy-E
Biraat Great 6 Boy-E
Budhil Learned 11 Boy-E
Bipin Forest (Vipin); Glorious; Providing refuge 5 Boy-E
Bala Govind Young cow-herd; Infant Krishna 6 Boy-E
Balagopal Child Krishna 4 Boy-E
Balagovind Young cow-herd; Infant Krishna 6 Boy-E
Balaj Glitter; Shine; Grain; Born of strength 8 Boy-E
Balar Strength; Power; Army 7 Boy-E
Banbihari Lord Krishna; One who enjoys roaming in the forest 1 Boy-E
Bandhu Friend 5 Boy-E
Bandin One who praise and honours; Bard; A class of poets and scholars who sing songs of praise in the royal courts 8 Boy-E
Bhaam Light; Brilliance 7 Boy-E
Bhaasur Splendid; A hero; Bright; Shining; Crystal; Brilliant; The shining God; Holy 7 Boy-E
Bharata Pleasure-seeking; Well-groomed; A celestial nymph 6 Boy-E
Bharuk Responsible 7 Boy-E
Bhramar Black bee; A bumble bee; Goddess Parvati; Consort of Lord Shiva had taken the form of a bumble bee; Searching for the truth 7 Boy-E
Bhuvas Air; Atmosphere; Heaven 1 Boy-E
Binodan A person who can spread Love and Joy 5 Boy-E
Brahmabrata Ascetic 4 Boy-E
Brahmabratha Ascetic 3 Boy-E
Brahmaputhra Name of a river 1 Boy-E
Brant Sword; Burn; Nourished; Loved 1 Boy-E
Brihaspathi Teacher of Devas; Jupiter; Guru planet 3 Boy-E
Brihatbhasha Son of sage Agniras 7 Boy-E
Brihatbrahma Son of sage Agniras 11 Boy-E
Brihatjyothi Son of Agniras 1 Boy-E
Brihatkirti Son of Agniras 8 Boy-E
Brihatman Son of sage Agniras 5 Boy-E
Brihatmantra Son of sage Agniras 8 Boy-E
Budhadev Lord Sri Buddha 4 Boy-E
Bhrigu Name of a saint 11 Boy-E
Bhuv Sky; Heaven; Earth; World; Another name for Agni 8 Boy-E
Bilva A sacred leaf 1 Boy-E
Badrinath Lord of mount Badri 5 Boy-E
Bajrang A name of Lord Hanuman 8 Boy-E
Brahmananda Supreme Joy 5 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 144
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Popular Sanskrit Boy names beginning with B

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Sanskrit Boy names beginning with B will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Sanskrit names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.