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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aaban (عابان) More clear; 8th Persian month 1 Boy-E
Aabdar (عابدار) Bright; Like glass 9 Boy-E
Aabid (عابید) Worshipper of God 8 Boy-E
Aadab (اادعب) Respect; Hope and need 9 Boy-E
Aadam (آدم) The first prophet of Allah 11 Boy-E
Aadheen (عادہین) Obedient; Submissive 11 Boy-E
Aadhil (عادہیل) Honorable judge; Justice; Righteous 8 Boy-E
Aadil (عادیل) Honorable judge; Justice; Righteous 9 Boy-E
Aafa (عآفا) Forgiver 9 Boy-E
Aafan () To Forgive 5 Boy-E
Aafreen (عافرین) Encouragement; Praise; Blessing 5 Boy-E
Aaftab () The Sun; Sunlight; Brilliance 4 Boy-E
Aagha () Pre-eminent; Master; Chief; Elder brother; Another name for God 9 Boy-E
Aahil () Prince 22 Boy-E
Aaki (عاکی) Autumn; Bright 4 Boy-E
Aakib () God Gift 6 Boy-E
Aakif (ااکیف) Attached; Intent 1 Boy-E
Aalam () The universe; The whole world 1 Boy-E
Aalee (عالی) Sublime; Lofty; High; Tall 6 Boy-E
Aali (عالی) Sublime; Lofty; High; Tall; Excellent; Noble 5 Boy-E
Aalim (عالیم) A knowledgeable person; Wise; Scholarly; Omniscient; Learned; Religious scholar 9 Boy-E
Aamil (عامیل) Invaluable; Inaccessible; Exalted; Doer 9 Boy-E
Aamir (عامیر) Ruler; Prince; Rich; Prosperous 6 Boy-E
Aaqib (عاقیب) Another name of prophet Muhammad, Follower 3 Boy-E
Aaqil (عاقیل) Wise; Intelligent; Thoughtful; Sensible 22 Boy-E
Aaraiz (اآرایز) Rain bearing cloud 11 Boy-E
Aarf () Fragrance; Aroma; Perfume 8 Boy-E
Aarib (عاریب) Handsome; Healthy 22 Boy-E
Aarif (عاریف) Acquainted; Knowledgeable 8 Boy-E
Aarish () First ray of Sun; Sky 11 Boy-E
Aariz (عاریز) Respectable Man; Intelligent 1 Boy-E
Aarman () Hope or desire; Army Man; Wish 3 Boy-E
Aarzam (اآرزام) War; Battle; Quarrel 6 Boy-E
Aarzoo (اآرزو) Wish; Hope; Love 4 Boy-E
Aarzu (اارزو) Wish; Hope; Love 22 Boy-E
Aas (عاص) Hope 3 Boy-E
Aasaal (عاسال) Evening time; Real; Pure 8 Boy-E
Aashif (عاشیف) Bold; Courageous; An able minister; Forgiveness 8 Boy-E
Aashim () Limitless; Protecter 6 Boy-E
Aashiq (عاشیق) Adorer; Lover; Suitor 1 Boy-E
Aashiq Ali (عاشیق علی) Adorer of Ali 5 Boy-E
Aashiq Muhammad (عاشیق موحمّد) Adorer of the prophet Muhammad 3 Boy-E
Aashir (عاشیر) Living; Captivating; Fascinating 11 Boy-E
Aasif (اسیف) Bold; Courageous; An able minister; Forgiveness 9 Boy-E
Aasim (اسیم) Limitless; Protecter 7 Boy-E
Aasir (آسیر) Captivating; Fascinating; Devout; Active 3 Boy-E
Aasman () Heaven; Sky 4 Boy-E
Aatif (عاٹیف) United; Joined; Together 1 Boy-E
Aatiq (عاٹیق) Ancient; Noble 3 Boy-E
Aatish (ااٹیش) Fire; Conflagration 22 Boy-E
Aauf (ااؤف) Fragrance; Lion 11 Boy-E
Aaus (اوس) Name of a tree 6 Boy-E
Aayan (اایان) Someone who is religiously inclined; Gift of God 6 Boy-E
Aayid (عایید) Trustable 22 Boy-E
Aayizah () Replacement 8 Boy-E
Aazad (عازاڈ) Free; Independent 6 Boy-E
Aazan (اازان) Call for the prayer 7 Boy-E
Aazif (اازیف) Breeze 7 Boy-E
Aazim (عازیم) Famous; On the top; Heights; Greatest; Determined 5 Boy-E
Abaan (عببان) More clear; 8th Persian month 1 Boy-E
Abahat (اباحٹ) Correct; Accurate 6 Boy-E
Abahh (اباہہ) Nick name of Al-Abahh 2 Boy-E
Aban (ابان) More clear 9 Boy-E
Abasin (اباسین) The Indus river 1 Boy-E
Abbaas (عبباس) Lion 8 Boy-E
Abbad (عبباد) A great worshiper of Allah 1 Boy-E
Abbas (عبباس) Lion 7 Boy-E
Abbood (اببود) Devoted worshipper of Allah 3 Boy-E
Abbud (اببود) Devoted worshipper of Allah 3 Boy-E
Abbudin (اببودین) Worshippers 8 Boy-E
Abd (عبد) Servant; Devotee; Slave 7 Boy-E
Abd Al-Ala (عبد اللہ) Slave of the high 7 Boy-E
Abd Khayr (عبد خیر) Khayr is all kinds of goodness 7 Boy-E
Abdah (ابداہ) Nick name of Abdur - Rehman 7 Boy-E
Abdal (ابدل) Slave of the high 11 Boy-E
Abdan (ابدان) Is derived from Abd; A Man 4 Boy-E
Abdeali (ابڈی علی) Follower of Ali 7 Boy-E
Abdud Daar (عبدود دار) Servant of the depriver 11 Boy-E
Abdul (عبدول) Knowledge 4 Boy-E
Abdul Aakhir (عبدول آخیر) Servant of the last 7 Boy-E
Abdul Aalee (عبدول علے) Servant of the highest 1 Boy-E
Abdul Adal (عبدول عدل) Servant of the just 22 Boy-E
Abdul Adheem (عبدول ادھیم) Servant of the greatest 4 Boy-E
Abdul Adl (عبدول عدل) Slave of the just 3 Boy-E
Abdul Afuw (عبدول عفو) Slave of the one who pardons 1 Boy-E
Abdul Ahad (عبدول احد) Slave of he who is one (Allah) 9 Boy-E
Abdul Aleem (عبدول علیم) Servant of the all-knowing; Servant of the omniscient 4 Boy-E
Abdul Ali (عبدول علی) Servant of the highest 8 Boy-E
Abdul Alim (عبدول علیم) Servant of the all-knowing; Servant of the omniscient 3 Boy-E
Abdul Asif (عبدل آصیف) Knowledge 3 Boy-E
Abdul Awwal (عبدول اوول) Slave of the first one 1 Boy-E
Abdul Azeez (عبدول عزيز) The powerful; Servant of the mighty 4 Boy-E
Abdul Azib (عبدول ازیب) Knowledge 6 Boy-E
Abdul Azim (عبدول ازیم) Servant of the mighty 8 Boy-E
Abdul Aziz (عبدول عزیز) The powerful, Servant of the mighty 3 Boy-E
Abdul Baaqi (عبدول باقی) Servant of the everlasting; Slave of the eternal 7 Boy-E
Abdul Baari (عبدول باری) Servant of the creator; Slave of the creator 8 Boy-E
Abdul Baasit (عبدول باسیٹ) Servant of the expander; Extender 11 Boy-E
Abdul Badee (عبدول بدے) Slave of the originator; Servant of the incomparable 3 Boy-E
Abdul Badi (عبدول بدے) Slave of the originator; Servant of the incomparable 11 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 806
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Popular Muslim Boy names beginning with A

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Muslim Boy names beginning with A will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Muslim names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.