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Meaning :
Pleasure-seeking; Well-groomed; A celestial nymph (A great king in the dynasty of the moon-god (all kshatriyas are descendents either of Chandra, the moon-god, or Surya, the sun-god) who ruled the earth for thousands of years.) Suggest meaning
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Numerology :
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Religion :
Rashi :
Dhanu (BH, F, DH)
Nakshatra :
Moola (Yo, Ye, Bhi, Bha, Bh)
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Similar names for Bharata

Name Meaning Numerology
bareed Messenger; Partner; Cloud 8
barid Messenger; Partner; Cloud 7
bharat Descended from Bharat; Universal monarch; Clever; Race; A demigod and brother of Lord Ram; Fire; One who fulfils all desires 5
bharata Pleasure-seeking; Well-groomed; A celestial nymph 6
biraat Great 6
birat Great 5
burayd Cold; Mild 8
buraydah It is the name of a place 8
pardhu Arjun; Son of the Earth King; Prince; Another name of Arjun, Derived from his Mother's name Pritha (Kunti) 5
pradhi Intelligent 11
prady Luster; To illuminate 1
prit Love 9
prity Affection; Love 7
prottoy 3