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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Raafe (رافی) A companion 22 Boy
Raahil (راہیل) One who shows the way; Traveler; Path guider 4 Boy
Raamis (رامیس) The good looking one 7 Boy
Raamiz (رمیز) Symbol; Prince; Honored; Respected 5 Boy
Raatib (راتیب) Arranger 6 Boy
Raazi (راازی) Thankful for anybody; Satisfied; Content; Pleased 1 Boy
Rab (رب) Lord; Master 3 Boy
Rabah (رباح) Gainer 3 Boy
Rabar (ربار) A loving and caring person to all 22 Boy
Rabee (رابی) Spring; Breeze 22 Boy
Rabees (رابیس) Powerful; Fearless; Dauntless 5 Boy
Rabi (رابی) Spring; Breeze 3 Boy
Rabiah (رابیاہ) Greenery 3 Boy
Rabih (رابیہ) Winner; Gainer 11 Boy
Rabihah () Winner 11 Boy
Rabit (رابیٹ) Binding; Fastening 5 Boy
Radi (راضی) Satisfied 5 Boy
Radin () Young man 1 Boy
Raed (راید) Leader 1 Boy
Raees (رائیس) Rich; Wealthy; Chief; Captain 3 Boy
Raem (رایم) One who has a desire and sea 1 Boy
Rafan (رافان) Beautiful; Graceful 22 Boy
Rafat (رافت) Elevation 1 Boy
Rafay (رافاع) The exalter; To elevate the rank 6 Boy
Rafaz (رافاز) Ways; Paths; Pieces; Parts 7 Boy
Rafee (رفی) Kind friend; Noble; Eminent 8 Boy
Rafeek (رفیک) Kind; Friend 1 Boy
Rafey (رافیی) Pioneer 1 Boy
Rafi (رفی) Kind friend; Noble; Eminent 7 Boy
Rafid (رافید) Support 11 Boy
Rafie (رافی) Kind friend 3 Boy
Rafif (رافیف) Glittering; Shining; Gleaming 4 Unisex
Rafik (رفیق) Kind; Friend 9 Boy
Rafiq (رفیق) Kind; Friend 6 Boy
Rafq (رافق) Patience; Tolerance; Endurance 6 Boy
Raghib (راغیب) Desiring; Willing 9 Boy
Raghid (راگہید) Comfort; Opulence; Pleasant 11 Unisex
Raham (رہم) Priest name; Merciful 5 Boy
Rahat (راحت) Rest 3 Boy
Rahatul (رہاٹول) 9 Boy
Rahbar (راہبر) Leader; Guide; Coach 3 Boy
Raheeb (راہیب) Merciful; Kind 3 Boy
Raheel (راحیل) One who shows the way; Traveler; Path guider 4 Boy
Raheem (رحیم) Merciful 5 Boy
Rahil (راحیل) One who shows the way; Traveler; Path guider 3 Boy
Rahim (رحیم) Merciful 4 Boy
Rahise () Big race 6 Boy
Rahman (رحمان) Merciful 1 Boy
Rahmat (رحمت) Mercy 7 Unisex
Raid (رائد) Leader 5 Boy
Raif (رایف) Merciful; Gentle 7 Boy
Raihan (ریحان) Sweet Basil; Favored by God; Heavens flower 6 Boy
Raiq (رایق) Pure; Clear; Tranquil; Serene 9 Boy
Rais (ریئس) Rich; Wealthy; Chief; Captain 2 Boy
Raiya (راییا) Property; Treasure; Fragrance; Breeze; Blessed by the supreme 9 Boy
Raiyan (راییان) Satisfaction; Contented 5 Boy
Raja () King; Hope 3 Boy
Rajaa (راجاا) King; Hope 4 Boy
Rajab (رجب) The 7th month of the Muslim year 5 Boy
Rajeel (راجیل) One who walks too much 6 Boy
Rajih (راجیہ) Having the upper hand; More acceptable 1 Boy
Rakeem (راکیم) Writer 8 Boy
Rakibul () Moon; Star 11 Boy
Rakin (رکین) Respectful 8 Boy
Rameez (رمیز) Symbol; Prince; Honored; Respected 5 Boy
Rami (رامی) Marksman 5 Boy
Ramih (رامیہ) Arcturus brightest star in constellation bootes 4 Boy
Ramin (رامین) Obedient; Who rescues the people from hunger and pain and brings joy into people's life 1 Boy
Ramish (رامیش) Song; Peace; Rest 5 Boy
Ramiz (رمیز) Symbol; Prince; Honored; Respected 4 Boy
Raonar (راؤنر) Luster 4 Boy
Raqib (راقیب) Observer; Guard the watcher 11 Boy
Raqim (رقیم) Writer 4 Boy
Raquib (رقواب) Most watchful 5 Boy
Rasaan () Raindrops that fall intermittently 9 Boy
Rasal (رسال) Angle 6 Boy
Raseem (راسیم) Planner; Designer; One who designs 7 Boy
Raseen (راسین) Calm; Composed 8 Boy
Rasel (رسیل) Path guider 1 Boy
Rashad (رشاد) Young gazelle; Integrity of conduct; With integrity; Sensible 6 Boy
Rashid (راشید) Rationale; Intelligent; Rightly-guided; Having true faith 5 Boy
Rashiq (راشیق) Graceful; Elegant; Connoisseur; Passionate; Entertaining; Discerning; Handsome 9 Boy
Rashne (راشنی) Judge 11 Boy
Rashul () Lord Shiva; Messenger of God; Prophet; Angel 7 Boy
Rasikh (راسیکہ) Well-established; Well-found 3 Boy
Rasil (راسیل) Good; Messenger 5 Boy
Rasim (راسیم) Planner; Designer; One who designs 6 Boy
Rasin (راسین) Calm; Composed 7 Boy
Rasiyah () Tall 9 Boy
Rasool (رسول) Messenger of God; Prophet; Angel 8 Boy
Rasul () Messenger of God; Prophet; Angel 8 Boy
Ratib (راٹیب) Arranger 5 Boy
Ratiyah () Scholar 1 Boy
Rauf (رؤف) Who is every one's friend; Merciful; Kind 1 Boy
Raunak (رونک) Light or happiness 3 Boy
Raunaq (روونق) Beauty; Grace; Glamour 9 Boy
Raushan () Illumination; Bright; Brilliant; Celebrated 1 Boy
Ravoof (راووف) Slavery of Love 5 Boy
Rawdah (راوداہ) Garden; Meadow; Paradise 1 Unisex
Rawh (راوہ) Refreshment; Rest 5 Boy
Showing 1 - 100 of 169
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Popular Muslim Boy names beginning with R

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Muslim Boy names beginning with R will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Muslim names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.