Modern Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With V

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Vaasaki Goddess Lakshmi 1 Girl-E
Vaishavi Goddess Parvati, Lord Vishnu's devotee 1 Girl-E
Vaisunavi Goddess Parvati; Worshipper of Lord Vishnu; Goddess Durga, Ganga, Tulsi; Worshipper of Lord Vishnu. 1 Girl-E
Vama Woman 1 Girl-E
Vani Speech 1 Girl-E
Vanishri Goddess Saraswati; Speech 1 Girl-E
Vanmala Garland of forests; Wildflower garland 1 Girl-E
Vanshi Flute 1 Girl-E
Varam Boon 1 Girl-E
Varda Granter of boons; Goddess Lakshmi; A deity; A river 1 Girl-E
Varshini Goddess of rain 1 Girl-E
Varshni Goddess of rain 1 Girl-E
Vartika Lamp 1 Girl-E
Vasmiha 1 Girl-E
Vathaslya Childlike; Innocent; Pure; Jovial 1 Girl-E
Vedanshi A part of Veda 1 Girl-E
Vednee Form of Verne 1 Girl-E
Vetravati A river in India 1 Girl-E
Vevesha 1 Girl-E
Vibali Young 1 Girl-E
Vibusha Bright 1 Girl-E
Vicitra Surprise; Amazing 1 Girl-E
Vidhika Goddess; Study 1 Girl-E
Vidurya The cats-eye gem 1 Girl-E
Vihana Early morning 1 Girl-E
Vina Musical instrument; Lightning; Lute 1 Girl-E
Vinithi Modesty; Education; Manners 1 Girl-E
Vinnie Queen of the universe 1 Girl-E
Vinuthna New 1 Girl-E
Vinyasa A yogic posture 1 Girl-E
Vipanchi Lute 1 Girl-E
Virochana Brilliant; Illuminating 1 Girl-E
Visala Wide; Spacious; Substantial; Important; An Apsara or celestial 1 Girl-E
Vishnuvakshah Residing in the chest of Lord Vishnu 1 Girl-E
Vishwa A world; A group of shells 1 Girl-E
Vratika Lamp 1 Girl-E
Vrischika Star 1 Girl-E
Vrushika Love of eye; Goddess Parvati; Bunch of Roses; With big heart; Graceful 1 Girl-E
Vrusti Rainfall; Heavy rain 1 Girl-E
Vruta Universe 1 Girl-E
Vyga Contending war 1 Girl-E
Vaani Speech 2 Girl-E
Valli Creeper 2 Girl-E
Vasavi The divine night 2 Girl-E
Veena Musical instrument; Lightning; Lute 2 Girl-E
Venuka Flute 2 Girl-E
Vaibavi LandLord; Rich person 3 Girl-E
Vakini One who Recites 3 Girl-E
Vallari Goddess Parvati; Creeper; Cluster of blossoms 3 Girl-E
Vamakshi Beautiful eyes 3 Girl-E
Vamika Goddess Durga, An epithet of the Goddess Durga, Situated on the left side of Vam, I.e. Shiva 3 Girl-E
Vamil Beautiful 3 Girl-E
Vamita Goddess Parvati 3 Girl-E
Vamshika Flute 3 Girl-E
Vandana Salute; Bright star; Worship; Praise 3 Girl-E
Vaneesha Queen of the universe 3 Girl-E
Vanhishka Queen of the Universe 3 Girl-E
Vanija Butterfly 3 Girl-E
Vanisree Goddess Saraswati; Speech 3 Girl-E
Vanitha Lady; Loved; Desired 3 Girl-E
Varalika Goddess Durga, Goddess of power, Name of Durga, Name of a Raaga 3 Girl-E
Varana A river 3 Girl-E
Vararoha Ready to offer boons 3 Girl-E
Varnitha Coloures 3 Girl-E
Varshana Birth place of Goddess Radha 3 Girl-E
Varunya Goddess Durga; Derived from Varun, Varun - God of water 3 Girl-E
Vasatika Morning light 3 Girl-E
Vasthavi TRUE 3 Girl-E
Vasuta Prosperous 3 Girl-E
Vatsla Daughter; Loving 3 Girl-E
Vedanti Knower of the Vedas; Knowledgeable about the Vedas; Theologian 3 Girl-E
Veenavani Goddess Saraswati; Refers to the Veena or musical instrument; Goddess Saraswati is depicted playing while being seated on the swan 3 Girl-E
Venmati 3 Girl-E
Viaana Full of Life 3 Girl-E
Vidyul Lightning 3 Girl-E
Vijayeta Winner; Victor 3 Girl-E
Vikashini Brilliant 3 Girl-E
Vikneswary 3 Girl-E
Vilasika Joyfulness 3 Girl-E
Vilasita Styles 3 Girl-E
Vimla Pure; Clean; Holy; White; Bright 3 Girl-E
Vinati Prayer; Request; Humility 3 Girl-E
Vindiya Beatiful; Good manner 3 Girl-E
Vindya Knowledge 3 Girl-E
Vinita Humble; Unassuming; Obedience; Knowledge; Venus; Requester 3 Girl-E
Vinmayi Goddess Saraswati 3 Girl-E
Visalakshi Goddess Durga, Epithet of Parvati, Name of a daughter of Shandilya; Large eyed; Name of the deity worshipped at Banaras 3 Girl-E
Vishapri Nature lover 3 Girl-E
Vishranti Rest; Relaxation 3 Girl-E
Vishwaja Earth 3 Girl-E
Vismita Wonderment; Amazement; Wondering 3 Girl-E
Vitna Knowledge 3 Girl-E
Vividha Strange 3 Girl-E
Viviktha Distinguished; Pure; Deep; Logically intelligent 3 Girl-E
Viya Poem 3 Girl-E
Vrutika Success in life; Thought 3 Girl-E
Vyshnavi Worshipper of Lord Vishnu 3 Girl-E
Vaidehi Goddess Sita, Sita, Daughter of Janak; Long pepper; A cow 4 Girl-E
Vaidhe Goddess Sita, The king of Videha, Father of Sita, A dweller in Videha 4 Girl-E
Vaijayanti Garland of Lord Vishnu 4 Girl-E
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Popular Indian Girl names beginning with V

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Indian Girl names beginning with V will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Indian names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.