Modern Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With V

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Vaani Speech 2 Girl-E
Vachi Nectar like speech 7 Girl-E
Vadhi Lord of Gods 8 Girl-E
Vaidhe Goddess Sita, The king of Videha, Father of Sita, A dweller in Videha 4 Girl-E
Vaiga Goddess Parvati, A river in Tamil nadu 22 Girl-E
Vaishu Goddess Lakshmi; Nickname of Vaishnavi 8 Girl-E
Vama Woman 1 Girl-E
Vanhi Fire 9 Girl-E
Vani Speech 1 Girl-E
Vanshi Flute 1 Girl-E
Vara Goddess Parvati; Gift; Reward; Name of several plants and vegetable products; A sort of perfume; Name of Parvati; Name of a river 6 Girl-E
Vari Water; Sea 5 Girl-E
Varsha Rain; Rainfall 6 Girl-E
Vati Nature 7 Girl-E
Vedha Pious; Writing of the Aryans; Devout; Celebrated; Worthy 22 Girl-E
Veeba Shining; bright 8 Girl-E
Veeha Heaven; Peace 5 Girl-E
Veeksha Vision; Knowledge; Intelligence 8 Girl-E
Veena Musical instrument; Lightning; Lute 2 Girl-E
Veenu Flute 22 Girl-E
Vega Brightest star 8 Girl-E
Vela Time; Season; Shore 4 Girl-E
Venba Poem 8 Girl-E
Vibha Night; The Moon; Beauty; Ray of light; Brilliance 6 Girl-E
Vibhi Fearless 5 Girl-E
Vida Found; Evident; Few 9 Girl-E
Vidhi Goddess of destiny 7 Girl-E
Vihaa Heaven; Peace; Morning; Dawn 5 Girl-E
Vija Conqueror; Victorious; One who is victorious over everyone 6 Girl-E
Vima Insurance 9 Girl-E
Vina Musical instrument; Lightning; Lute 1 Girl-E
Vini Modest 9 Girl-E
Vinie Queen of the universe 5 Girl-E
Vinnie Queen of the universe 1 Girl-E
Vira Brave; Heroic; Wise; Pahlavi 5 Girl-E
Viri Flower 4 Girl-E
Visha Poison 5 Girl-E
Viti Light; Knowledge; Pleasure; Brilliance; Fire; Acquisition 6 Girl-E
Viva Full of life 9 Girl-E
Viya Poem 3 Girl-E
Vrinda Basil; Goddess Radha; Holy; Many; All; A chorus of singers; Tulsi or sacred Basil 5 Girl-E
Vritee Nature; Behavior 7 Girl-E
Vrund Basil; Goddess Radha; Tulsi 7 Girl-E
Vrunda Basil; Goddess Radha; Holy; Many; All; A chorus of singers; Tulsi or sacred Basil 8 Girl-E
Vruta Universe 1 Girl-E
Vruti 9 Girl-E
Vachya Goddess Sita; To be spoken; Expressed; Another name of Sita 6 Girl-E
Vaishvi A devotee of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Parvati 9 Girl-E
Valli Creeper 2 Girl-E
Vashti The eternal cleansing; Kindness 7 Girl-E
Veesta Finder 9 Girl-E
Velli Silver in Kannada and Tamil; Silver; A companion 6 Girl-E
Vency Pony 6 Girl-E
Venya Stream; Beloved; Desirable 22 Girl-E
Vetri Victory 11 Girl-E
Vidhya Knowledge; Learning 6 Girl-E
Vidya Knowledge; Learning 7 Girl-E
Vienna From vine Country 11 Girl-E
Vinde To get something 9 Girl-E
Vindhya Knowledge 11 Girl-E
Vinni Conquering 5 Girl-E
Vinyaa fear of flying. 9 Girl-E
Vishma Goddess Parvati; Very special 9 Girl-E
Vishwa A world; A group of shells 1 Girl-E
Vriddhi Growth 11 Girl-E
Vrishti Rain 6 Girl-E
Vrita Blessings 7 Girl-E
Vritti Nature; Behavior 8 Girl-E
Vruddhi Growth 5 Girl-E
Vrushti Rainfall; Heavy rain 9 Girl-E
Vrusti Rainfall; Heavy rain 1 Girl-E
Vrusty Rainfall; Heavy rain 8 Girl-E
Vyaka River 6 Girl-E
Vyga Contending war 1 Girl-E
Vyoma Who lives in the Sky; Bird 22 Girl-E
Vaahila Name of air 9 Girl-E
Vaasaki Goddess Lakshmi 1 Girl-E
Vadanshi New element 6 Girl-E
Vadhana Bright star 6 Girl-E
Vahini Flowing 9 Girl-E
Vaibavi LandLord; Rich person 3 Girl-E
Vaibhavi LandLord; Rich person 11 Girl-E
Vaidahi Of Videhas; Princess of Videhas 9 Girl-E
Vaidehi Goddess Sita, Sita, Daughter of Janak; Long pepper; A cow 4 Girl-E
Vaika Admirable 8 Girl-E
Vainavi Gold 6 Girl-E
Vaisakhi The day of the full Moon in the month of vaishakh 8 Girl-E
Vaishali An ancient city of India; Great; Princess 9 Girl-E
Vaiyushi Loved by everyone and respectful to everyone 6 Girl-E
Vakini One who Recites 3 Girl-E
Vakula A flower; Clever; Patient; Circumspect; Attentive 5 Girl-E
Valini Stars 4 Girl-E
Valiqa Trustworthy 8 Girl-E
Vamakshi Beautiful eyes 3 Girl-E
Vamika Goddess Durga, An epithet of the Goddess Durga, Situated on the left side of Vam, I.e. Shiva 3 Girl-E
Vamil Beautiful 3 Girl-E
Vamita Goddess Parvati 3 Girl-E
Vanaja A forest girl; Born of the water; Natural 4 Girl-E
Vanani Forest 7 Girl-E
Vandana Salute; Bright star; Worship; Praise 3 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 412
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Popular Indian Girl names beginning with V

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