Cute Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With W

12 Indian Boy Names Starting With 'W' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Waali Governor; Protector 1 Boy-E
Wadee Calm; Peaceful 2 Boy-E
Waf Faithful 3 Boy-E
Wafi Faithful; Loyal 3 Boy-E
Wail Returnee 9 Boy-E
Wakee Agent; Representative 9 Boy-E
Wali Governor; Protector 9 Boy-E
Wanaya 2 Boy-E
Ward Blossoms; Flowers 1 Boy-E
Wasay Unlimited; All encompassing; Boundless 6 Boy-E
Wasfi Eulogise; Praise highly 22 Boy-E
Wasi Capacious; Wide; Ample; One; Broad-minded; Liberal; Learn; All embracing 7 Boy-E