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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aaban (عابان) More clear; 8th Persian month 1 Boy-E
Aakif (ااکیف) Attached; Intent 1 Boy-E
Aalam () The universe; The whole world 1 Boy-E
Aariz (عاریز) Respectable Man; Intelligent 1 Boy-E
Aashiq (عاشیق) Adorer; Lover; Suitor 1 Boy-E
Aatif (عاٹیف) United; Joined; Together 1 Boy-E
Abaan (عببان) More clear; 8th Persian month 1 Boy-E
Abasin (اباسین) The Indus river 1 Boy-E
Abbad (عبباد) A great worshiper of Allah 1 Boy-E
Abdul Aalee (عبدول علے) Servant of the highest 1 Boy-E
Abdul Afuw (عبدول عفو) Slave of the one who pardons 1 Boy-E
Abdul Awwal (عبدول اوول) Slave of the first one 1 Boy-E
Abdul Basit (عبدول بصیٹ) Servant of the expander; Extender 1 Boy-E
Abdul Haafiz (عبدول حافیظ) Servant of the guardian (Allah); Servant of the protector 1 Boy-E
Abdul Hafeez (عبدول حفیظ) Servant of the guardian (Allah); Servant of the protector 1 Boy-E
Abdul Hakim (عبدول حکیم) Servant of the wise one 1 Boy-E
Abdul Jabaar (عبدول جبار) Servant of the mighty 1 Boy-E
Abdul Muiz (عبدول مویز) Slave of the honored 1 Boy-E
Abdul Rasheed (عبدول رشید) Servant of the rightly guided 1 Boy-E
Abdul Shakoor (عبدول شکور) Servant of the all-thankful 1 Boy-E
Abdul Vajed (عبدول واجعد) Servant of the finder 1 Boy-E
Abdus Subooh (ابدوس سوبوہ) Slave of the extremely pure 1 Boy-E
Abdut Tawwab (ابدوت توواب) Servant of the most forgiving 1 Boy-E
Abudah () Devoted to God 1 Boy-E
Abyaz () White; Pure 1 Boy-E
Adam (آدم) A prophet's name; Black 1 Boy-E
Ad-Darr () The creator of the harmful 1 Boy-E
Adeem (عدیم) Rare; Great 1 Boy-E
Adin () Pleasure giver; Beautiful; Adorned; Noble of spirit 1 Boy-E
Adut (ادوت) Gift of God 1 Boy-E
Aela () Love 1 Boy-E
Affan (عفان) Name of Caliph Uthman's father; Forgiving person 1 Boy-E
Aflah (افلاہ) Most successful 1 Boy-E
Afzal (افضل) Most excellent 1 Boy-E
Ahrar (عہرار) Hirakata Ahrar al-Sham al-Islamiyah 1 Boy-E
Ajamil (اجمیل) A mythological king 1 Boy-E
Ajmal (اجمل) Pious; Beautiful 1 Boy-E
Akter () A Star; Fragrance. 1 Boy-E
Alawi (علاوی) Descendant of Hazrat Ali 1 Boy-E
Al-Awwal () The first 1 Boy-E
Alazae (الازای) Angle; Joy; Great happiness; Joyful 1 Boy-E
Al-Basit () The reliever 1 Boy-E
Al-Hakim () The perfectly wise 1 Boy-E
Al-HakÎm () The wise 1 Boy-E
Alif (الیف) The first character in Hijaiyah 1 Boy-E
Al-Jabbar () The irresistible; The compeller 1 Boy-E
Al-JabbÂr () The compeller 1 Boy-E
Al-Jami () The gatherer 1 Boy-E
Al-Qabid () The constrictor 1 Boy-E
Al-Wahhab () The bestower 1 Boy-E
Al-WahhÂb () The bestower 1 Boy-E
Al-Warith () The heir; The inheritor of all 1 Boy-E
Al-WÂrith () The ultimate inheritor 1 Boy-E
Al-WÂsi' () The all-encompassing; The all-embracing 1 Boy-E
Amam (امام) Safety; Protection 1 Boy-E
Amer (امعر) Ruler; Prince; Rich; Prosperous 1 Boy-E
Amin (امین) Faithful; Trustworthy; Honest 1 Boy-E
Ammar (عممار) Long of age 1 Boy-E
Anahid (اناہیڈ) Immaculate 1 Boy-E
Anbas () Lion 1 Boy-E
Andaz () Intention; Purpose; Guess; Measure; Opinion 1 Boy-E
Anzam () Stars 1 Boy-E
Araz () Commodities 1 Boy-E
Areez (آریز) Pleasant smell; Sweet smell; Fragrance; Friend 1 Boy-E
Arish () First ray of Sun; Sky 1 Boy-E
Arkaan (ارکان) Principles 1 Boy-E
Aroush () First Ray of sunlight 1 Boy-E
Arsh (عرش) Bright; Hero; Truthfulness; Dominion; Crown; Pure; Worshipped; Divine 1 Boy-E
Arshaq (آرشاق) Handsome; Well proportioned 1 Boy-E
Asgar (اسگر) Devotee 1 Boy-E
Ashaz (اشاز) One in a million; Name of a Sahabi during the time of the prophet 1 Boy-E
Aslam (اسلم) One who salutes; Peace 1 Boy-E
Atafah () Affectionate 1 Boy-E
Aymaan (ایمان) Lucky; On the right 1 Boy-E
Azari () Maidens 1 Boy-E
Azlaan () Lion 1 Boy-E
Abahh (اباہہ) Nick name of Al-Abahh 2 Boy-E
Abiel () God is my father 2 Boy-E
Abteen (ابٹین) Father of Faridoon a king 2 Boy-E
Abu Bakr (ابو بکر) The companion of prophet Mohammed 2 Boy-E
Adawi (اداوی) Grandson of Sayyindina Umer 2 Boy-E
Afham (افہام) Loving 2 Boy-E
Ahzab (احزاب) A narrator of Hadith 2 Boy-E
Aidan (ایدان) Help; Intelligent 2 Boy-E
Aijaz (عیجاز) Miracle; Wondrous nature 2 Boy-E
Aiman (ایمن) Faith; Fearless 2 Boy-E
Ajmer () Name of a city 2 Boy-E
Al-Badi () The originator 2 Boy-E
Al-Hakam () The judge 2 Boy-E
Al-HalÎm () The forbearing 2 Boy-E
Al-Karim () The bountiful; The generous 2 Boy-E
Al-KarÎm () The generous 2 Boy-E
Al-MuhsÎ () The reckoner 2 Boy-E
Al-Wasi () The all-comprehending 2 Boy-E
Amanah (اماناہ) Trust; The gift 2 Boy-E
Amian (امیان) Tamer 2 Boy-E
An-Nur () The light 2 Boy-E
An-NÛr () The light 2 Boy-E
Anvar () Prosperity 2 Boy-E
Aqib (عاقیب) Another name of prophet Muhammad, Follower 2 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 806
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Popular Muslim Boy names beginning with A

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