Cute Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With N

76 Indian Boy Names Starting With 'N' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Naag A big serpent 5 Boy-E
Naakaiah 1 Boy-E
Naase Clear; Pure; White 4 Boy-E
Nabh The Sky 7 Boy-E
Nabhi Centre of the body; An ancient king 7 Boy-E
Nadr Flourishing 1 Boy-E
Naef Excess; Surplus 8 Boy-E
Nafi Propitious 3 Boy-E
Nagaiah Lord cobra 5 Boy-E
Nahi Another name of prophet Muhammad 5 Boy-E
Nahyan Stopper 9 Boy-E
Naib Deputy 8 Boy-E
Naif Exalted; Lofty; Eminent 3 Boy-E
Naim Comfort; Tranquility; Ease 1 Boy-E
Nair Lord Krishna; Leader 6 Boy-E
Naji Saver; Safe 7 Boy-E
Najji An intimate friend; Bosom friend 8 Boy-E
Naju Proudly; Noble 1 Boy-E
Naksa King of stars; Map 1 Boy-E
Naksh The Moon; Feature 8 Boy-E
Nal An ancient king 9 Boy-E
Nala Nothing 1 Boy-E
Nambi Self-confident 3 Boy-E
Nand Joyful; A flute; Prosperous; Son 6 Boy-E
Nandu Happy 9 Boy-E
Naotau New 9 Boy-E
Naqi Pure 5 Boy-E
Nashat Growing up; Youth 6 Boy-E
Nashi Advisor 6 Boy-E
Nath Lord; Protector 7 Boy-E
Nav Name; New; Praised 1 Boy-E
Navy Bold and blue 8 Boy-E
Neal Champion; Cloud; Passionate; Crow; Talktive person; Blue; Indigo; Sapphire; Treasure; A mountain 5 Boy-E
Neel Champion; Blue; Treasure; A mountain; Indigo; Sapphire 9 Boy-E
Neer Water; One of the five elements of the world; It is the essence of life 6 Boy-E
Neesh By the ash tree; An adventurer 6 Boy-E
Neev Basic; Foundation 1 Boy-E
Neil Acquirer; Earner; Blue; Sapphire; The Mynah bird; Gaelic; Cloud; Passionate 22 Boy-E
Nek A noble person; Virtuous; Lucky 3 Boy-E
Nemi Dasaratha, Another name of Dashratha, Father of Lord Rama 5 Boy-E
Nera Amrit or nectar or pure water; Part of God; Water; Juice; Liquor 2 Boy-E
Nethru Eyes 5 Boy-E
Netran Leader; Beautiful Eyes 9 Boy-E
Nev Little saint; Little holy one; From the new town; Hero; Courageous 5 Boy-E
Niddha Generous; With a treasure; Determined; Assiduous 4 Boy-E
Niel Champion 22 Boy-E
Niki The victory of the people; Goodness; Female version of Nicholas; People's victory; Victory; Useful; Bringer of victory 7 Boy-E
Nikku Ray of Sun 3 Boy-E
Nikky Cute and beautiful 7 Boy-E
Niksh To kiss 7 Boy-E
Niku People of victory 1 Boy-E
Nil Champion; Cloud; Passionate; Crow; Talktive person; Blue; Indigo; Sapphire; Treasure; A mountain 8 Boy-E
Nill Battle maiden 2 Boy-E
Nimeya Destiny; A known quantity; Understood 4 Boy-E
Ninny Flowery; Blossom; Pure; Brilliant 4 Boy-E
Ninu Invaluable 22 Boy-E
Nir Water. one of the five elements of the world. it is the essence of life 5 Boy-E
Niru Water 8 Boy-E
Nishav The Best 1 Boy-E
Nishk Gold, a golden ornament for the neck or golden vessel 7 Boy-E
Nishv Assertive 9 Boy-E
Nishy Getting stronger; Invigorating; Evening 3 Boy-E
Nit Favor; Grace 7 Boy-E
Nity Everyday 5 Boy-E
Nityam Constant 1 Boy-E
Niv Basic; Foundation 9 Boy-E
Nonu Cute 1 Boy-E
Nooh A prophet's name; 7 Boy-E
Noon Sword blade 22 Boy-E
Noori Shining; Brightness 8 Boy-E
Nrip King 3 Boy-E
Nripa King 4 Boy-E
Nuaym A narrator of Hadith, Name of several of the companions of the prophet 2 Boy-E
Nuh A prophet's name; 7 Boy-E
Nur Light; Angel 8 Boy-E
Nuri Shining; Brightness 8 Boy-E