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Easy To Pronounce Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With B

61 Muslim Girl Names Starting With 'B' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Baasima (باسیم) Smiling 1 Girl
Badai (بادای) Wonder; Marvel 8 Girl
Badia (بادیا) Unprecedented; Admirable; Unique 8 Girl
Badiah (بادیاہ، بادیا) Unprecedented; Amazing; Admirable; Unique; Knowledgeable person 6 Girl
Badiha (بادیہا) Insight; Perceptive faculty 7 Girl
Bahaa (بہاا) Beautiful; Magnificent; Shining 4 Girl
Bahar (بہار) Spring; Blossom 3 Girl
Baheera (باحیراہ) Dazzling; Brilliant; Noble lady 4 Girl
Bahia (باہیا) Nice 3 Girl
Bahij (بہیج) Cheerful 3 Unisex
Bahija (باہیجا) Glad; Happy; Joyful; Delight; Magnificent; Splendid 22 Girl
Bahira (باحیرا، باحیرا) Dazzling; Brilliant; Noble lady 7 Girl
Bahiya (باہییا) Nice; Beautiful; Radiant 1 Girl
Bahiyaa (بہییا) Nice; Beautiful; Radiant 11 Girl
Baiza (بیضا) White; Bright; Brilliant 3 Girl
Bajila (باجیلا) Honored; Dignified; Highly 8 Girl
Bakhita (باقہیتا) Lucky; Fortunate 7 Girl
Bakura (باکورا) Coming early 9 Girl
Baligha (بالیگا) Eloquent 4 Girl
Ban (بان) A kind of tree 8 Girl
Banafsha (بنفشا) Banafsha is daughter of Abdullah al-Rumiyah who was a very pious and generous woman who gave much in charity 7 Girl
Banan (بانان) Finger tips 5 Girl
Banou (بانوو) Lady 8 Girl
Banu (بانو) Lady 11 Girl
Baraa (بآراا) Excelling 5 Girl
Baraah (بآراہ) Innocence 22 Girl
Baraha () Glowing skin 22 Girl
Baraim (بارایم) Blossom; Bud 8 Girl
Barat (برات) Innocence; Guiltlessness 6 Girl
Bareea (بآریا) Innocent; Blameless; Excelling; Originator 5 Girl
Baria (بآریا) Innocent; Blameless; Excelling; Originator 22 Girl
Bariah (بآریاہ) Excelling 3 Girl
Barisha () The rainy season; Monsoon; Pure 4 Girl
Bashair (باشئیر) Another name of holy Quran; Good news; Good omens 4 Girl
Basila (باسیلا) Brave; Fearless; Intrepid 8 Girl
Basili () Courageous 7 Girl
Basima (باسیما) Smiling 9 Girl
Basira (باسیرا) Sagacious 5 Girl
Basoos (باسووس) Noble; Royal 8 Girl
Bassma () A smile 1 Girl
Batina (باٹینا) Hidden; Inner 2 Girl
Batool (بتول) Ascetic virgin, A true devotee woman of Allah; Immaculate 2 Girl
Batul (بتول) Ascetic virgin, A true devotee woman of Allah; Immaculate 11 Girl
Bayan (بیان) Another name of holy Quran 7 Unisex
Bazala (بازالا) A generous woman; Honored; Venerated 7 Girl
Bazegha (بازیگا) Bright 5 Girl
Bazla (بازلا) Reward; Generous 6 Girl
Beenish (بینیش) Vision; Sight; The faculty of seeing; Clever; Intelligent 8 Girl
Begum (بعگوم) The honorific title; Queen 3 Girl
Bhajat (بھاجت) Splendor; Magnificence 6 Girl
Bibi (بی بی) Lady of rank; and honorific 22 Girl
Binesh (بینعش) Godly; Pious 3 Girl
Binish (بینیش) Vision; Sight; The faculty of seeing; Clever; Intelligent 7 Girl
Binta () Beautiful 1 Girl
Bisar (بیشار) Adolescent 22 Girl
Bita (بیتا) Unique 5 Girl
Budur (بودور) Full Moon 3 Girl
Burum (بوروم) Bud; Blossom 3 Girl
Busaina (بوسائنا) Diminutive of basna 22 Girl
Bushra (بوشرا) Good omen 6 Girl
Busr (بوسر) Joy; Happiness; Unripe dates 6 Unisex