Top Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With H

189 Indian Girl Names Starting With 'H' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Hzim Strength; Care 11 Girl-E
Huzuz Fortune 3 Girl-E
Hutun Clouds with rain 3 Girl-E
Husna Beauty; Beautiful 9 Girl-E
Husn Beauty; Beautiful 8 Girl-E
Husay Gazelle; Deer 2 Girl-E
Hurya Angel 1 Girl-E
Huriya Angel; Houri; Nymph 1 Girl-E
Hura Free woman 3 Girl-E
Hur Virgins of paradise 2 Girl-E
Humra Beautiful; Rose 7 Girl-E
Humera The imaginary bird who soars the highest 3 Girl-E
Huma Bird of Paradise, Auspicious bird; Phoenix 7 Girl-E
Hudun To become quiet 5 Girl-E
Huda Right guidance 7 Girl-E
Huboor Happiness 7 Girl-E
Hubba Daughter of Maalik Bin Amr Al-Adwaniyah was a beautiful woman 7 Girl-E
Hrutvi Name of an Angel meaning season; Love and saint; Speech 8 Girl-E
Hruti Love 4 Girl-E
Hritvika Joy of Love 8 Girl-E
Hritvi Right guidance; Happy; Scholar; Lady Indian priest who fullfill particularly completing the Vedic heaven 5 Girl-E
Hritika Joy; Of a truth; Generous; A small flowing river or stream; Truthful 4 Girl-E
Hriti Happiness 1 Girl-E
Hrithika Joy; Of a truth; Generous; A small flowing river or stream; Truthful 3 Girl-E
Hrishita Joyful; Who brings happiness; Deep knowledge; The best 11 Girl-E
Hrishika The village of birth 11 Girl-E
Hridyesha Heart 7 Girl-E
Hridyesa Heart 8 Girl-E
Hoyam Passionate Love 8 Girl-E
Houri Fairy 8 Girl-E
Horia Angel 6 Girl-E
Hooria Angel of heaven 3 Girl-E
Hoor Virgins of paradise 11 Girl-E
Honey Sweet 4 Girl-E
Hodan Guidance 6 Girl-E
Hoda Wealth 1 Girl-E
Hiza Beauty; Lucky 8 Girl-E
Hiyam Love 11 Girl-E
Hiya Heart 7 Girl-E
Hitul Well Wisher 7 Girl-E
Hiti Love and care 1 Girl-E
Hitee Love and care 11 Girl-E
Hitaxi Well wisher; Friend; Well-wisher 8 Girl-E
Hitanshi Simplicity and purity 7 Girl-E
Hitaishi Well wisher 11 Girl-E
Hita Who wants good for everyone; Lovable 2 Girl-E
Hishma Companion of prophet Muhammad; Generous 4 Girl-E
Hisha Yea 9 Girl-E
Hirva One of the four Vedas; Blessing 4 Girl-E
Hirsha Is associated with Lord Vishnu 9 Girl-E
Hiral Lustrous 3 Girl-E
Hirah Mount Hirah; Named after the mountain where the holy Quran was delivered to prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) 8 Girl-E
Hira Powerful; Power; Diamond; Darkness 9 Girl-E
Hir Powerful; Power; Diamond; Darkness 8 Girl-E
Hind India; Female deer 8 Girl-E
Hinal Goddess of beauty and wealth 8 Girl-E
Himanshi Ice 9 Girl-E
Himali Ice; Cold like ice; Golden skinned 7 Girl-E
Hima Goddess Parvati; Of the snow; Golden; Name for Parvati and Ganga 22 Girl-E
Hila Hope; Moonlight 3 Girl-E
Hijab Veil; Daughter of a scholar from Baghdad 3 Girl-E
Hifza Protective Angel 5 Girl-E
Hibba Gift from Allah 22 Girl-E
Hiba Gift 2 Girl-E
Heyam One of the many levels; Degrees of Love 7 Girl-E
Hetvi Love 1 Girl-E
Hetu Vanquisher of all evils; Vices & sins 9 Girl-E
Hetini Sunset 11 Girl-E
Hetika Sunrays 9 Girl-E
Heti Sunray 6 Girl-E
Hetarthi Love; Good thinking 8 Girl-E
Heta Love 7 Girl-E
Hessa Destiny 7 Girl-E
Heral Wealthy 8 Girl-E
Hensi Cuteness 1 Girl-E
Henishi Love 9 Girl-E
Heni Crown 9 Girl-E
Henal Goddess of beauty and wealth 22 Girl-E
Hena Mehndi; Fragrance 1 Girl-E
Hemita Covered with gold 11 Girl-E
Hemisha Happiness; Golden 9 Girl-E
Hemani Goddess Parvati; Made of gold; As precious as gold; Epithet of Parvati 5 Girl-E
Hemangi Girl with golden body 3 Girl-E
Hemakshi Golden-eyed 11 Girl-E
Hemagni Goddess Parvati; Golden body 3 Girl-E
Hema Golden 9 Girl-E
Helima very soft; gentle 3 Girl-E
Helba Strong 1 Girl-E
Helai Swan 8 Girl-E
Hejal Fruit 9 Girl-E
Heenal Goddess of beauty and wealth 9 Girl-E
Heela Hope; Moonlight 22 Girl-E
Heba Gift 7 Girl-E
Hazira Joy; Love; Beauty; Intelligent; Wise 9 Girl-E
Haziqa Clever; Shrewd 8 Girl-E
Hazima Firm; Energetic; Judicious 4 Girl-E
Hayud A mountain 5 Girl-E
Hayed Movement; Motion 7 Girl-E
Hayat Life 1 Girl-E
Hayam Deliriously in Love 3 Girl-E