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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Nyla (نیلا) Winner; Achiever 7 Girl-E
Nyasia (نیاسیا) Clear; Pure; Most beautiful one 6 Girl-E
Nuzhat (نوزہت) Cheerfulness 9 Girl-E
Nuzhah (نوزہاہ) Pleasure trip; Promenade 6 Girl-E
Nuzha (نوزہا) Pleasure trip; Excursion spot 7 Girl-E
Nuzar (نوزار) Pure gold 8 Girl-E
Nuwwar (نووار) Blossoms; Flowers 1 Girl-E
Nusrath (نوسرآٹھ) Help; Support; Victory 11 Girl-E
Nusrah (نوسراہ) Helpful 9 Girl-E
Nuryn (نورین) Light 11 Girl-E
Nuriya (نورییا) Light 7 Girl-E
Nurah (نوراہ) Light 8 Girl-E
Nura (نورا) Light; Illuminate 9 Girl-E
Nunah (نوناہ) Dimple in the chin 22 Girl-E
Numa (نوما) Beautiful and pleasant 4 Girl-E
Nujud (نوجود) Noble; Wise 7 Girl-E
Nujat (نوجآٹ) Safety 3 Girl-E
Nuhaa (نوہاا) Intelligence; Mind 9 Girl-E
Nuha (نوہا) Intelligence; Mind 8 Girl-E
Nudrat (نوڈرت) Unique 6 Girl-E
Nudra (نوڈرا) Rarity; Rareness 22 Girl-E
Nudhar (نودھر) Gold 3 Girl-E
Nudbah (نودباہ) Lament; Scar; Mark 5 Girl-E
Noya () One who is Beautifully Adorned 1 Girl-E
Nousha (نووشا) Sweet; Pleasant 6 Girl-E
Nourin (نوورین) Light 1 Girl-E
Nouf (نواف) The highest point on a mountain 2 Girl-E
Noshin (نوشین) Sweet thing; Sweet; Pleasant; Dream 7 Girl-E
Noshi () Sweet 11 Girl-E
Noriza (نوریزا) Light of contentment 11 Girl-E
Norhan (نورحان) Light 7 Girl-E
Noreen (نورین) Light; Honor; Bright 8 Girl-E
Norah (نوراہ) Light 11 Girl-E
Noorie (نوریع) Light 4 Girl-E
Noora (نوورا) Light; Illuminate 9 Girl-E
Noor (نور) Light; Angel 8 Girl-E
Nooni () Sharp 4 Girl-E
Nojood (نوجود) Noble; Wise 1 Girl-E
Nofal (نوفل) Blessing; Donation 3 Girl-E
Niyyat (نیییت) Intention; Determination 4 Girl-E
Niyas (نییاس) Beginning 5 Girl-E
Niyaf (نییاف) Tall and pretty 1 Girl-E
Niusha (نیوشا) Good listener 9 Girl-E
Nissa (نیسسا) Ladylike 8 Girl-E
Nisrin (نیسرین) Flower; Kind of aromatic plant 11 Girl-E
Nisa () Night; Women; Dream 7 Girl-E
Nimrah (نیمراہ) Pure; Clean 9 Girl-E
Nimra (نیمرا) Soft; Lion 1 Girl-E
Nimah (نیماح) Blessing; Loan; Favor 9 Girl-E
Nimaat (نیماٹ) Blessings; Loans 22 Girl-E
Nijhu (نیجھو) Night 8 Girl-E
Nijah (نیجاہ) Success 6 Girl-E
Nihla (نیہلا) Present; Gift 8 Girl-E
Nihel (نیہعل) Presents; Gifts 3 Girl-E
Nihara (نیہآرا) Snow drop; Waterfall 6 Girl-E
Nihad (نیہاد) Height; Uprising; Sound; Nature; Mind; Heart; Resolution 9 Girl-E
Niha (نیہا) Dew drop; Admired for a look; Love; Rain; Bright one; Naughty one 5 Girl-E
Nigar (نیگار) Beautiful 4 Girl-E
Niga (نیگا) Sight; Vision 22 Girl-E
Nidda (نعیددا) Generous; With a treasure; Determined; Assiduous 5 Girl-E
Nidaa (نیداا) Call 2 Girl-E
Nida (نیداء) Sleep; Night 1 Girl-E
Nibal (نیبال) Arrows 2 Girl-E
Nibaal (نیبال) Arrows 3 Girl-E
Nevila (نیویلا) The newly established town 9 Girl-E
Nevaeh (نیواعہ) Heaven; Peace; Angels 1 Girl-E
Nesrin (نیسرین) A field of wild roses 7 Girl-E
Neshat (نشاط) Joy 22 Girl-E
Nelema () Beauty 5 Girl-E
Nelam (نیلام) Sapphire; Blue stone; Precious stone 9 Girl-E
Nejat (نیجات) Freedom; Stress free 5 Girl-E
Nehla (نیہلا) Present; Gift 22 Girl-E
Negin (نیگین) Precious stone; Ring; Jewelry 4 Girl-E
Negar (نیگر) Sweetheart 9 Girl-E
Neelma (نیلما) Bluish; Like blue 5 Girl-E
Neelam () Sapphire; Bluestone; Precious stone 5 Girl-E
Neda (نعدا) Voice; Call 6 Girl-E
Nazy (نازی) Safe; Cute 3 Girl-E
Nazrat (نزرات) Pride; Nice; Great 8 Girl-E
Nazo (نازو) Handsome; Whimsy 2 Girl-E
Nazmin (نازمین) Light 5 Girl-E
Nazma (نظماہ) A star; In the middle of a group of stars 1 Girl-E
Nazli (نازلی) Delicate; Feminine 8 Girl-E
Nazish (نازیش) Bred up like princess; Fragrance; Proud 5 Girl-E
Nazira (نازیرا) Like; Equal; Matching; Observer; Supervisor 6 Girl-E
Nazima () Song; Poet 1 Girl-E
Nazila (نازیلا) Lovely; Charming 9 Girl-E
Naziha (نازیہا) Pure; Honest; Successful; Prosperous 5 Girl-E
Nazifa (نازیفا) Pure; Clean; Neat; Chaste 3 Girl-E
Naziah (نازیاہ) Companion; Friend 5 Girl-E
Nazia (نازییا) Optimistic and full of hope; Princess; Queen 6 Girl-E
Nazhin (نازہین) Name of a tree 9 Girl-E
Nazgul (نازگول) Cute flower 9 Girl-E
Nazgol (نازگاول) Cute flower 3 Girl-E
Nazara (نزآرا) Bloom; Beauty 7 Girl-E
Nazan (نازان) Proud; Vain; Haughty 2 Girl-E
Nazaha (نازاہا) Purity; Righteousness; Honesty; Chest 6 Girl-E
Nazah (نازہ) Success; Purity; Righteousness; Honesty 5 Girl-E
Nayyab (ناییعب) Very rare; Exclusive 5 Girl-E
Naylaa () Gift 9 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 209
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Popular Muslim Girl names beginning with N

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