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24 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Kingdom'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Dilraaj Hearty kingdom; Ruler of the heart 1 Boy-E
Dwaraka The capital of Lord Krishna's kingdom 5 Boy-E
Dwarika The capital of Lord Krishna's kingdom 4 Boy-E
Fakhr-Ud-Dawlah The glory of the kingdom; State 1 Boy-E
Gunraaj Excellent kingdom 9 Boy-E
Jagraaj Worlds kingdom 3 Boy-E
Jasrajpreet Love with kingdom and praise 6 Boy-E
Jayadratha Son-in-law of Dhritarastra and King of Sindhu kingdom, Married to Dushala, Sister of the Kauravas 8 Boy-E
Kaviraaj Poet of the kingdom; King of the poet 1 Boy-E
Kaviraj Poet of the kingdom; King of the poet 9 Boy-E
Khemraaj Happy kingdom; Lord Shiva 4 Boy-E
Khemraj Happy kingdom; Lord Shiva 3 Boy-E
MÂlik-Ul-Mulk Owner of the kingdom 9 Boy-E
Meetraaj Kingdom of friends 1 Boy-E
Meetraj Kingdom of friends 9 Boy-E
Mithil Kingdom 8 Boy-E
Mithila Kingdom 9 Boy-E
Mithul Kingdom 11 Boy-E
Rajbir Brave King, The hero of the land; Kingdom warriors 4 Boy-E
Rajindar Dominion over a region; The illuminated kingdom 3 Boy-E
Rajsukh Kingdom of gems 7 Boy-E
Saifulmulk Sword of the kingdom 8 Boy-E
Sarabraj Great kingdom 7 Boy-E
Sugreevepsita Rajyada One who recovered Sugreeva’s kingdom 11 Boy-E