Modern Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With T

67 Muslim Girl Names Starting With 'T' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Taalia (تالیا) Rising star 8 Girl-E
Taaqul (تاقول) Wise thought 9 Girl-E
Taba (تابع) Clean 6 Girl-E
Tabana (ٹابانا) Bright moonlight 3 Girl-E
Tabani (تابانی) Light 2 Girl-E
Tabeer (تابیر) The result of deeds; Way 6 Girl-E
Tabina (تابینا) Enlighten; Sparkling 2 Girl-E
Tabish (تابیش) Heaven; Strong; Brave; Vigorous; Ocean; Gold ocean 5 Girl-E
Tafida (تفیڈا) Paradise Egyptian name 5 Girl-E
Tahani (ٹہانی) Congratulations 8 Girl-E
Tahera (ٹاہعرا) Chaste; Pure; Pious; Clean; Holy 8 Girl-E
Tahira (طاہیرا) Chaste; Pure; Pious; Clean; Holy 3 Girl-E
Tahiya (ٹاہییا) Greeting; Salutation; Cheer 1 Girl-E
Tahsina () Humanitarian; Healer; Intelligence 9 Girl-E
Taiba (طیبا) Virtuous; Pious; God-fearing and devoted to God 6 Girl-E
Taibah (ٹیباہ) Pure; Repentant 5 Girl-E
Taima (ٹیما) Oasis in northwest arabia 8 Girl-E
Tala (تالا) Gold 7 Girl-E
Talah (تالاہ) Young palm tree; Face 6 Girl-E
Taliba (ٹالیبا) Seeker of knowledge 9 Girl-E
Talika (ٹالیکا) Palm; Calm; Nightingale; Key; A list 9 Girl-E
Talikha (تلیکہا) Nightingale 8 Girl-E
Tamanna () Desire; Wish; Ambition 1 Girl-E
Tamara (تمارا) Date tree; Palm tree 9 Girl-E
Tameen (ٹامین) Protection; Patronage; Care 22 Girl-E
Tanaz (تناز) Delicate body 8 Girl-E
Tanjia (تنجیا) Rescue; Salvation; Delivering 1 Girl-E
Tanney (تننیی) Fairy Angel 7 Girl-E
Tanseem (تنسیم) Salute of paradise 5 Girl-E
Tansin (تنسین) Praise; Beautification 5 Girl-E
Tanzil (تنزیل) Revelation; Sending down 1 Girl-E
Taqiya (تقییا) God-fearing; Devout; Pious; Righteous 1 Girl-E
Taqwaa (تقواا) Piety; Devoutness; Heedfulness of God 9 Girl-E
Tara () Star; The pupil of the eye; Meteor; Fragrance 4 Girl-E
Taraab (تراب) Joy & sorrow 7 Girl-E
Taranu () beautiful; melody; composition; singing 3 Girl-E
Tarib (تریب) Lively; Gleeful; Merry 5 Girl-E
Tarifa (تاریفا) Rare 1 Girl-E
Tarin (ترین) Hill 8 Girl-E
Taroob (تروب) Lively; Gleeful; Merry 8 Girl-E
Tarz (ٹآرز) Music Rhythm 2 Girl-E
Tasmeea (تسمیا) Bismillah; Giving the name 1 Girl-E
Tasmia (تسمیا) Bismillah, Giving the name 9 Girl-E
Tasmin (تسمین) She who fulfills 22 Girl-E
Tasnim (تسنیم) A river in heaven; A spring in paradise 22 Girl-E
Taybah (ٹیباہ) Pure; Repentant 3 Girl-E
Taza (تازا) Fresh 3 Girl-E
Tazeen (تزئین) A decor; Decoration piece 8 Girl-E
Tazima (ٹازیما) Glorification; Exaltation 7 Girl-E
Tazkia (تازکیا) Special; Unique 5 Girl-E
Tehzeeb (ٹیہزیب) Elegance 8 Girl-E
Thana (تھانا) Thankfulness; Praise 8 Girl-E
Thanaa (تحناا) Thankfulness; Praise 9 Girl-E
Thara (ٹہآرا) Wealth 3 Girl-E
Tharya (تہاریا) Name of a pious woman 1 Girl-E
Thasni (تحاسنی) River 8 Girl-E
Thuml (ٹہومل) An early woman 2 Girl-E
Tibah (ٹیباہ) Goodness; Kindness 22 Girl-E
Tibna (ٹایبنا) Long Kite 1 Girl-E
Tirana (تیرانا) Song; Anthem 9 Girl-E
Tisha () Happiness; Survivor 3 Girl-E
Trana (ٹرانا) Melody; Song 9 Girl-E
Tuba (توبا) Blessedness; Beatitude 8 Girl-E
Tubaa (توباا) Blessedness; Beatitude 9 Girl-E
Tuhfa (توحفا) Gift; Present 2 Girl-E
Tuqa (توقع) Heedfulness of God 5 Girl-E
Turfa (طورفا) Rarity; Rare object; Novelty 3 Girl-E
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Popular Muslim Girl names beginning with T

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Muslim Girl names beginning with T will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Muslim names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.