Modern Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With B

248 Indian Girl Names Starting With 'B' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Baamini Glorious 4 Girl-E
Baanu Beautiful lady 3 Girl-E
Babay Small kid 4 Girl-E
Babina Next life story 2 Girl-E
Babita Little girl 8 Girl-E
Babitha Little girl 7 Girl-E
Badai Wonder; Marvel 8 Girl-E
Badarika The jujube fruit 11 Girl-E
Badia Unprecedented; Admirable; Unique 8 Girl-E
Badiha Insight; Perceptive faculty 7 Girl-E
Badra Full Moon 8 Girl-E
Badrai Name of Fairy in a Famous Fairy Tale Saiful Malook O Badri Jamala Shaperal 8 Girl-E
Badyah Unprecedented; Amazing; Admirable; Unique; Knowledgeable person 5 Girl-E
Bahaa Beautiful; Magnificent; Shining 4 Girl-E
Bahar Spring; Blossom 3 Girl-E
Bahia Nice 3 Girl-E
Bahija Glad; Happy; Joyful; Delight; Magnificent; Splendid 22 Girl-E
Bahira Dazzling; Brilliant; Noble lady 7 Girl-E
Bahiya Nice; Beautiful; Radiant 1 Girl-E
Bahja Happiness 4 Girl-E
Bahula Cow; Kritika Nakshatra 9 Girl-E
Bahulya Plentiful 7 Girl-E
Baijanti Name of a flower 3 Girl-E
Bairavi Goddess Durga; A melody in classical music; Formidable; A form of Goddess Kali 8 Girl-E
Baisakhi The day of the full Moon in the month of Vaishakh 6 Girl-E
Baishali An ancient city of India; Great; Princess 7 Girl-E
Baiza White; Bright; Brilliant 3 Girl-E
Bajila Honored; Dignified; Highly 8 Girl-E
Bakura Coming early 9 Girl-E
Bala Child; A young girl; Vigour; Strength 7 Girl-E
Balamani Young Jewel; Small Jewel 8 Girl-E
Balqis Distinguished woman of her times; The name of the queen of Sheba 6 Girl-E
Balsam Balsam; Balm 3 Girl-E
Baltishna Powerful 5 Girl-E
Ban A kind of tree 8 Girl-E
Banan Finger tips 5 Girl-E
Bandana Salute; Bright star; Worship; Praise 1 Girl-E
Bandhavi Who loves friends & family members; Friendship; Relationship 7 Girl-E
Bandini A bond; One who glues together 8 Girl-E
Bandita Thanking; Adored; Praised; Saluted; Worshipped 6 Girl-E
Bangaram Truth of Pure Gold 3 Girl-E
Banhi Fire 7 Girl-E
Bani Earth; Goddess Saraswati; Maiden 8 Girl-E
Banni Earth; Goddess Saraswati; Maiden 22 Girl-E
Banou Lady 8 Girl-E
Bansari Flute; Instrument played by Lord Krishna 1 Girl-E
Bansri Flute; Instrument played by Lord Krishna 9 Girl-E
Banu Lady 11 Girl-E
Baraa Excelling 5 Girl-E
Baraah Innocence 22 Girl-E
Baraha Glowing skin 22 Girl-E
Baraim Blossom; Bud 8 Girl-E
Barani Star 9 Girl-E
Barat Innocence; Guiltlessness 6 Girl-E
Bareea Innocent; Blameless; Excelling; Originator 5 Girl-E
Bargavi Goddess Parvati; Beautiful 6 Girl-E
Baria Innocent; Blameless; Excelling; Originator 22 Girl-E
Bariah Excelling 3 Girl-E
Barika Bloom; Be successful; Persevering 6 Girl-E
Barkha Rain; Life giving 5 Girl-E
Barlin Princesses 11 Girl-E
Barnali A rainbow of colors; Dispersion of seven colors 3 Girl-E
Barrah She was the aunt of the prophet 3 Girl-E
Barsa Rain 5 Girl-E
Barsana Goddess Radhaji's birthplace 2 Girl-E
Barsha Rain 22 Girl-E
Baruni The Goddess who is the power of Varuna; A Goddess 11 Girl-E
Barzah A narrator of Hadith 11 Girl-E
Basabi The divine night 7 Girl-E
Basbas Blessing; Absolution 8 Girl-E
Basila Brave; Fearless; Intrepid 8 Girl-E
Basili Courageous 7 Girl-E
Basima Smiling 9 Girl-E
Basira Sagacious 5 Girl-E
Basma Smile 9 Girl-E
Basmah Smile 8 Girl-E
Basoos Noble; Royal 8 Girl-E
Batina Hidden; Inner 2 Girl-E
Batool Ascetic virgin, A true devotee woman of Allah; Immaculate 2 Girl-E
Batul Ascetic virgin, A true devotee woman of Allah; Immaculate 11 Girl-E
Baumathi Extremely Knowledgeable; Gift 3 Girl-E
Bavanya Goddess Durga; Meditation; Concentration 3 Girl-E
Bavi Who devotes Lord Shiva 7 Girl-E
Bavisha Future; Futuristic 8 Girl-E
Bavishya Futures of parent 6 Girl-E
Bavishyasri 7 Girl-E
Bavita A person who knows future, oracle, Bhagyavidhata 1 Girl-E
Baysan To walk with pride 8 Girl-E
Bazala A generous woman; Honored; Venerated 7 Girl-E
Baziriya One who sows seeds 1 Girl-E
Bazla Reward; Generous 6 Girl-E
Beena A musical instrument; Wise; Far-sighted; Lute; Melodious; Perceptive 9 Girl-E
Begum The honorific title; Queen 3 Girl-E
Behnaz Best coquetry 11 Girl-E
Behula Cow; Kritika Nakshatra 22 Girl-E
Bel Earth; Muse; Water; Wind; Refreshment; An Apsara or celestial nymph; Another name for Saraswati; Refreshment 1 Girl-E
Bela Sacred wood Apple tree; Time; Creeper; A vine; The Jasmine creeper 11 Girl-E
Bellar Quiet 5 Girl-E
Belli Silver in Kannada and Tamil; Silver; A companion 22 Girl-E
Belurmi Parvathi name bela+urmi 8 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 248
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Popular Indian Girl names beginning with B

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Indian Girl names beginning with B will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Indian names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.