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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Muzhir (موزہیر) Witnessed; Name of a companion 5 Boy-E
Muzammil (موزاممیل) The wrapped one 9 Boy-E
Muzakkir (موزاککیر) Reminder 11 Boy-E
Muzaif (موزیف) Peaceful 4 Boy-E
Muzaffar (موزاففر) Victorious 11 Boy-E
Muwaffaq (موواففاق) Successful 7 Boy-E
Muwafaq (مووافاق) Successful 1 Boy-E
Muttee (موٹی) Obedient 3 Boy-E
Muttaqi (موتتاقی) Righteous; One who fears Allah 11 Boy-E
Muti (موٹی) Obedient; Giver 9 Boy-E
Mutharrif (موتحرریف) 6 Boy-E
Mutee (موتی) Obedient; Giver 1 Boy-E
Mutazz (موٹازز) Proud; Mighty 8 Boy-E
Mutayyib (موتاےییب) Fragrant 8 Boy-E
Mutawassit (موتاواسسیٹ) Moderate; Average 11 Boy-E
Mutawalli (موتاواللی) Entrusted 4 Boy-E
Mutasim (موتاصیم) Decent; Honest and modest; Faithful to God; Name of a Khalifah 6 Boy-E
Mutashim (موتاشیم) Decent; Honest and modest; Faithful to God; Name of a Khalifah 5 Boy-E
Mutahhir (موتاہھیر) Purifies; Pure 8 Boy-E
Mutab () Flowering 3 Boy-E
Mutaa (موتا) Obeyed; Pure or like a Pearl 11 Boy-E
Muta (موتع) Obeyed; Pure or like a Pearl 1 Boy-E
Mustatab (موستتاب) Good; Delectable 7 Boy-E
Mustaqeem (موستاقیم) Straight 6 Boy-E
Mustaq (موشتاق) Ardent; Longing; Chosen 1 Boy-E
Mustaneer (موستنیر) Brilliant 8 Boy-E
Mustan (موسٹان) Brilliant 7 Boy-E
Mustakim (موستکیم) Straight road 8 Boy-E
Mustajab (موستجاب) One who is heard 6 Boy-E
Mustahsan (موستاحسن) Commendable 8 Boy-E
Mustafeed (موستفید) Profiting; Gainful 4 Boy-E
Mustafa (موصطفا) Prophet Muhammad; Chosen; Elected 9 Boy-E
Mustaeen (موستعین) Chosen one 8 Boy-E
Mussarrat (موسسراّت) Joyful; Always Happy 4 Boy-E
Muslim (موسلیم) Submitting himself to God 6 Boy-E
Muslih (موسلیہ) Reformer 1 Boy-E
Mushtaq (موشتاق) Ardent; Longing; Chosen 9 Boy-E
Mushtak (موشتاک) Ardent; Longing; Forehead 3 Boy-E
Mushir (موشیر) Advisor 7 Boy-E
Mushfiq (موشفیق) Friend; Considerate 3 Boy-E
Musheer (موشیر) Advisor 8 Boy-E
Musharraf (موشارّف) One who is honored; Exalted 6 Boy-E
Museeb (موسیب) Apple in Persian also means great warrior 2 Boy-E
Musaid (موسائد) Helper 22 Boy-E
Musaddiq (موساددیق) One who confirms; Verifies another 7 Boy-E
Musad (موساد) Unfettered camel 4 Boy-E
Musab (موصعب) Old Arabic name 11 Boy-E
Musa (موسا) A prophet's name; 9 Boy-E
Murtaza (مورتضاٰ) Another name of Ali; The generous; The giving 1 Boy-E
Murtaja (مورٹجا) Another name of Ali; The generous; The giving 3 Boy-E
Murtadhy (مورتدہی) Satisfied; Content 11 Boy-E
Murtadaa (مورٹاڈا) Satisfied; Contented; Pleased; Chosen 7 Boy-E
Murtada (مورتدا، مورتدہی) Satisfied; Contented; Pleased; Chosen 8 Boy-E
Murtaad (مورٹآد) Ascetical 6 Boy-E
Murshid (مورشید) Guide 11 Boy-E
Mursal (مورسل) Messenger; Prophet; Ambassador 3 Boy-E
Murad () Desire; Will 3 Boy-E
Murabbi (مورببی) Patron; Superior; Guardian 3 Boy-E
Muqtasid (موقتاصید) One who is economical; Thrifty 5 Boy-E
Muqbil (موقبیل) Following; Next 11 Boy-E
Muqatadir (موقاتادیر) Name of an Abbasid Khalifah 5 Boy-E
Muqaddas (موقدّس) Sacred 8 Boy-E
Munzir (مونزیر) Warner; Cautioner 11 Boy-E
Munthir (مونتحیر) Warner; Cautioner 4 Boy-E
Muntazir (مونتظیر) The awaiting 5 Boy-E
Muntasir (مونتصیر) Victorious 7 Boy-E
Muntahir () 5 Boy-E
Munsif (مونصیف) Just; Fair 1 Boy-E
Munqad (مونقاڈ) One who is led; Conducted; Obedient 7 Boy-E
Munkadir (مونکادیر) Name of an authority and ascetic of Hadith 1 Boy-E
Munjid (مونجید) Helper 8 Boy-E
Munis (مونیس) With God; Lord Buddha; Chief of an army; Chief of the sages 22 Boy-E
Munir (مونیر) Brilliant; Shining; Moon's light; Lamp 3 Boy-E
Munim (مونیم) Generous 7 Boy-E
Munif (مونیف) Exalted; Excellent 9 Boy-E
Munib (مونیب) One who turns in repentance; Repentant 5 Boy-E
Muneer (مونیر) Brilliant; Shining; Moon's light; Lamp 4 Boy-E
Muneeb (مونیب) One who turns in repentance; Repentant 6 Boy-E
Mundhir (مونذحیر) Warner; Cautioner 6 Boy-E
Munam () Allah ka Fazal 8 Boy-E
Munahid (موناہید) Strong 7 Boy-E
Munaf (موناف) Inconsistent with contradictory 1 Boy-E
Mumtaz (مومتاز) Excellent; Distinguished; Precious; Special 22 Boy-E
Mummar (موممار) Given; Granted long life 7 Boy-E
Mumin (مومین) Believer 7 Boy-E
Mulhim (مولہیم) Inspiring 4 Boy-E
Mulham (مولہام) Inspired 5 Boy-E
Mulayl (مولایل) Companion of prophet Muhammad 3 Boy-E
Mukthadir (موکتھادیر) Strong; Health 6 Boy-E
Mukhtaar (موختآر) Chosen 3 Boy-E
Mukhlis (موخلیص) Faithful; Sincere 3 Boy-E
Mujtaba (موجتابا) Chosen 5 Boy-E
Mujibur (موجیبور) Responsive 4 Boy-E
Mujeeb (موجیب) Responsive 2 Boy-E
Mujazziz (موجاززیز) Name of a companion 6 Boy-E
Mujahid (موجاہید) Fighter in the way of Allah; A warrior 3 Boy-E
Mujafar (موجعفر) Victorious. Triumphant. 7 Boy-E
Mujab (موجعب) One whose prayers were answered 11 Boy-E
Mujaahid (موجاہید) Fighter in the way of Allah; A warrior 4 Boy-E
Muizz (مویزز) Comforter 5 Boy-E
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